1. Generic Environmental Classification Document

On October 6, 2020, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) published a Special Notice to solicit public comments for the proposed Generic Environmental Classification Document (ECD).

The Generic ECD is a list of typical agency actions that may have significant environmental impacts, and is used by most state agencies in determining if a proposed action warrants further evaluation under the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA), and to what extent. A state agency proposing an action which may significantly effect the environment must consult with its applicable Environmental Classification Document (ECD) to determine whether or not public scoping is required.  Any agency that does not have its own ECD as approved by OPM in accordance with Sections 22a-1a-4 and 22a-1a-5 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA), shall use the Generic ECD prepared and maintained by OPM.

After consideration of comments, and in accordance with RCSA Sections 22a-1a-4 and 22a-1a-5, OPM has approved revisions to the Generic ECD.

The revised Generic ECD is available here, and can be found on OPM's CEPA Overview webpage

 A listing of public comments received, and OPM responses can be found here and will also be published to OPM's CEPA Overview webpage

Agency contact:

Name:  Matthew Pafford, Environmental Analyst

Agency:  Office of Policy and Management

Address:  450 Capitol Avenue, MS# 54 ORG, Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1379

Email:  matthew.pafford@ct.gov