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SALEMNew London County.--(Form of government, under "Town Charter" effective January 1, 2005, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May 5, 1819; taken from Colchester, Lyme, and Montville. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Salem.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Linda D. Flugrad. Address, Town Office Bldg., 270 Hartford Rd., 06420-3804; Tel., Norwich, (860) 859-3873, ext. 7; FAX, (860) 859-1184. Website: www.salemct.gov. E-mail: linda.flugrad@salemct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Edward J. Chmielewski, Jr. (R), Tel., (860) 859-3873, ext. 4 or 110, TJ Butcher (D), Kevin Lyden, (U), Ronald LaBonte (R), Pamela Munro (R).--Town Treasurer, Pamela Henry, ext. 125.--Board of Finance, William “Skip” Dickson, Chm., Corinne Bourgeois, Deborah Cadwell, Marshall Collins, Janet S. Griggs, Matt Rucci; Alternates, Kate Belleville, John Bernier, Maryann Casciano.--Tax Collector, Vivian Waters; Asst., Athena Sartori.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Robert M. Green, Chm., Dianne Woronik, Kay Zak.--Registrars of Voters, Betsy Butts (D), Athena Sartori (R).--Board of Education, Sean Reith, Chm., Tiffany B. Cunningham, Christina Fontaine, Kelly Francis, Ryan Little, Dan Marsh, La Van Norwood, Jennifer Rucci, Susan Spang.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Vernon Scott Smith, Chm., John Gadbois, Diba Khan-Bureau, Jennifer Lindo, Martin Stoken, Walter Volberg, vacancy; Alternates, Gary Closius, James Jorgensen, Steven Shelley.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Charlie Dutch, Chm., Kenneth Bondi, Elby Burr, Emil Casciano, Denise Orsini; Alternates, Larry Benedict, Rebecca Nortz, True Smith.--Library Trustees, Diane Robillard, Chm., Alan Benkert, Mary Cikatz, Maureen Collins, Dee Doolittle, Julie Stoken.--Justices of the Peace, Gale J. Balavender, Kenneth R. Bondi, Elbert Burr, T. J. Butcher, Betsy B. Butts, Edward J. Chmielewski, Jr., Mary Jane Edwards, Janet S. Griggs, John F. Houchin, Sr., Darrell Stephen Len, Eugene R. Maiorano, Marcella C. Maiorano, Mary Laura McGannon-Kollman, Hugh Edward McKenney III, Pamela R. Munro, Michael F. Nortz, Rebecca A. Nortz, Linda F. Phillips, Robert T. Ross, Anne Rowthorn, Matt Rucci, Maryanne Sabowski, Alfreda B. Shapere, Peter F. Sielman, Susan G. Spang, Denise M. Weinschenker, Dean Wojcik.

SALISBURYLitchfield County.--(Form of government, board of selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., Oct., 1741. Rural residential and retirement community. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Salisbury, Taconic, and Lakeville.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Patricia H. Williams. Address, Town Hall, 27 Main St., P.O. Box 548, 06068-0548; Tel., (860) 435-5182; FAX, (860) 435-5172. Website: www.salisburyct.us. E-mail: townclerk@salisburyct.us.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Curtis G. Rand (D), Tel., (860) 435-5170, Donald Mayland (R), Christian E. Williams (D).--Board of Finance, Pari Forood, Chm., Richard Cantele, Janet Graaff, Emily Vail, Michael Voldstad, Joseph Woodard.--Board of Assessment Appeals, John D. Harney, Jr., Chm., Elvia Gignoux, William Tedder; Alternates, Garrett Foley, Lenore Mallett, Gregory Murphy, Joseph Woodard.--Registrars of Voters, Jennifer Law (D), Maureen F. Dell (R).--Tax Collector, Jean Bell.--Board of Education, David Valcin, Chm., Barrett Prinz, Vice Chm., Thomas Carter, Elizabeth Dittmer, Jacqueline Rice, Natalia V. Smirnova, Kevin Wolgemuth.--Regional Board of Education, Keith Moon.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Michael Klemens, Chm., Allen Cockerline, Robert Riva, Catherine Shyer, Martin J. Whalen; Alternates, Debra Allee, Danella Schiffer, vacancy.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Peter Menikoff, Chm., M.E. Freeman, Vice Chm., Roxanne Belter, Lee Greenhouse, Stacie Weiner; Alternates, Beth Wells, two vacancies.--Justices of the Peace, Merrilee S. Alexander, David T. Bayersdorfer, George R. DelPrete, James van B. Dresser, Emily Egan, Sue F. Kirber, Amy Lake, Richard T. Meehan, John C. Mongeau, Keith Richard Moon, Cory Lake Murphy, Curtis G. Rand, Rosina Rand, Tom Severo, Charles C. Vail, Christian E. Williams, William F. Willis.
SCOTLANDWindham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1857; taken from Windham. Principal industry: agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. The northern part of the town is covered by rural free delivery Hampton and rural free delivery Windham comes into the southwestern part of town and rural free delivery from Baltic to the southeastern part. Post office: Scotland.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerks and Regs. of Vital Statistics, Sharon George. Address, Town Hall, 9 Devotion Rd., P.O. Box 122, 06264-0122; Tel., Scotland, (860) 423-9634, ext. 2; FAX, (860) 423-3666. Website: www.scotlandct.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Gary Greenberg (D), Tel., (860) 456-7797, Christopher Demorit (D), Wendy A. Sears (R).--Board of Assessment Appeals, Stephanie N. Abraham, Peter Reardon, vacancy.--Registrars of Voters, Wendy A. O’Connor (D), Melody Savino (R).--Town Treasurer, Jean Lefebvre.--Tax Collector, Lisa Madden.--Board of Education, Lisa LaBelle, Chm., Cassidy Martin, Gracie Martin, Rodney E. Perry, Brittany Santiago, Sherry L. Smardon, Clark Stearns.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Terrence M. Delaney, Chm., Robert F. Brautigam, Michael Garrison, Jeffrey A. Jakubowski, Peter F. Martin, Barbara Syme, Reuben Manning; Alternates, Henry H. Bowers, Gerald Nelson, vacancy.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Elizabeth Delaney, Rebecca Gagne, Ronald "Scott" Miller, Peter Reardon, Kevin P. Ring, Sr.; Alternates, three vacancies.--Library Directors, Brenda Gagnon, Chm., Jenna Aldrich, Elizabeth Delaney, Linda Segar, Angela Maschka, Bobbie Ann Maschka, Charlotte McLevy, Leahbeth Scandura, Joanne Todd.--Constables, Robert Lawlor, James Meikle, Peter E. Reardon, vacancy.--Justices of the Peace, Terrence Delaney, Marlene McCaffrey, Susan M. Smith, Joanne S. Todd.

