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Environmental Quality in Connecticut
 (Annual Reports)

Recent Environmental Reviews and Comments

The Council reviews Environmental Impact Evaluations (EIE) that state agencies develop for major projects. In addition, the Council reviews and comments on proposed projects, plans, studies, etc. as it relates to the direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts on Connecticut's environment.

Special Reports and Miscellaneous Publications

The Council undertakes objective analyses and develops special reports and position papers on issues affecting Connecticut's environment. The Council welcomes inquiries from the public.

News Releases

The Council issues news releases to promote something significant and specific, such as the release of a special report. The press is encouraged to contact the Executive Director at any time with inquiries regarding the Council's activities - (860)-424-4000.

Environmental Monitor

The Environmental Monitor is an on-line publication where all Connecticut state agencies post information about their own proposed construction projects, grants for development projects, proposed transfers of state lands or other activities that might have a significant environmental impact. The Council publishes the Environmental Monitor twice a month.  All previous editions can be found in the Environmental Monitor Archives.

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