Connecticut Attorney General's Office
Antitrust Section

This Section administers and enforces the Connecticut Antitrust Act, and has authority to enforce major provisions of the federal antitrust laws. The Section also relies on federal and state laws to ensure the Attorney General’s overall responsibility to maintain open and competitive markets in Connecticut. Utilizing these statutes, we investigate and prosecute antitrust and other competition-related actions on behalf of consumers, businesses and governmental units. In addition, this Section provides advice and counsel on proposed legislation and various issues regarding competition policy. In the past few years, the Attorney General served as the chair of the Antitrust Committee of the National Association of Attorneys General and remains active within that organization.

Contact Information:

Nicole Demers
Deputy Associate Attorney General
Chief, Antitrust Section
165 Capitol Avenue, 5th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 808-5040