SEYMOURNew Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1850; taken from Derby. Principal industries: agriculture and manufacture of brass and copper mill products of rod, wire, and sheet; high-quality electric cable for nuclear power plants, industry, and railroads; small tools and several specialized machine shops; precast forms; specialized machining and screw machine products; card and paper packaging, communication equipment. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and by buses of Connecticut Transit from New Haven to Seymour. Freight: Served by Boston and Maine Corporation and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Seymour.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lianna McMurray. Address, Town Hall, 1 First St., 06483-2817; Tel., (203) 888-0519; FAX, (203) 881-5005. Website: www.seymourct.org. E-mail: lmcmurray@seymourct.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Annmarie Drugonis (R), Tel., (203) 888-2511, Deputy, Al Bruno (R), Philip Wilhelmy III (D), Al Bruno (R), Trisha Danka (R), Robert Findley (R), Patrick Lombardi (R), Frederick Stanek (D).--Board of Finance, William Sawicki, Chm., James Cretella, Richard Demko, Kristyn Hanewicz, Beverly Kennedy, Bettyann Peck, Lucy McConologue; Alternates, vacancy.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Saundra J. Gesek, Greg Kzsywienski, Thomas Schutte.--Registrars of Voters, John Stelma (D), Elise Wood (R).--Tax Collector, Dana Flach.--Board of Education, Christopher Champagne, Chm.,Edward Strumello, Stephan Behuniak, Kristen Bruno, James Garafalo, Kristen Harmeling, Jay Hatfield, Shannon Levey, Beth Nesteriak.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Dave Cournoyer, Joe Niezelski, Richard Peck, Robert VanEgghen.--Library Trustees, Paula Chapla, Chm., Alex Danka, Lauren Demko, Joyce Koslowski, Jean Uhelsky; Suzanne Garvey, Head Librarian.--Board of Police Commissioners, Kyle Kelley, Chm., Thomas Bennett, David Bitso, John Duke, Robert Koskelowski.--Justices of the Peace, Stephan Behuniak, Wendy E. Carrafiello, Theresa Conroy, Alex Danka, Richard Demko, Annmarie Drugonis, Jason K. Edwards, Patricia Halligan, Jay Hatfield, Zani Imetovski, Kyle Kelley, Nicole Klarides-Ditria, Brian Koskelowski, Robert Koskelowski, Sr., Beverly Lowden, Richard Luby, Kurt Miller, Samuel S. Mirlis, Michael Moher, Yvette Morales, Bettyann Peck, Joseph S. Pirrotta, Janice Silva, Frederick D. Stanek, Ann Marie Sullo, Michelle Walsh, Gayle Ann Warhola, Elise Wood.

SHARONLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1739. Principal industry: medical. Transp.--Freight and express: Served by motor common carriers. Post office: Sharon; one rural free delivery route from Sharon.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Linda R. Amerighi. Address, Town Hall, 63 Main St., P.O. Box 224, 06069-0224; Tel., (860) 364-5224; FAX, (860) 492-7025. Website: www.sharonct.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Brent M. Colley (R), Tel., (860) 364-5789; FAX, (860) 492-7021; Casey T. Flanagan (D), Dale Jones (R).--Town Treasurer, Tina M. Pitcher.--Board of Finance, Thomas H. Bartram, Chm., Robert E. Duncan, Carol Flaton, Jessica K. Fowler, Cody W. O’Kelly, Mary B. Robertson; Alternates, Robert W. Ensign, Lyman R. Whelan.--Tax Collector, Donna A. Christensen.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Thomas F. Casey, Sr., Chm., Elizabeth C. Forstmann, Brent N. Prindle; Alternates, Deborah Hanlon, Michael Taylor, vacancy.--Registrars of Voters, Marel E. Rogers (D), Barbara S. Coords (R).--Library Board, Linda Beech, Kenneth Cohen, Deborah Donovan, Lorna Edmundson, Christine Elia, Susan Hassler, Graham Klemm, David Moore, Brian Ross, Dennis Ross, Victoria Jennings Ross, Thomas Trowbridge III, Arete Warren, Allen Young.--Board of Education, Doug A. Cahill, Chm., Monica Connor, Plamen Petkov, Deborah Rathbun, Amanda Thompson, Anne M. Vance, Kathleen A. Visconti.--Zoning Board of Appeals, William Trowbridge, Chm., Zelina Blagden, Jill Drew, Alphonse J. Tortorella, Allen I. Young; Alternates, Scott Pastre, Suzanne Smith, vacancy.--Regional Board of Education, Sara Ellen Cousins.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Laurance B. Rand III, Chm., Elizabeth M. Hall, Susan Lynn, Stanley MacMillan, Jr., Larry Moskowitz; Alternates, Lynn Kearcher, Cybele Loening, Edward W. Wilbur.--Justices of the Peace, Linda R. Amerighi, Bruce Dechert, Casey T. Flanagan, Brian F. Kenny, Lorraine J. Lewis, Michael D. Lynch, Judge Manning, Sr., Tina M. Pitcher, Howard M. Randall, Michael R. Tesoro.
SHELTON(Formerly Huntington.) Fairfield County.--(Form of government, mayor, board of aldermen.)--Inc., Jan., 1789; taken from Stratford; city inc., 1915; town and city of Shelton, co-extensive. Principal industries: manufacture of abrasive cut-off wheels, air pollution control equipment, asphalt, blow mold plastic products, computer systems, cutlery, cutting tools, electronic optical instruments, electronic relays, electroplate parts, eyelet setting tools, gauges, label manufacturing, manicure implements, metal stampers, postage systems, screwdrivers, silicone and rubber molded products, steel molds, swiss army knives, telephone equipment, therapy systems, x-ray equipment, and wooden reels. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Connecticut Transit to New Haven. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Shelton. The outlying districts receive their mail by rural free delivery from Huntington, Pine Rock Park, and Shelton post offices.
CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City Clerk, Town Clerk, and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Margaret Domorod. Address, 54 Hill St., P.O. Box 364, 06484-0364; Tel., Huntington, (203) 924-1555; FAX, (203) 924-1721. Website: cityofshelton.org. E-mail: m.domorod@cityofshelton.org.--Mayor, Mark A. Lauretti (R); Fran Freer, Kelly Vazzano, Esq. Admin., Asst.--Board of Aldermen, 1st Ward, Porter McKinnon, Anthony F. Simonetti; 2nd Ward, Kevin Kosty, Eric McPherson; 3rd Ward, John F. Anglace, Jr., Cris S. Balmaci; 4th Ward, Lorenzo Durante, Bernie Simons.--City Treasurer, Raymond O’Leary.--Tax Collector, Lisa A. Theroux.--Board of Apportionment and Taxation, John Belden, Jr., John A. Boyko, Wayne Bragg, JohnJ. Francino-Quinn, Jarrette Frazier, Joseph J. Knapik.--Registrars of Voters, Janet Sabovic (D), Deputy Bob Lally (D); Peter Pavone (R), Deputy Donald Ramia (R).--Board of Assessment Appeals, Patrick M. Carey, Paul F. Jenson, Linda Schauwecker.--Board of Education, Kathy T. Yolish, Chm., Kate Kutash, Diana M. Meyer, Patricia Moonan, James E. Orazetti, Jim Feehan, Carl M. Rizzo, Amy Romano, Lorraine B. Rossner.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Virginia M. Harger, Chm., Charles Kelly, Peter G. Laskos, Elaine Matto, Ruth Parkins, Jim Tickey; Alternates, Daniel Onofrio, John J. Uysal.--Library Board of Directors, James Geissler, Chm., Stephen Bellis, Julie Blakeman, Jean A. Cayer, Louis J. Dagostine III, Aleta A. Miner.--Justices of the Peace, Kenneth Baldyga, Joseph Ballaro, Sr., Sally Anne Bonina, Lawrence Carroll, Anthony Desarli, Gary DeFilippo, Nancy Dickal, Faith Hack, Joan M. Kirk, Brenda Kopcik, Debra LaMotta, Eric B. Lemelin, Elaine W. Matto, Win Oppel, Ellen Pagliaro, Monica Peterson, Edward Sheehy, Jr., Anthony F. Simonetti, Colleen M. Spooner, Enzio Staffieri, Charles Sullivan, Hildegard H. Szokol, Brenda M. Thibodeau, James J. Tickey, Brenda Zaprzalka.
SHERMANFairfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., Oct., 1802; taken from New Fairfield. Principal industry: agriculture. Post Office: Sherman.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Carol L. Havens. Address, Mallory Town Hall, 9 Rte. 39 No., P.O. Box 39, 06784-0039; Tel., (860) 354-5281; FAX, (860) 350-5041. Website: www.townofshermanct.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Donald Lowe (D), Tel., (860) 355-1139, Joel Bruzinski (D), Robert Ostrosky (R).--Treasurer, Eric Holub.--Tax Collector, Tabitha Fazzone.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Ann Gerschefski, Scott Guinta, Sheila McMahon.--Registrars of Voters, Sara Laughling (D), Barbara Hoag (R).--Bd. of Education, Maryanne Febbraio, Kate Frey, Kristin Grasseler, Timothy Laughlin, Ryan McGlinchey, James Philipakos, Matthew J. Vogt.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Ryan Peburn, Chm., Jeannene Burruano, Christian Dacunha, David Febbraio, Mary Lee, Jerrold Siegel, John P. Voorhees; Alternates, Jill Finch, Julia Verlaine, Lauren Weber.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Kenric Gubner, Chm., Jared Bonner, Ann Chiaramonte, Richard Devine, Kathleen Fazzone; Alternates, Scott Guinta, Andrea O’Connor.--Constables, Michael Crawford, Ed Hayes, Bill Mahoney.--Justices of the Peace, Al Burgasser, Kieran Delamere, Richard Hudson, George O. Linkletter, Donald Lowe, Jenna Mahoney, Sheila McMahon, William Murphy.
SIMSBURYHartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, first selectman, or first selectwoman, board of selectmen, board of finance.)--Named, May, 1670. Principal industries: aerospace and defense, agriculture, insurance offices, non-electric blast initiation systems, specialty and technological manufacturing. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit (Commuter) from Granby and Hartford. Freight: Numerous motor common carriers. Air: Simsbury (private) Airport, 6.6 miles southwest of Bradley International Airport. Outdoor Activities/Entertainment: Simsbury Farms Golf Course and Recreational Complex, Performing Arts Center at Simsbury Meadows. Post offices: Simsbury, West Simsbury, and Weatogue.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Trish Munroe. Address, 933 Hopmeadow St., 06070-1822; Tel., (860) 658-3243. Website: www.simsbury-ct.gov. E-mail: tmunroe@simsbury-ct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Wendy G. Mackstutis (D), Tel., (860) 658-3231; FAX, (860) 658-9467, Amber Abbuhl (D), Sean P. Askham (R), Heather Goetz (R), Chris Peterson (D), Eric Wellman (D).--Board of Finance, Lisa L. Heavner, Chm., Michael Doyle, Robert Helfand, Arthur H. House, Derek R. Peterson, Linda J. Schofield; Amy Meriwether, Dir.; Kelsey Chamberlain, Asst., Financial Dir.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Sean Brittell, Chm., Lori P. Fernand, Regina Kathleen Pynn; Alternates, Kenneth B. Katz, Sheree L. Landerman, Shannon L. Kinskie.--Registrars of Voters, Karen E. Cortés (D), Susan Salina (R).--Tax Collector, Colleen O’Connor.--Board of Education, Susan B. Salina, Chm., Jeffrey E. Tindall, Vice Chm., Jennifer Batchelar, Todd S. Burrick, Lydia A. Tedone, Sharon Thomas, Brian M. Watson, Tara Donohue Willerup.--Zoning Commission, David Rogers Ryan, Chm., Donna L. Beinstein, Bruce H. Elliott, Anne D. Erickson, Kevin E. Gray, Diane S. Madigan; Alternates, Jackie Battos, Melissa Osborne, Tucker Salls.--Planning Commission, Erin Leavitt-Smith, Chm., Holly A. Beum, Joseph L. Campolieta, Donald Colantonio, Julie Eaton, William F. Rice; Alternates, Marcus Furze, Craig MacCormac, Julie Eaton.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Steven T. Antonio, Chm., Mark William Freeman, JoAnn M. Hogan, Ram Kaza, Joshua Michelson, Sharon Thomas; Alternates, Lawrence Boardman, Ali C. Rice, Stacey Walczak.--Board of Library Trustees, Kathleen M. Miller, Chm., David Blume, Tolly Gibbs, Mary Messina Glassman, Holly McGrath, Mark A. Orenstein, Polly Gardow Rice, Susan M. Rubenstein, Colleen M. Yates; Lisa Karim, Dir.--Justices of the Peace, Patricia K. Askham, Sean P. Askham, David C. Balboni, Scott S. Barnett, Janet M. Calabro, Lori A. Coppinger, Karen E. Cortés, Darren P. Cunningham, Richard A. Derr, Lori Patricia Fernand, Joseph P. Grace, John K. Hampton, Lisa L. Heavner, Paul W. Henault, Valarie C. Holst, Arthur H. House, Linda P. Johnson, Richard I. Jones, Jr., Chris M. Kelly, Elizabeth A. Keppel, Shannon K. Leary, Jacquelyn Daniels Leopold, Wendy G. Mackstutis, Carla L. Marciano, John P. Merz, Peter Michelson, David M. Moore, Robert M. Mule, Michele Potvin-Piecuch, William F. Rice, Susan M. Rubenstein, Charles Saccavino, Susan Salina, Linda J. Schofield, Nancy L. Simm, Paul S. Sullivan, Lydia A. Tedone, Jeffrey E. Tindall, Moira K. Wertheimer, Tara Donohue Willerup.

