What is the difference between the Medical Marijuana Program and the Adult-Use Cannabis Program?

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Connecticut has both a Medical Marijuana Program and an Adult-Use Cannabis Program. 

The Medical Marijuana market serves qualifying patients and their caregivers. To purchase medical marijuana products from a medical marijuana dispensary or hybrid retailer, you must be certified to have an approved condition by a practitioner and then register with the Department of Consumer Protection as a qualifying patient or caregiver. 

The Adult-Use Cannabis market serves all adults 21 years of age or older. Registration is not required to purchase cannabis from an adult-use cannabis hybrid retailer, retailer or micro-cultivator, but you must be at least 21 years old. 

Here are some other differences you will see between the two markets:




 Adult-Use Cannabis

Medical Marijuana

Registration Required




 ½ ounce per transaction

 5 ounces per month
(or as prescribed by practitioner)

Amount Allowed to be Carried on a Person

 1.5 ounces

 5 ounces

Amount Allowed in Private Residence or Locked Glovebox

 5 ounces

 5 ounces


 Retail price + tax
(6.35% sales tax, 3% tax to municipalities, THC tax based on milligrams of THC)

Retail price, medication is nontaxable

Financial Assistance


 Yes, multiple programs at licensed establishments, income-based


Cannabis Potency

 Up to 30 percent for cannabis flower;
Up to 60 percent for other cannabis products

 No restriction

Product Types

No capsules, pills, tablets, sublinguals, nor suppositories or other product form administered through a bodily orifice other than orally permitted.

 No restriction

Age Restriction


Minors under 18 and Adults 18+ Must be certified to have an approved condition by a practitioner.

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