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Health Advocates FAQs

Behavioral Health
ID cards
Transitioning Youth


Q: What is a Health Advocate?
A:  Health Advocates are members of DCF Central Office, who are placed in the regions.  They can assist you when you have problems with today's health care system. A claim may be denied, an insurance company might demand additional payment, or a health institution might tell you "you're not covered". Health Care Advocates understand the ins/outs of today's health care system. 
Click here for a list of Health Advocates



Behavioral Health:

Q:  What is the CT Behavioral Health Partnership (CTBHP)?
A:  In 2005, The CT Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Department
of Children and Families (DCF) formed the
CT Behavioral Health Partnership
(CT BHP) to implement an integrated public behavioral health services
system for children and families enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program
(HUSKY A), S-CHIP program (HUSKY B), and for other children with complex
behavioral health needs and DCF involvement.

Q:  What is the contact information for CTBHP?
A:  The
CTBHP is available on the Partnership website: www.CTBHP.com or by contacting 1-877-55-CTBHP (877-552-8247).



Q:  What is the CT Dental Health Partnership (CTDHP)?  

A:   Since 2008, the CTDHP has managed all of the dental health care services provided in the HUSKY Health program. We administer the dental benefits on behalf of the Department of Social Services (DSS) helping more than 600,000 residents in Connecticut get access to free or low-cost, quality dental care.

Q:  If a client under age 21 is out-of-state attending college, assuming that all other criteria is met, will an exception be granted for a non-participating provider?

A:  No, there is no provision to allow providers who have not yet been enrolled in the CTDHP programs to obtain payments for any services by obtaining prior authorization.


Q:  If the family selects another dentist after prior authorization was obtained, is a new authorization required?

A:  Yes, each provider must obtain prior authorizations specific to their billing NPI number for each patient.

Q:  Are braces covered for young adults who turn 21?
A:  Medicaid will pay for braces when there is documented clinical justification for this service until a youth is 20 years old.  However, Medicaid will not continue to pay for braces after a client turns 21. A payment source will need to be identified to continue to pay for orthodontia when DCF involved youth turn 21.


ID Cards (HUSKY):

Q:  How do I order a new Id card?
A:  If you are in need of the gray connect card you should have your Social worker fill out an MA-1 and email to DCF Medical Assistance.  If you are in need of the blue and white Husky card, please contact your Health Advocate who can order this card for you. 
Click here to see a sample of the ID Cards.



Q:  I received a letter in the mail that my child's insurance has been termed what should I do?
A:  Please contact your Health Advocate as soon as possible he/she can look into the insurance system to see the child's eligibility and remedy any problems.

Q.  How do I know which HMO my child currently has?
A:  Husky no longer has HMOs in the provider network.  All children are now enrolled in Title XIX.  If you do not know the Client ID Number associated with your child please contact your Health Advocate.  



Q:  How do I find a PCP or Specialist in my area?
A:   For a provider listing in your area please contact your local Health Advocate.  We can run a search and locate providers that will meet you needs. 



Q:  I went to the pharmacy and was told that the meds were not covered.  What do I do now? 
A:  Contact your Health Advocate before you leave the store (if possible).  In many cases we can remedy the issue and prevent you from leaving the store without meds. 


Transitioning Youth:

Q:  I heard that youth in foster care will be eligible for Medicaid until they are 26.  Is this true?
A:  Yes.  More information will be available soon.



Q:  What is the phone number for Transportation? 
A:  The provider that Husky uses for Transportation is
Logisticare.  The phone number for Logisticare is 888-248-9895



Q:  Are contacts covered?
A:  Contacts for cosmetic purposes are not a covered benefit under Husky.  However, certain lenses for medical reasons can be covered.

Q:  How many pairs of glasses can I receive per year?
A:  On Husky A children are allowed one pair of lenses and frames per year. 

Q:  I broke my prescription glasses, can they be replaced?
A:  Yes you may receive as many replacement glasses as needed, however you must use the same vision provider.