SOMERSTolland County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Named, July, 1734; annexed to Connecticut, May, 1749. Principal industries: agriculture and diversified industry. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Somers and Somersville. Rural free delivery from Somers post office, four routes.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, David Marti. Address, Town Hall, 600 Main St., 06071-0308; Tel., (860) 763-8207; FAX, (860) 763-8228. Website: www.somersct.gov. E-mail: dmarti@somersct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Timothy Keeney (R), William Meier (R), Robert Schmidt (D).--Board of Finance, Michael D. Parker, Chm., Bruce E. Devlin, Kathleen A. Devlin, William Salka, Joseph R. Tolisano, Ralph Williams.--Registrars of Voters, GloriaJean E. Sheiber (D), David McCaffrey (R).--Tax Collector, Lisa A. Madden.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Keith Burger, Francis W. Devlin, Jr., Della Froment.--Board of Education, Marissa Marks, Chm., Edward DePeau, Vice Chm., Michael Briggs, Krista Cherry, Anne B. Kirkpatrick, Jan Martin, Kim Radziewcz, Carl Stebbins, Shane Manning.--Library Directors, Lisa Gladysz, Eugene Grayson, Michael Gruber, Kathy Lerz, Ann Levesque, Andrew G. Phillips, Jack J. Kertenis III, Robert Socha, Shirley E. Warner.--Justices of the Peace, Anne Accorsi, Tom Baziak, Richard O. Cheney, Charles J. Colby, Jr., Francis W. Devlin, Jr., Dianne M. Georgantas, Dean Hills, Jeffrey Lipton, Cynthia Mike, Laura Nieliwocki, David B. Palmer, Jr., Aidan Pinney, Paul Salva, Cynthia Mike.
SOUTH WINDSORHartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Inc., May, 1845; taken from East Windsor. Principal industries: commercial and institution food distributors, fuel cell power plants, automatic numerically controlled drafting machines, digitizers, graphic systems, CAD/CAM systems, photoplotters, artwork generators, electronic and electromechanical controls for aircraft and missile field modular power supplies, automatic grading and marker systems, jet engine/aerospace parts and components, precision machine parts, commercial printing and typesetting, bricks, fin tube radiation, microflake cigar binders and wrappers, heat transfer decorations, pressure sensitive labels, store fixtures, agriculture, retail. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Post Road Stages, Inc. from Hartford and Stafford Springs, and Connecticut Transit from Hartford to East Windsor Hill. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Bissell Station, East Windsor Hill, and South Windsor.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Bonnie Armstrong. Address, Town Hall, 1540 Sullivan Ave., 06074-2786; Tel., Hartford, (860) 644-2511, ext. 2325; FAX, (860) 644-3781. Website: www.southwindsor-ct.gov.--Town Council, Elizabeth Pendleton, Mayor; Steven King, Jr., Deputy Mayor; Erica Evans, Jamie Gamble, Philip Koboski, Marek Kozikowski, Cesar Lopez, Karen Lydecker, Andrew Paterna.--Board of Selectmen, Damian Humphrey, Matthew Mitchell, Robin Pendleton.--Town Treasurer, John Pelkey.--Registrars of Voters, Sue W. Larsen (D), Sue Burnham (R).--Tax Collector, Jennifer Hilinski-Shirley.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Linda Jeski, Chm., Debbi Duarte, Kevin Greer; Alternates, Timothy Appleton, Carolyn Carey.--Library Board, Marcia Andrus, Elizabeth Asplund, Katherine Chiappetta, Cathy Gallagher, Jamie Gamble, Kathleen-Mary Sharos, Carole Stroud.--Board of Education, Craig Zimmerman, Chm., Jessica Waterhouse, Vice Chm., Arthur Adduci, Anitha Elango, Beth Esstman, Madison Gonzalez, Dipali Kalia, Lisa Maneeley, Michael Pare.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Bart Pacekonis, Chm., Kevin Foley, Vice Chm., Alan Cavagnaro, Stephanie Dexter, Michael LeBlanc, Robert Vetere, Stephen Wagner; Alternates, Paul Bernstein, Carolyn Carey, Atif Quarishi.--Constables, Kathleen Soucy Daugherty, Sandra C. Jeski, Jay G. Murtha, James Neary, Joan Walsh.--Justices of the Peace, Mark J. Abrahamson, Arthur Adduci, Philip P. Apter, Richard Balboni, Jr., Diane Behler, Barbara Brezel, Sue Burnham, Carolyn Carey, Sirkka S. D. L. Christensen, Kathleen Soucy Daugherty, Stephanie Dexter, Debbi Duarte, Carolyn Egan, Janice E. Favreau, Anne Fornabi, Elizabeth Higgins, Linda Jeski, Sandra C. Jeski, David Joy, Wayne Kilburn, Philip E. Koboski, Elizabeth M. Kuehnel, Tobias Lewis, Lloxci A. Lopez, Sinath Louis, Bobbi Jo Maltz, Lisa M. Maneeley, Elizabeth McGuire, Patricia Micari, Louise Neary, John P. Otto, John Pelkey, Miguel Proano, Matthew D. Reed, Christine Shaher, Kathleen-Mary Sharos, Whitney Leanne Thurrott, Scott Jason Turco, Joan F. Walsh.
SOUTHBURY. New Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1787; taken from Woodbury. Principal industries, IBM, Com-Sat tracking station, River Glen, Lutheran Home, Watermark at East Hill, Pomperaug Woods, Motif at Southbury, Heritage Hotel, and the Wyndham Hotel. Location of Southbury Training School. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Connecticut Limousine Service to airports. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Southbury.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Alice A. Maisano. Address, Town Hall, 501 Main St. So., 06488-2295; Tel., (203) 262-0657; FAX, (203) 264-9762. Website: www.southbury-ct.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Jeffrey A. Manville (R), Tel., (203) 262-0647, FAX, (203) 264-9762, Justin Bette (D), Jason A. Buchsbaum (R), John Diehl (D), Gregory Kuehn (R), Holly Sullivan (R).--Board of Finance, John A. Michaels, Chm., Thomas J. Connor, Brian P. Emerick, Catherine P. DeCarli, John Kelly, John L. Reilly; Alternates, Audri DeRouen, Steven R. Giacomi, Richard R. Hill.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Dennis J. Dwyer, Chm., Gabby Addison, Marian Van Egas; Alternates, Diane Barros, Peter Homick.--Registrars of Voters, Marie E. Greene (D), Joseph Abruzzi (R).--Tax Collector, Azra Sholtes.--Library Board, Shirley S. Michaels, Chm., Ralph T. Camasso, Charles Crowdis, Jr., Rick Daskam, Sharon Elias, Chris Rempfer, John Schmidt, Tricia Stewart, Christine B. Tolley.--Regional Board of Education, Marion Manzo, Chm., Sharon Attick, Shannon Cavallo, Heather Dwyer, John Jenusaitis, Tom Marks, Heather Rogers, Richard Spierto, Steven Suriani, Peter Vaccarelli.--Zoning Commission, Gary J. Giroux, Chm., Richard R. Ashby, Wendy Bernard, David H. Dicks, Susan B. Monteleone; Alternates, Jay Hine, Martin Ludorf, vacancy.--Planning Commission, Richard M. Teardo, Chm., Lawrence C. Adzima, Nancy G. Clark, Ronald W. Conti, Robyn Greenspan, Robert Harrison; Alternates, Kim McNeill, Jason Van Stone, Robert Scarlett.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Mark Kane Chm., Kathy Fracassini, David Pittari, Carl Rosa, Sharon Scarlett, vacancy; Alternates, John Allen, two vacancies.--Inland Wetlands Commission, Carl H. Hornbecker, Chm., Robert DeCarli, Barbie Granton, Robert LaFlamme, Daniel Slywka, William C. Spencer; Alternates, Thaddeus Burr, Donna Lesh.--Pomperaug Valley Water Authority, Kevin W. Brown, Rae A. Van Egas, vacancy.--Justices of the Peace, Gabby Addison, Anne Armeno, Anthony Armeno, Sharon Attick, Justin Bette, Edward K. Boisits, Kathy S. Bower, Anne B. Carroll, Frank Cavallo, Judith A. Eslami, Denise M. Forgione, Cady Anne Greene, Robyn E. Greenspan, Judy K. Goodwin, Cindy Harrison, Clifford Husted, Jeffrey A. Manville, Annette J. Mathews, Salvatore Pace, Mary C. Pugh, Joseph R. Ruggiero, Vivian Templeton, Richard J. Volpe.
SOUTHINGTONHartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Inc., Oct., 1779; taken from Farmington. Town and borough consolidated, 1947. Principal industries: Aerospace parts, agriculture, automotive parts and coatings, cardboard, concrete, metal coloring, distribution, fabricating and forging, screws, springs, tooling; brass products, pumps, medical manufacturing, equipment, oxygen and services, and residences; Fintech, manufacturing, construction and trade services, electrical, heating and air; pallets, numerous transportation carriers – freight, moving, storage, hauling and trucking; recreation – amusements, skiing, golf services, bowling and games; recycling services and power, retail, restaurant, brewery, food products and distribution, and hospitality services. Post offices: Southington, Plantsville, Milldale, and Marion.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Kathy Larkin. Address, Town Office Bldg., 75 Main St., 06489; Tel., (860) 276-6211; FAX, (860) 276-6229. Website: www.southington.org. E-mail: larkink@southington.org.--Town Council, Victoria Triano, Chm., Paul Chaplinsky, Jr., Vice Chm. Michael DelSanto, Valerie A. DePaolo, William Dziedzic, Tom Lombardi, James Morelli, Christopher J. Palmieri, Jack Perry.--Board of Finance, John J. Leary, Chm., Joseph K. Labieniec, Vice Chm., Kevin R. Beaudoin, Tony Morrison, Edward S. Pocock, Jr., Susan Zoni; James Bowes, Dir.--Registrars of Voters, Elaine D. Bedard (D), August A. Palmer III (R).--Town Treasurer, Ann Anop.--Tax Collector, Teresa M. Babon.--Library Board, Tina Riccio, Chm., Mary Baker, Todd Chaplinsky, Soncerae “Missy” Cipriano, Joanna Furgalack, Maureen E. Gagnon, Kristen Guida, Joanne Kelleher, Debra Mauro.--Board of Education, Colleen W. Clark, Chm., Joseph Baczewski, Vice Chm., Dawn Anastasio, Terri C. Carmody, Sean Carson, James Chrzanowski, Colleen W. Clark, David J. Derynoski, Zaya Oshana, Jasper Williams.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Robert Hammersley, Chm., Robert Salka, Vice Chm., Jennifer Clock, Peter Santago, Nicholas Tedesco, Christina Volpe, Steve Walowski; Alternates, Katrina Caird, Joseph F. Coviello, Caleb Cowles, Tessa Mah.--Water Commission, Robert M. Berkmoes, Pres., Erick Pocock, Vice Pres., Rudolph Cabata, Ron Lamoreux, Jr., Thomas J. Murphy, Ralph Warner.--Justices of the Peace, Elaine D. Bedard, Robert M. Berkmoes, Doreen Ann Bottone, Adam Brown, Louis Bruno, Melissa Cocuzza, Eric Daigle, David J. Derynoski, Stacey Dolan, Dennis Dolce, Prudence Doty, Christine Ford, John Fusco, Robert Garry, Keith B. Gray, Adam Gorski, Timothy G. Johnson, Ronald A. Lamoreux, Jr., Louis R. LaRouchelle, Daniel Mrazik, Zaya Oshana, Thomas Picarelli, Cherrie A. Porter, Constance C. Proll, Donald S. Rinaldi, Rae L. Robinson, Ryan P. Rogers, Edward M. Rosenblatt, James Sinclair.
SPRAGUENew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1861; acquired from Lisbon and Franklin. Principal industries: agriculture and printing. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Baltic, Hanover, and Versailles. The rural free delivery route from Baltic supplies mail facilities for part of Scotland.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Jennifer M. Synnett. Address, One Main St., P.O. Box 162, Baltic 06330-0162; Tel., (860) 822-3000, ext. 220; FAX, (860) 822-3016. Website: www.ctsprague.org. E-mail: townclerk@ctsprague.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Cheryl A. Blanchard (R), P.O. Box 677, Baltic, Tel., (860) 822-3000, ext. 202; Paul Cophenhagen (R), Glenn Cheney (D).--Town Treasurer, JoAnn Lynch.--Board of Finance, Mark Lounsbury, Chm., Patricia Collis, Eddy Desrosiers, Jack Malone, Michael Meadows, vacancy.--Tax Collector, Mary B. Chartier.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Richard Waterman, Chm., Jeff A. Crouch, Geraldine Meadows.--Registrars of Voters, Jon Illinger (D), Barbara R. Crouch (R).--Library Board, Tom Gouin, Chm., Kathy Bellavance, Lois J. Chrzanowski, Jane Desrosiers, Catherine Osten, Rebecca Reyer, Cynthia L. Rutigliano.--Board of Education, Megin Sechen, Chm., Jennifer Brohinsky, Colleen Caulfield, Geraldine Meadows, Antonia Revere, Corrine Topalis, Michelle Walton.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Sandor Bittman, Jr., Chm., Warren Baker, Paul F. Piezzo, Christopher Smith, Craig Staggs, Nicholas Velles, vacancy; Alternates, Kathleen Z. Boushee, two vacancies.--Justices of the Peace, Kim M. Begin, Marsha Cirrito, Barbara R. Crouch, Jeffrey A. Crouch, Jane H. Desrosiers, Evan D. Feinglass, Maria Gladue, Thomas P. Gouin, Stanley H. Hospod III, Ann Marie Osowski, Reginald B. Patchell, Carol S. Shefer, Erin B. Spitale, Andre Trudelle.

STAFFORDTolland County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Settled, 1719. Principal industries: manufacture of woolen, printed circuits, filters, metal bushings, and bearings, precision medical devices, fly rod components, nursery, and horticultural products, nameplates and labels, health care services, seasonal camping, motorsports, and recreation. Transp.--Freight: Served by rail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Stafford Springs, Stafford, and Staffordville. Other parts of the town are served by rural delivery from Stafford Springs, Somers, and Monson, MA.


TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen G. Troiano. Address, Warren Memorial Town Hall, One Main St., P.O. Box 11, Stafford Springs 06076-0011; Tel., (860) 684-1765; FAX, (860) 684-1795. Website: www.staffordct.org. E-mail: clerk@staffordct.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Salverio Titus (R), Tel., (860) 684-1777, Richard F. Hartenstein, Jr. (D), Kurt Vail (R).--Town Treasurer, Neil Hoss.--Board of Finance, Francis Moriarty Chm., Steven Geryk, Matt McKenney, Tony Pellegrino, Richard Shuck, David Walsh; Alternates, Donald J. Martinsen, Conrado Ulloa, Shelley H. West.--Tax Collector, Stephanie Irving.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Erin D. Kirchhoffer, Izabella Pelczar, vacancy.--Registrars of Voters, Sue Armstrong (D), Eleanor Canestrari (R).--Library Board, Susan Phillips, Chm., Ann Puglisi, Mary Quinn, Walter Smith, David Szych.--Board of Education, Sonya Shegogue, Chm., Erica Bushior, Jennifer J. Davis, Michael Delano, Aaron Hoffman, Sara Kelley, Laura Lybarger.--Planning and Zoning Commission, David Palmberg, Chm., Ronald C. Houle II, David M. Mordasky, Cindy Rummel, Richard Shuck; Alternates, Leonard Clark, two vacancies.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Dennis Kaba, Chm., Arlene Avery, Janene Berriault, Aaron Hoffman, Danele Rhoads; Alternates, Jameson Green, Judith Mordasky, Izabella Pelczar.--Constables, Matt Bushior, Harold Blake Hatch, Gary A. Quinn, Mark Richens, Danele Rhoads, Richard Shuck, Patrick Soucy.--Justices of the Peace, Debbie J. Alberts, Anthony R. Armelin, Arlene Avery, Wendellin D. Avery, Corey Bennett, Dana Michele Dillon, Frederick J. Dion, Mark L. Dunn, Richard F. Hartenstein, Jr., Ronald Houle II, Dennis C. Kaba, Jr., Erin D. Kirchhoffer, Rocko Magistri, Kenneth J. McQuaid, Ann Maynard, Dianne L. Mendez, Carol Parker, Joan Posocco, Nancy M. Rudek, Richard Shuck, Patrick D. Soucy, Tina M. Spallacci, Amy M. Stegall, Maria Frassinelli-Sierra, Amber Wakley, Brian J. Zawodniak, Andrew M. Zelonka.

STAMFORDFairfield County.--(Form of government, strong mayor, board of representatives.)--Settled, 1641, under New Haven jurisdiction; named Town of Stamford in 1642; submitted to Connecticut, Oct., 1662; in 1893, the City of Stamford, comprising central portion of Town of Stamford, was incorporated. Henceforth, City of Stamford became a composite part of Town of Stamford, resulting in two separate governments--the Town of Stamford and City of Stamford. Town and City of Stamford were consolidated on April 15, 1949 and named City of Stamford. Third largest center of Fortune 500 Corporate Headquarters in the nation. Principal industries, corporate headquarters, reinsurance, investment banking, business and consumer credit, computer software development, information technology, magazine publishing, media production and distribution, owner/operators and brokers of bulk cargo ships, research laboratories, management consulting, postage meter manufacturing, Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak, Metro-North; Connecticut Transit local from Darien, Norwalk, and Greenwich; and by Greyhound. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous common carriers. Post offices: Stamford Summer Street Glenbrook, High Ridge, West Avenue, and Camp Ave.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City and Town Clerk, Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lyda Ruijter; Stamford Government Ctr., 888 Washington Blvd., 06901; Tel., (203) 977-4054; FAX, (203) 977-4943. Website: www.stamfordct.gov. E-mail: townclerk@stamfordct.gov.--Mayor, Caroline Simmons (D), Stamford Government Ctr., 888 Washington Blvd., 06901; Tel., (203) 977-4150; FAX, (203) 977-5845. Board of Representatives, Dist. #1, Bradley Bewkes, David Watkins; Dist. #2, Virgil de la Cruz, Ines Saftic; Dist. #3, Terry B. Adams, Elise Coleman; Dist. #4, Megan Cottrell, Robert Roqueta; Dist. #5, Bonnie Kim Campbell, Melinda Punkin Baxter; Dist. #6, Denis W. Patterson, Annie M. Summerville; Dist. #7, Lindsey Miller, Bianca Shinn; Dist. #8, Anabel Diaz Figueroa, Nina Sherwood; Dist. #9, Jeffrey Stella, Kindrea Walston; Dist. #10, Francise Jean-Louis, Mavina Moore; Dist. #11, Cara Gilbride, Maureen Pollack; Dist. #12, Jonathan Jacobson, Ramya Shaw; Dist. #13, Amiel Goldberg, Eric Morson; Dist. #14, Dan Sanford; Jeffrey Curtis, Jr.; Dist. #15, Sean Boeger, Carmine Tomas; Dist. #16, Philip Berns, Fred Pierre-Louis; Dist. #17, Mary L. Fedeli, Bobby Pavia; Dist. #18, James Grunberger, Stephen Garst; Dist. #19, Jennifer Matheny, Don Mays; Dist. #20, Ashley Ley, Carl Weinberg.--Registrars of Voters, Ron Malloy (D), Lucy Corelli (R).--Board of Education, Lisa Butler, Fritz Chery, Joshua Esses, Andy George, Rebecca Hamman, Jackie Heftman, Michael Hyman, Versha Munshi-South, Jaqueline Pioli, Nicola Tarzia.--Tax Collector, William Napoletano. (Director of Revenue Collection).--Board of Assessment Appeals, Joseph Pigott, Chm., Nino Antonelli, Claire Friedlander, Lauren Jacobsen, John A. Sedlak; Alternates, Jeremiah Hourihan, Ernest Matarasso, Matthew Tripolitsiotis.--Library Board of Trustees, Stephanie O’Shea, Chm., Ellen E. Bromley, Steven M. Frederick, Michael A. Hyman, Anderson R. Livingston, Tamu Lucero, RJ Mercede, Lauren Meyer, Polly O’Brien Morrow, Susana Vidan.--Constables, Gloria DePina, Jon Gallup, Philip J. Giordano, Bill Kemp, Ralph F. Loglisci, Ralph J. Serafino, Joe Tarzia.--Justices of the Peace, Jessica P. Alarcon, Marcos Alarcon, Mark J. Alarcon, Thomas J. Alessi, Cristina Andreana, Jacqueline Bartram, Philip E. Berns, Maureene Bingham, Theresa Bivona, Fritz Blau, Stephen Bowling, Ellen Bromley, Jenny Calderon, Chunfang Calzone, Carola C. Cammann, Bonita Cohen, Kenneth Jay Cohen, Joseph Coppola, Jr., Trish h. Dayan, Gloria Depina, Wilm Donath, Suzanne Doyle, Richard Fajardo, Mary Fedeli, Joshua Fedeli, Jack Ferrone, Roberto Figueroa, Erik Findeisen, Peter Angelo Fiorita, Philip Giordano, Willy Giraldo, Jonathan Hoch, Michael Jachimczyk, Rita Jagodzinski, Bob Kolenberg, Debra Lamotta, Jeanne M. Laughlin, Mary C. Laurie, Donna Loglisci, Ralph F. Loglisci, Thomas A. Lombardo, John Louizos, Phillip A. Magalnick, Eva A. Maldonado, Maria Mallozzi, David Martin, John Martin, Corine Matarasso, Seamus P. McEvoy, Laura McGeachy, Barry Michelson, Harry D. Mohan, Eric Morson, Angie Murphy, Denis W. Patterson, Diane M. Pesiri, Michael Pollard, Oliver Radwan, Clement Raiteri, Theresa Robustelli, James M. Rubino, George M. Sanchez, Cora M. Santaguida, Joseph P. Sargent, Ralph J. Serafino, George Sessa, Alfonso Sgritta, Alan Shaw, Donald Sherer, Sherrill A. Stover, Annie M. Summerville, Sarah Summons, Joseph Tarzia, Joseph S. Tarzia, Nicola Tarzia, Meg Tocantis, Francky Trofort, Andrew Wainwright, Christopher J. Ward, Jan Wawak, Somar Wijayadasa, Deniesha C. Windham, Jonathan Winkel, T. Neil Wynne, Jr., Yuliya Zauholnova, John R. Zelinsky, Jr.

