The Department of consumer protection responds to thousands of consumer questions and complaints each year. Just a few of the areas addressed by the Department include:
home improvement contracts         prescription errors
underage liquor sales                   defective new cars
charities fraud                            illegal sweepstakes
tainted food                               heating fuel contracts 
unlicensed contractors                 health club closings

The Department does NOT handle complaints related to banking, lending and credit cards, utilities including cable and telephone service, motor vehicles and insurance are under the authority of different state agencies. 

We request that complaints be filed in writing.   Complaint forms

The only instance in which a written complaint this is NOT required is in the case of a suspected prescription error. If you feel that you have been given the wrong medication by your pharmacist, please contact your physician and pharmacist immediately.  If you confirm that your pharmacist has incorrectly filled your prescription, you may wish to report it to the Department of Consumer Protection Drug Control Unit at (860) 713-6065.