For State Employees

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  • Public Safety Data Network

    The Public Safety Data Network (PSDN) is an ultra-high-speed fiber optic data network that serves as a dedicated transport infrastructure and interconnectivity pathway for public safety and government applications and services throughout the state.

  • Report Monthly Mileage and View Agency Billing for State Vehicles

    DAS Fleet Operations requires the mileage of our vehicles to be reported monthly.

  • Report State Owned Vehicle Accidents

    EVERY accident involving a State owned vehicle is required to be reported to DAS Fleet Operations within 48 hours of the accident.

  • Report Workers' Compensation Fraud

    The Department of Administrative Services through Gallagher Bassett Services (Third Party Administrator) Special Investigation Unit maintains a Fraud Hotline to report potential workers’ compensation fraud by state employees.

  • Retirement

    Find a List of Retirement Forms

  • RightFax - Electronic Facsimile Service

    The Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Unified Communications Division maintains RightFax – a service that enables faxing from an email client and the elimination of dedicating equipment and network connections.

  • SEBAC/Layoff/Reinstate/Transfer

    For State Employees who have been affected by layoffs.

  • SharePoint - Document Collaboration Tool

    SharePoint is a web-based platform widely used to improve efficiency for document collaboration, forms processing, and team communications.

  • State Employees IT Communication Devices

    The Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Unified Communications Division maintains the computing devices that Executive Branch agencies use to conduct business.

  • State Fuel Card Program

    The Department of Administrative Services and the Office of State Comptroller have contracted with Voyager Fleet Systems, Inc./US Bank to provide a Statewide Fuel Card Program.

  • State of Connecticut Workers' Compensation Safety and Health Committees

    The purpose of C.G.S. Section 31-40v is to specify rules for establishing and administering committees which will bring employers and employees together in a non-adversarial, cooperative and effective effort to promote safety and health at each work site.

  • State Surplus Vehicles - State Agency and Municipality Procedures to Purchase

    The Department of Administrative Services, Surplus Property Program is the legally authorized agent in the State for the disposition of all usable property that a state agency deems surplus to its operating needs, including vehicles.

  • Statewide Broadband Technology

    The Enterprise Network Services (ENS) group in partnership with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) and the Connecticut Education Network (CEN) provides private and public network connections to Public Safety, Municipal and Educational customers within the State of Connecticut via the Nutmeg Network. The ENS group serves as operators, management and planners for a number of State of Connecticut associated networks.

  • Statewide Data Center Facilities

    DAS/BITS provides data processing center services in our Tier II redundant data centers located in Groton, Connecticut (GDC) and Springfield, Massachusetts (SDC).

  • Statewide Workers' Compensation Memoranda

    DAS Workers' Compensation periodically distributes statewide memoranda on a variety of workers’ compensation topics.