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KENTLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1739. Total area: 49.6 sq. miles; land area: 48.5 sq. miles. Population: est., 2,785. Voting district: 1. Rural residential community with a variety of retail, including art and antiques, various services, and summer camps and resorts. Site of Bull's Bridge, one of two remaining covered bridges open to vehicular traffic in Connecticut. Post offices: Kent and South Kent.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Darlene F. Brady; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Thurs., closes at Noon on Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 41 Kent Green Blvd.; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 843, 06757-0843; Tel., (860) 927-3433. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Marie France Corsini.--Selectmen, 1st, Jean C. Speck (D) Tel., (860) 927-4627, FAX, (860) 927-1313; Edward Matson (R), Christopher J. Garrity (D).--Treas., Barbara E. Herbst.--Bd. of Finance, Mark Sebetic, Chm., James Blakketter, Rofus L. De Rham, Edward D. Epstein, Frances Goodsell, Mark McWhinney, Nancy O’Dea-Wyrick.--Tax Collector, Deborah J. Devaux.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Rufus P. deRham, Chm., Therese Duncan, Gary Ford.--Assessor, Patricia Braislin.--Registrars of Voters, Karen Chase (D), Sal Lilienthal (R).--Supt. of Schools, Pamela Vogel.--Bd. of Education, Martin J. Lindenmayer, Chm., Melissa Cherniske, Jennifer Christen, Gonzalo Garcia-Pedroso, Dana Slaughter, Scott Trabucco.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Matthew A. Winter, Chm., Karen Casey, Darrell Cherniske, Alice Hicks, Aam Manes, Marc Weingarten, Wes Wyrick; Alternates, Anne C. Bisenius, Richard Chavka, Anne McAndrew.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Anthony F. DiPentima, Chm., Nick Downes, Daniel Murray, John Noneman Michael Van Valkenburg; Alternates, Richard Barber, Patricia Oris.--Land Use Admin., Donna Hayes.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Lynn Werner, Chm., Ken Deitz, Fred Hosterman, Margaret Smith, Paul Yagid; Alternates, Ken Johnson, vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Connie A. Manes, Chm., Liddy Baker, Carol Franken, Rick Levy, Wendy Murphy; Alternates, Melissa Cherniske, Donna Sommers.--Historic Dist. Comm., John Worthington, Chm., Marilyn DeVos, Jeffrey Morgan, Ann Todd, James Vick; Alternates, vacancy.--Social Svs., Agent for the Elderly, Leah Pullaro.--Municipal Historian, Marge McAvoy.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Lynn Harrington, Chm., Blythe Everett, John Grant, Michael Perkins, Abigail Smith Hanby, vacancy; Alternates, Trisha McMahon, vacancy.--Building Inspector, Joseph Manley.--Town Engineer, Anchor Engineering.--Sewer Comm., Elissa Potts, Chm., John E. Casey II, John Grant, Catherine Mazza, Jack Nelson, Amy Voorhees; Alternate, Peter Gadiel.--Sanitarian, Torrington Area Health Dist.--Dog Warden, Lee Sohl.--Tree Warden, Bruce B. Bennett.--Lake Waramaug Auth., Kevin M. Brady, Gary C. Davis, Christopher J. Garrity.--Housatonic River Comm., Jesse W. Klingebiel; Alternate, Stephen Robey.--Chief of Police, Jean C. Speck.--Chief of Fire Dept., Edward Matson.--Fire Marshal/Open Burning Official, Stanley MacMillan.--Civil Preparedness Dir., David Becker.--Town Atty., D. Randall DiBella.--Justices of the Peace, Fremont E. Besmer, Karen A. Chase, Nicholas Downes, Therese Duncan, Ruth S. Epstein, William C. Gawel, Denise Howard, Juan J. Moreno, Kevin F. Place, James Rundall, Margaret G. Rundall.
