A Summary of Connecticut's Enterprise Zone Program

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Addendum A - Service Businesses

The following service establishments, as defined by NAICS numbers, may be eligible for Enterprise Zone benefits if located in an enterprise zone designated pursuant to section 32-70 of the statutes as amended. Benefits are generally subject to the establishment not regularly having direct business with, or service to, the general public.
This list is meant for reference only. Program eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis by staff of CT DECD's Office of Business Development.


112511 Finfish Farming and Fish Hatcheries
112512 Shellfish Farming
114111 Finfish Fishing
114112 Shellfish Fishing
114119 Other Marine Fishing
339116 Dental Laboratories
481111 Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation
481112 Scheduled Freight Air Transportation
483111 Deep Sea Freight Transportation
483113 Coastal and Great Lakes Freight Transportation
483211 Inland Water Freight Transportation
488210 Support Activities for Rail Transportation
488310 Port and Harbor Operations
488320 Marine Cargo Handling
488330 Navigational Services to Shipping
488490 Other Support Activities for Road Transportation
488510 Freight Transportation Arrangement
488991 Packing and Crating
488999 All Other Support Activities for Transportation
492110 Couriers
493120 Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage
493130 Farm Product Warehousing and Storage
493190 Special Warehousing and Storage not elsewhere classified
511210 Software Publishers
518111 Internet Service Providers
518210 Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services
521110 Monetary Authorities - Central Bank
522110 Commercial Banking
522120 Savings Institutions
522130 Credit Unions
522291 Consumer Lending
522292 Real Estate Credit
522293 International Trade Financing
522298 All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation
522310 Mortgage and Nonmortgage Loan Brokers
522320 Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve and Clearhousing Activities
523110 Investment Banking and Securities Dealing
523130 Commodity Contracts Dealing
523140 Commodity Contracts Brokerage
523210 Securities and Commodity Exchanges
523910 Miscellaneous Intermediation
523920 Portfolio Management
523930 Investment Advice
523991 Trust, Fiduciary and Custody Activities
523999 Miscellaneous Financial Investment Activities
524113 Insurance Underwriting, Life, Direct
524114 Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers
524126 Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers
524127 Direct Title Insurance Carriers
524128 Other Direct Insurance Carriers (except Life, Health and Medical) Carriers
525110 Pension Funds
525120 Health and Welfare Funds
525910 Open-End Investment Funds
525920 Trusts, Estates and Agency Accounts
525930 Real Estate Investment Trusts
525990 Other Financial Vehicles
532411 Commercial Air, Rail and Water Transportation Equipment Rental and Leasing
532420 Office Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing
533110 Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works)
541380 Testing Laboratories
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 Computer Systems Design Services
541513 Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 Other Computer Related Services
541611 Management Consulting Services
541710 Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
541720 Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities
551111 Offices of Bank Holding Companies
551112 Offices of Other Holding Companies
561110 Office Administrative Services
561422 Telemarketing Bureaus
561450 Credit Bureaus
621511 Medical Laboratories
811212 Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance
813211 Grantmaking Foundations  

Addendum B – Eligible Entertainment Businesses


Please visit the Entertainment Districts Related Resources.



Conveyance Tax Resources (for address verification, questions, and forms)

DECD does not handle conveyance tax matters. For verification of addresses within any of the various Enterprise Zones, please contact the local assessor. And for actual forms to claim any exemption of the State conveyance tax, please contact the State tax agency (DRS).


At the local government level, contact the municipal assessor. Here is a State web page that provides an alphabetical list of the cities and towns, and provides a link to each Connecticut municipality's government page: CT.gov: Cities and Towns .


At the State government level, contact the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (CT DRS). Here are links to DRS web pages: