2018 CEQ Annual Report

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May 29, 2019

Welcome to Environmental Quality in Connecticut. This edition documents the condition of Connecticut's environment through 2018. If viewing it on-line, which is how it is designed to be read, use the navigation buttons on the left to move from section to section within the report.

The "Introduction" pages present some of the important conclusions and new features of this edition, as well as a page about invasive insects, Invasions. There are six sections of environmental indicators, from "Air" through "Personal Impact", that display a comprehensive set of environmental data for the 10 years ending in 2018.

For most of the indicators of the state's environmental health there is a summary box with the following meanings:

Description of summary box symbols

Also, at the top of nearly every page, there is a symbol: 

Climate Change Symbol

Running your cursor over the symbol will reveal a brief explanation of the indicator's connection to a warming climate. Clicking on the symbol will open a page with more details.

The final section, "About the CEQ" describes the members and major activities of 2018 and also includes acknowledgements of sources, illustrations, and the hard work of interns, for which the Council is grateful.

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