Commissioner's Message

Connecticut has become a national leader in integrating forward-looking energy and environmental policies. At the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, we are focused on:

  • Making cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy available to our state’s residents and businesses.Commissioner Katie Dykes

  • Developing a 21st-century approach to environmental regulation to more efficiently and effectively protect our air, water, and lands.

  • Bringing a renewed spirit of innovation to the operation of Connecticut’s parks and forests and protection of our natural resources.  

As we go about our work, we are also mindful of the need to encourage economic growth and job creation. This means looking for ways to build a sustainable economy that is in harmony – and not in conflict – with our ambitious energy goals and the highest environmental standards. If your business or personal needs lead you to contact our agency, you will find our staff is ready to help, committed to serving the public, and dedicated to the mission of this agency.

I hope that our website provides you with useful information and that you will visit often. 

Katie S. Dykes
DEEP Commissioner

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