STERLINGWindham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May 4, 1794; taken from Voluntown. Principal industries: poultry and dairy farming, manufacturing, stone quarrying. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Sterling and Oneco.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Heather R. George. Address, 1183 Plainfield Pike, P.O. Box 157, Oneco 06373-0157; Tel., Moosup, (860) 564-2657; FAX, (860) 564-1660. Website: www.sterlingct.us. E-mail: hgeorge@sterlingct.us.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Lincoln A. Cooper (R), Tel., (860) 564-2904, Myron “Jack” Joslyn, David W. Shippee (R).--Board of Finance, Robert Salisbury, Chm., Tracie Adams, Neil A. Delmonico, James Molodich, Stephen B. Offiler, Christine Wendel-Farrugia.--Board of Assessment Appeals, C. Peter Rabbitt, Keith Richards, Dean N. Roussel.--Registrars of Voters, vacancy (D), Tammy Etheridge (R).--Tax Collector, Sandra Lisee.--Town Treasurer, Sherri Soucy.--Board of Education, Michael Rouillard, Chm., Dorothy Capobianco, Courtney Langlois, Jennifer Mossner, Victoria Robinson, Leatrice L. Shippee.--Library Directors, Penelope L. Keith, Chm., Marlene A. Cook, Judith M. Gooslin (D), Leatrice L. Shippee, Holly J. Wood, vacancy.--Constables, Craig S. Bein, Dean N. Roussel, Richard J. Wood, Phillip E. Young, two vacancies.--Justices of the Peace, Rosalind Choquette, April Griffin, Edward D. Joten, Jennifer Mossner, Robert Peet, Leatrice Shippee, Angela P. Stone.
STONINGTONNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Settled, 1649; named, 1666. Principal industries: tourism, agriculture, fishing, boat building, oceanographic research and manufacture of machinery, plastic products, electrical parts, screen printing, boat livery, harpsichord manufacturing, and extrusion machines. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak and buses of Southeast Area Transit (SEAT). Freight: common motor carriers. Post offices: Stonington, Mystic, Old Mystic, and Pawcatuck.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sally Birchell Duplice. Address, Town Hall, 152 Elm St., 06378-1166; Tel., (860) 535-5060; FAX, (860) 535-5062. Website: www.stonington-ct.gov. E-mail: sduplice@stonington-ct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Danielle Chesebrough (U), Tel., (860) 535-5050, Deborah Downie (R), June Strunk (D).--Town Treasurer, Sandy Grimes.--Board of Finance, Timothy O’Brien, Chm., Bryan Bentz, Mike Fauerbach, Chris Johnson, Deborah Norman, Bob Statchen, Lynn Young.--Tax Collector, Linda Camelio.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Stephen M. Palmer, Chm., Gisela Harma, Karen O’Keefe; Alternates, two vacancies.--Registrars of Voters, Elissa Bass (D), Peggy Roberts (R).--Library Board, Ann Baldelli, Diana Beck, Marggie Blake, Kevin Bowdler, Betsy Bowman, Kathryn Brandl, Richard Cole, Denise Easton, Jean Fiore, Allegra Griffiths, William Griffith, David S. Purvis, Clare E. Sheridan, Sage D. Williams.--Board of Education, Farouk Rajab, Chm., Kevin Agnello, Sara Baker, Chris Donahue, Craig Esposito, Daniel Kelley, Heidi Simmons.--Constables, Daniel N. Booker, Raul N. Ferreira, Jim Kelley, Anthony D. Lombardo, Donald R. Maranell, Eugene Pfeifer, I. Susette Tibus, Joseph Trelli.--Justices of the Peace, Bryan Bentz, Matthew Berger, Robert J. Bessette, Stephen E. Bessette, Neal Bobruff, Kelly Bolduc, Martha Brown Booker, William S. Brown, George Crouse, James C. Davis, Joan Marie DiMartino, Robert E. P. Elmer III, Glenn J. Frishman, Ashley Gillece, Gisela M. Harma, Elizabeth W. Henry, Stephanie Houlihan, Leon Jacobs, Eric M. Janney, James J. Kelley, Theodore M. Ladwig, Veronica M. LaVista, Anthony D. Lombardo, Douglas J. Lyons, Donald R. Maranell, Mary T. McCrea, Patricia A. Moody, R. Cris Palmer, Antoinette E. Pancaro, Eugene Pfeifer, Teresa Prue, Julie Savin, Robert R. Simmons, I. Susette Tibus, Derek Scot Tyrseck, Ed Wilhelms, Bruce Yarnall.

BOROUGH OFFICERS. Borough Hall, 26 Church St., P.O. Box 328, Stonington 06378-0328; Tel., (860) 535-1298. Website: stoningtonboroughct.gov.--Warden, Michael Schefers.--Burgesses, Amanda Barnes, Kevin Bowdler, Amy Nicholas, Kevin Rogers.--Clerk/Treasurer, Lisa Coleman.--Assessor, Lisa Coleman.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Donald Maranell, Chm., Members: Jill Bessette, Betsy Carr, Chris Errichetti, Jean Fiore, Albert Razzano; Alternate, Sandra Murray.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Alan Vaskas, Chm., Richard Larkin, David Luce, Rowland Stebbins III; Alternates, Carl Peterson, Joseph Williams III, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Thomas Zanarini.--Fire Chief/ Marshal, Jeffrey Hoadley.
