Artist Fellowship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The Artist Fellowship FAQ page will be updated on an ongoing basis in response to program inquiries.


I know the guidelines say that the Artist Fellowship Program is not a project grant program but I still want to outline a project that I plan to do if awarded.

  • Applicants may outline a project but the review is based solely on artistic excellence and impact (see Timeline and Process) and therefore, you are not scored on the quality and character of your project. You will also not be held to that project if awarded. The Artist Fellowship funds are designed to support artists in a variety of ways which includes changing directions and experimentation that sometimes occurs during the process of developing new work. 

Do I request a grant amount?

  • No, the level of funding (award recognition) is determined during the review process.

I work with a collaborator. Can we submit an application together?

  • The Artist Fellowship Program recognizes individual artists. Applicants may submit work samples representing collaborative/group work; however, awards are only granted to the individual who submits the application. If you create collaborative/group work then submit work samples reflective of your collaborative/group efforts and list the names of your collaborators. 

Can I apply to both the Artist Fellowship Program and the Teaching Artist Directory?

  • Yes, they are two separate programs with separate purposes so applying to one does not exclude you from applying and receiving support from the other. At this time only the Artist Fellowship program is accepting applications. 


Program Guidelines: