Office of Multicultural Affairs

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The demands for the development of culturally and linguistically competent services is a major challenge facing human services and behavioral health providers today. The shifts in racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, special needs, disability, and gender orientation diversity have required that the Department of Children and Families discover approaches and skills that will enable us to effectively work with people from diverse backgrounds.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs was created for the purpose of developing, implementing, and sustaining diversity initiatives and policies designed to support the diverse needs of staff and clients regardless of their race, color, national origin, gender, disability, inherent sexuality, gender identity or expression, age, social economic status, religion, or language.






Best Practice Guide:  Preferred Languages
Ethnic Hair and Skin Care Manual (English)   
GLAAD Media Reference Guide

Racial/Ethnic Identity Reporting Guide



Contact Us / Meet the Staff

Main Office Location:  
Department of Children and Families
Central Office, 7th Floor
505 Hudson Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Director of Multicultural Affairs:
Monica Rams, MS (she, her, hers)

State Program Manager:
Lisette Cobb, MS, ATR (she, her, hers)



Policies (Alphabetical)


Bisexuality:  Non-discrimination of LGBTQQIAA Individuals, 21-16
Case Related Issues:  Delivery of service, native language, 21-3
Civil Rights, 1-3
Ethnic Skin and Hair, 21-18
Gay: Non-discrimination of LGBTQI Individuals, 21-16
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), 21-17
Intersex: Non-discrimination of LGBTQI Individuals, 21-16
Interpreter, use of, 21-3
Language of Child and Family, services provided in, 21-3
Lesbian: Non-discrimination of LGBTQI Individuals, 21-16
LGBTQI Individuals, Non-discrimination of, 21-16
Multi-ethnic Placements/Adoptions, 23-3
Native American Families, 21-17
Non-discrimination of LGBTQI Individuals, 21-16
Questioning (one's inherent sexuality), 21-16
Transgender: Non-discrimination of LGBTQI Individuals, 21-16
Transracial/transcultural placements. 23-3