To effectively manage the Agency website and maintenance process, three main roles have been created:


 Sitecore Roles Matrix


System Administrators

The System Administrator is able to manage all aspects of the Agency website except for setting up permissions and creating new workflows. They can perform all the same functions as the Content Author and Content Approver in addition to: 

  • Add, edit, move, and delete folders
  • Manage folder properties
  • Assign workflow to folders
  • Edit the Agency Landing Page
  • Delete content pages
  • Create friendly URLs
  • View all content in a workflow state
  • Have final approval or rejection of content prior to going live
  • Approve content in place of Content Approver (Approval Override)
Content Authors

Content Authors will only be creating and editing content in the system, and only in areas they have access to.

  • Create and edit content pages
  • Add and edit media items (images and document files)
  • Tag content to the Agency Navigation, or a Dynamic List
  • Submit content for approval via workflow


Content Approvers

Content Approvers approve content pages they have been added to approve. They can be assigned the Content Author role as well.

  • Approve/Reject content pages
  • View ready for approval content in a workflow state assigned to them