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March 30, 2010
    1.Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade, Cromwell
   There are no Environmental Impact Evaluations for review and comment in this edition. 
   1.NEW! Proposed Generic Environmental Classification Document
  STEP I - Notices of Intent to Transfer Property. None in this edition.

   STEP II - Public comments regarding proposed transfers that were posted previously in the Environmental Monitor, and the Office of Policy and Management's (OPM's) responses to those comments.  None in this edition.


   STEP III - Draft recommendations of the Commissioner of Environmental Protection regarding preservation of properties proposed for transfer.  None in this edition. 


   STEP IV - Final recommendations of the Commissioner of Environmental Protection regarding disposition of properties proposed for transfer, along with comments and responses from Step III.  None in this edition.


   STEP V - Final determinations by the Secretary of OPM regarding the ultimate disposition of properties proposed for transfer.  None in this edition.

The next edition of the Environmental Monitor will be published on April 6, 2010.
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The following scoping notice is posted for review or comment in this edition.
"Scoping" is for projects in the earliest stages of planning.  At the scoping stage, detailed information on a project's design, alternatives, and environmental impacts does not yet exist.  Sponsoring agencies are asking for comments from other agencies and from the public as to the scope of alternatives and environmental impacts that should be considered for further study.  Send your comments to the contact person listed for the project by the date indicated.

1. Notice of Scoping for the Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade

Municipality where proposed project would be located: Cromwell

Address of Project Location: 245 Main St., Cromwell

Project Description: The Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility upgrade will allow the facility to meet its service requirements through 2030. This upgrade will provide for greater control of nitrogen removal and prepare for projected growth in the plant’s service area. Wastewater flow and pollutant loads to the plant are projected to increase by approximately 75% by 2030. This will be a consequence of growth due to allotments requested by the District’s member communities and contract communities and the planned connection of Middletown’s wastewater flows.

Project MapsClick here to view a site location map.   Click here to view a facility layout plan.

Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on:  April 16, 2010.

Any person can ask the sponsoring agency to hold a Public Scoping Meeting by sending such a request to the address below.  If a meeting is requested by 25 or more individuals, or by an association that represents 25 or more members, by March 26, 2010, the Department of Environmental Protection must schedule a Public Scoping Meeting. 

Additional information about the project can be viewed in person at:

Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Water Protection & Land Reuse
Municipal Facilities Section (2nd Floor)
79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106

Written comments and/or requests for a Public Scoping Meeting should be sent to:

Name: Joseph Higgins,
Sanitary Engineer
Agency: Connecticut Department
of Environmental Protection
Address: 79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT  06106
Phone: 860-424-3584
Fax: 860-424-4067

If you have questions about a public meeting, or other questions about the scoping for this project, contact Mr. Higgins as directed above.

The agency expects to prepare an Environmental Impact Evaluation for this project, for public review and comment, after the scoping period.

No Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) notices have been submitted for review and comment in this edition.

Environmental Classification Documents

This is a new category to allow for review and comment on proposed Environmental Classification Documents before they are approved for use by state agencies.  Environmental Classification Documents are used by state agencies to determine whether a specific state action requires evaluation under the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act.

1. Proposed Generic Environmental Classification Document

A proposed Environmental Classification Document (ECD) is available for review and comment.This document is considered the “generic” ECD and is proposed for use by most State Agencies.  Some agencies (currently DECD, DEP, DOT, and DPH) have their own agency-specific ECDs and would not be utilizing this one.

To view and download a copy of the proposed ECD, go to

Comments on this ECD will be accepted until the close of business (5:00 pm) on

May 14, 2010 


Send comments to:

Name:  Daniel Morley, Policy Development Coordinator

Agency:  Office of Policy and Management

Address:  450 Capitol Avenue, MS# 54 ORG, Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1379



State Land Transfer Notices

Connecticut General Statutes Section 4b-47 provides for public notice of proposed transfers of state-owned lands out of state ownership. The notice process takes place in steps. Step I is the notice of intent to transfer, which includes an opportunity for any person to comment. If comments are received, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) will respond, and the comments and responses will be published as Step II.

The Commissioner of Environmental Protection may choose to evaluate the property more thoroughly and recommend preservation of the property or restrictions on the transfer. Step III is publication of the Commissioner's report and draft recommendations, and includes a 30-day public comment period.   Step IV is publication of the Commissioner’s responses to any public comments along with the Commissioner's final recommendations regarding the property.

Step V is publication of OPM’s final determination regarding disposition of the property. Fifteen days after this posting the transfer may proceed.

IMPORTANT:  Most proposed transfers are not required to go through all five steps.  The land may be sold or transferred 15 days after the close of the comment period of Step I if no comments are received.  If comments are received, and the DEP does not elect to conduct and publish a more thorough study of the property, the land may be sold or transferred 15 days after publication of the comments and responses under Step II.

There are no Land Transfer Notices in this edition.

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