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Adult-Use Sales have started in Connecticut at licensed retailers.
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Consumer Alert: Consumer Protection Reminds Adults 21+ Who Purchase Cannabis to Use Products Responsibly
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Consumer Protection Releases November Cannabis Sales Data

Cannabis is legal in Connecticut.

Residents over the age of 21 can legally possess and consume marijuana. Get all the facts on the new law.
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Addiction prevention, and risks of cannabis.

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Responsible Cannabis Use
If you are 21 and older and choose to use cannabis, do so responsibly.
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The Medical Marijuana Program
Connecticut’s nation-leading medical marijuana program will continue to serve patients. Learn more about the program and what it offers.
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Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing
Learn more about how and when to apply for a cannabis establishment license.
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What's in Effect Now
Sales have started in Connecticut and possession of 1.5 oz of cannabis is now legal. Learn more about what’s in effect now.
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Statistics and Documents
Review public documents and statistics related to the adult-use cannabis program.
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Social Equity Council
Developed to make sure the adult-use cannabis program is grown equitably and ensure funds are brought back to the communities hit hardest by the “war on drugs.”