Child Support

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  • Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines

    Connecticut, along with all other states, is required to have child support guidelines which provide the basis for the establishment and modification of child support awards ( financial and medical ), based on family income and the number of children involved.

  • Child Support Information and Problem Resolution Line: 1-800-228-KIDS (228-5437)

  • Connecticut Centralized Child Support Processing Center

    The Connecticut Child Support Processing Center is dedicated to providing high quality customer service to custodial parties, non-custodial parents, employers, and other agencies in need of assistance with the child support payment process.

  • Connecticut Department of Social Services Child Support Resource Center

    Provides answers to questions about enforcing, changing, or modifying a child support order. Information on the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement and who is eligible for their services.

  • Law in Plain Language: Child Support

    The Attorney General's Office, the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement and the Support Enforcement Division (Superior Court) participate in actions concerning establishing, enforcing, or modifying support orders when a party is receiving IV-D support enforcement services.

  • State of Connecticut Judicial Branch: Child Support Enforcement Website

    Provides answers to the following questions: Where can I find general information about Child Support Enforcement services? What is the IV-D Program? How can I obtain case information? How do I get child support? How are support orders calculated? How do I enforce a child support order? What if the non-custodial parent lives out of state? How can my order be enforced without going to court? How do I change or modify a child support order? How will I get my child support payment? Where are the Support Enforcement Service Unit offices and what are their telephone numbers? Are there any child support publications available? Are there Wanted Lists for parents who owe child support in Connecticut? My employee is subject to income withholding. What does that mean for me as the employer? What if there is an income withholding order from another state? Other child support resources.