STRATFORDFairfield County.--(Form of government, mayor-council.)--Settled, 1639. Principal industries: manufacture of aircraft, air conditioning units, cheese chemicals, electrical parts, hardware, helicopters, machine products, machinery, novelties, plastics, paper products, rubber goods, toys, etc. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and by buses of Bridgeport People Mover Co., a subsidiary of Greater Bridgeport Transit Dist. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post Office: Stratford.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Susan M. Pawluk, MCTC, CMC. Address, Town Hall 2725 Main St., Rm. 106, 06615-5892; Tel., (203) 385-4020, 4021; FAX, (203) 385-4005. Website: www.townofstratford.com. E-mail: spawluk@townofstratford.com.--Mayor, Laura R. Hoydick (R).--Town Council Members, 1st. Dist., Christopher Pia, Chm.; 2nd. Dist., Kaitlyn Shake; 3rd. Dist., Lesette Franceshi; 4th. Dist., Kimberly Rice; 5th. Dist., Gregory Cann; 6th. Dist., Ken Poisson; 7th. Dist., Jean Marie Sutton; 8th. Dist., James Connor, Jr.; 9th. Dist., William O’Brien; 10th. Dist., Laura Dancho.--Registrars of Voters, James Simon (D), Louis A. Decilio (R).--Board of Education, Andrea Corcoran, Chm., Kristen Bedell, Lisa Carroll-Fabian, Janice Cupee, Michael Henrick, Sean Kennedy, Amy Wiltsie.--Library Board, Michael Aloi, Janice Cupee, Beth DaPonte, Tory Florek, Gavin Forrester, Sean Haubert, Susan Johnson, Alan Llewelyn, Deborah Perman, Joel Pleban, Donald Putrimas, Robert L. Smith, Jr., Tony Smith, Sheri Szymanski.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Richard Brown, Thomas McAlarney, Prez Palmer.--Treasurer, Marie Craig.--Tax Collector, Selina Moschello.--Planning Commission, Bryan O’Connor, Chm., Paul Aurelia, William Boyd, Sarah Graham, Alec Voccola.--Zoning Commission, Harold Watson, Chm., Dion Francis, Debra Lamberti, Len Petrucelli, James Vigliotti.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Gavin Forrester, Chm., Robert Baird, Rene Gibson, Alan Llewelyn, Kerry Whitham.--Constables, Carol Cabral, Judy Cleri, John Dempsey, Justin Gendron, Laura Markis Johnson, Ed Scinto, Stacie Tavaras.--Justices of the Peace, Thomas Angelo, Ivette Aquilino, Rae Bogusky, Carl William Bosch, Mary Bradshaw, Adam Brill, Carol Cabral, Immacula Cann, Angela Capinera, Tracey Chavis, Thoma Cotter, Robert David Louis Decilio, Anne DeLottinville, John Dobos, Karen, Driscoll, Thimothy Fedor, Linda Fernandes-Johnson, Gavin Forrester, Laura Hoydick, Jessica Johnson, Irene Kostzewski, Joseph Kubic, Casimir Mizera, Edward Monroe, Patricia Morrissey, Prerz Palmer, Stephanie Philips, Douglas Pisano, Benjamin Proto, Faith Sasntiago, Linnea Scheck, Edward Scinto, Milagrosa Seguinot-Banegas, Andrew Sinish, Steven Taccogna, Stacie Tavaras, Kathrine Vass, Kerry Whitham.
SUFFIELD. Hartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1674, by Massachusetts; annexed to Connecticut, May, 1749. Principal industries: agriculture, manufacture of ice cream, gas, small tools, warehousing. Transp.--Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Suffield and West Suffield. Rural free delivery, R.F.D. Nos. 1 and 2 from Suffield office and R.F.D. No. 1 from West Suffield office.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Kathleen C. Dunai. Address, Town Hall, 83 Mountain Rd., 06078; Tel., (860) 668-3880; FAX, (860) 668-3312. Website: www.suffieldct.gov. E-mail: kdunai@suffieldct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Colin Moll (R), Tel., (860) 668-3838, Melvin Chafetz (D), Kathleen Harrington (R), Peter Hill (D), Jeremiah Mahoney (R).--Board of Finance, Eric Harrington, Chm., Chris Childs, Michael Haines, Brian Kost, Ann Huntington Mickelson, Mark Sinopoli; Alternates, Arthur Christian, Tom Frenaye, Mark Englander.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Lisa Anderson, Chm., Krystal Holmes, Ryan Walters.--Registrars of Voters, Darlene F. Burrell (D), Laura Brady (R).--Board of Education, Maureen Sattan, Chm., Glenn Gazdik, Vice Chm., Terry Antrum, Joshua Barrows, Tracy Cloyd, Jamie Drzyzga, Melissa Finnigan, Brian Fry, Geert Mo.--Library Board, Austin Roberts, Pres., Michael Alexopoulos, Corbin Adzigirey, Elizabeth Childs, Muriel Coatti, Rebecca Fuller, Joseph Grimard, Claire Kawalec, Michelle Kynard, Christine Sinopoli, Despina Tartsinis, Robert White.--Town Treasurer, Kacy Colston.--Tax Collector, Jill Schechtman.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Mark D. Winne, Chm., Erin Golembiewski, Vice Chm., Virginia Bromage, Tracy Hespelt, Leon Litvak, Christine Sinopoli; Alternates, Jacob Byrnes, Jeff Girard, Ross Wilcox.--Water Pollution Control Authority, Janet Davis, Chm., Frank Bauchiero, Jeffrey Davis, Daniel Holmes, Roger Ives, Jr., John Murphy, Christine Rago; Shane McCannon, Chief Operator; Julie Nigro, Business Mgr.--Police Commissioners, Anthony Greco, Chm., Joseph Blake, Christina Hallett, Terrence Plakias, Michael Siegel, Jason Trombly.--Board of Fire Commissioners, Paul Christian, Chm., Jacek Bucior, Jason Caron, Victor Mathieu, Edward O’Hurley, Peter Yeskey.--Justices of the Peace, Charles T. Alfano, Jr., Timothy Barnes, Edward Basile, Mark Blackaby, Eleanor Butler Binns, Muriel P. Coatti, Angelo Dimauro, Kathleen C. Dunai, Amy E. Egan, Charles M. Flynn, Louis N. Hawkins, Robin A. Henrie, Robert C. Hespelt, Bobbie C. Kling, James L. Kozikis, Cheryl Leach, Joyce K. McIntyre, Margaret Parks, Terrence Plakias, Scott A. Sagan.