Land Surveyor Licensing Information

Land Surveyor License Requirements and Applications

Renewal Information

Renewal for Individual Licenses:

  • All Land Surveyor licenses expire annually on January 31st.  The annual renewal fee is $285.00.
  • Surveyors-In-Training do not renew.

Online Renewal for Individual Licenses


Renewal for Land Surveying Firms:

  • All firm registrations expire annually.  The annual renewal fee is $375.00.

Online Renewal for Land Surveying Firms


Reinstatement Information

Reinstatement for Individual Licenses: (Please note Surveyors-In-Training are not eligible to reinstate)

Reinstatement Information for Individual Licenses


Reinstatement for Land Surveying Firms:

  • All firms are eligible to reinstate their registration if it has expired for less than three (3) years.
  • Firms whose registrations have been expired for more than three (3) years must submit a new application for registration.

Online Reinstatement for Land Surveying Firms



Retiree Status


Laws and Regulations

Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Licensing Board

National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying 



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