Supporting Arts Grant Program

Who Can Apply


Applicants must be an arts organization or a municipal arts department.  For the purpose of the Supporting Arts grant program, an arts organization and a municipal arts department are defined below.

Arts Organization

An arts organization is defined as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that 1) has the arts explicitly stated as a center part of its core mission, vision, focus and legal purpose; 2) creates, performs, presents or promotes
artistic programming and/or services* and 3) at least 51 percent of its annual expenditures are allocated specifically to its artistic programming and/or services. 

*Artistic activities shall include, but are not limited to, music, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, literature, films and allied arts and crafts.  

Additional criteria required for an Arts Organization applying to the Supporting Arts grant program:

  • Primary place of business and operations in Connecticut
  • Have a designated Accessibility Coordinator
  • Have minimum annual operating expenses of $5,000
  • Have financial statements documenting the organization's annual income and expenses
  • Be registered with the CT Secretary of the State to do business in Connecticut as a legal nonprofit entity and be in Good Standing
  • Be registered with the CT Department of Consumer Protection as a Connecticut Charity and have an active CT Charity Registration

Municipal Arts Department
A municipal arts department is a Connecticut municipal government entity, such as a Commission on the Arts, Department of Cultural Affairs or other specifically designated office or entity with an official designation to conduct and/or support artistic programming and/or services for the residents of the municipality.

Additional criteria required for a Municipal Arts Department applying to the Supporting Arts grant program:

  • Have a dedicated allocation in the municipal budget for arts and cultural support, artistic programming, and/or services
  • Have at least one (1) individual, employed by the municipality, who is responsible for the fiscal management and oversight of the arts budget, including the municipal allocation and outside funding sources (i.e. grants, private contributions)
  • Have minimum annual operating expenses of $1,000
  • Have a council/committee of residents assigned to and responsible for conducting artistic programming and/or services

First-time Applicants

New applicants to the Supporting Arts program must confirm eligibility.  Eligibility must be confirmed prior to application submission.  An application submitted without confirmation of applicant's eligibility will be deemed ineligible.

For non-profit organizations, send a copy of your organization's Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and IRS determination letter via email to

For a municipal arts department, please contact Rhonda Olisky via email at

You will receive confirmation of eligibility via email.


  • An organization with a fiscal sponsor.  An arts organization must have its own 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to apply to Supporting Arts
  • Organizations that receive Directed Local Funds (a.k.a Line Items) in the Biennial State Budget
  • Organizations allocated legislatively directed carry-forward funds in the FY24-25 State Budget
  • Organizations allocated American Rescue Plan Act funds in the FY24-25 State Budget
  • COA's Designated Regional Service Organizations