KILLINGLYWindham County.--(Form of government, town council, town manager, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1708. Total area: 50.0 sq. miles; land area: 48.5 sq. miles. Population: est., 17,287. Voting districts: 7. Principal industries: snack foods, molded rubber products, plastic products, medical supplies, cosmetics, distribution centers, Wire and Cable Manufacturing. Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Railroad Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Ballouville, Danielson, Dayville, East Killingly, and Rogers.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Elizabeth M. Wilson; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon., Wed., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Tues.; 8:00 A.M.-Noon, Fri.; Recordings taken until half hour before closing; Address, 172 Main St., 06239; Tel., (860) 779-5307; FAX, (860) 779-5316. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Jo-Ann S. Perreault, Kelsey Shaver.--Town Mgr., Mary Calorio, Tel., (860) 779-5335.--Asst. Town Mgr., vacancy, Tel., (860) 779-5333.--Town Council, Dist. 1, Chastity Walsh; Dist. 2, Ed Grandelski; Dist. 3, vacancy; Dist. 4, Kevin Kerttula, Vice Chm.; Dist. 5, Ernest Lee.--Town Council at Large, Jason Anderson, Chm., Patti Larrow George, Marc LaPrade, Raymond Wood II.--Dir. of Finance, Jennifer Hawkins.--Tax Collector, Patricia Monahan.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Dale Dauphinais, Kevin Gaudreau, Russell E. Lavigne II.--Assessor, vacancy.--Registrars of Voters, Janice Thurlow (D), Deborah Couture (R).--Supt. of Schools, vacancy.--Bd. of Education, Douglas Farrow, Chm., Gregory Biggs, Norm Ferron, Hoween Flexer, Janice Barbara Joly, Jason Muscara, Kyle Napierata, Lydia Rivera-Abrams, Christopher Viens.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Keith Thurlow, Chm., Brian N. Card, Vice Chm., Sheila Roddy, Secy., Virge Lorents, Milburn Stone; Alternates, John Sarantopoulos, Matthew Wendorf, vacancy.--Dir. of Planning and Development, Ann-Marie Aubrey.--Planner I, Jonathan Blake, Asst., Marina Capraro.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Andrew Farner, Chm., David Izzo, Sr., Lynn LaBerge, William Mengh; Alternates, three vacancies.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Jonathan Blake.--Agricultural Comm., Byron Martin, Chm., Frank Anastasio, Vice Chm., Adam Hunt, Virginia Keith, Amelia Kellner; Alternates, three vacancies.--Economic Development Comm., Mark Tillinghast, Chm., William Cheng, Vice Chm., Kevin Cole, Secy., Todd Cooke, Dale Desmarais; Alternates, Joyce Ricci, vacancy.--Economic Development Dir., Jill St. Clare.--Historic District Comm., Teresa Barton, Chm., Rebecca Gadbois, Mary Taaffe, Margaret Weaver, vacancy; Alternates, Glenn Wolczak, Sr., two vacancies.--Housing Auth., Roxanne Pappas, Chm., Eileen Page, Secy., Robert Loiselle, Treas., Michael Moran, David Smith.--Municipal Historian, Margaret Weaver.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Sandy Eggers, Chm., Ronald Dass, Elizabeth Dubofsky-Porter, Rodney Galton, Deborah Lamiottee, Corina Torrey, vacancy; Alternates, Frederick Ruhlemann, vacancy.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Sandy Eggers, Chm., Ronald Dass, Elizabeth Dubofsky-Porter, Rodney Galton, Corina Torrey, two vacancies; Alternates, Frederick Ruhlemann, vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Donna M. Bronwell, Chm., Ralph Chartier, Sharon Fekete, Jacob Gadbois, Bonnie Piccione; Alternates, Bruce Kohl, Jean Mountford.--Agent for the Elderly, Linda Lamoureux.--Bd. of Recreation, Melissa Phillips, Chm., Fay Beriau, Leo C. Dunn III, Melissa Johndrow, vacancy; Alternates, two vacancies.--Dir. of Parks and Rec., Tracy Mason.--Dir. of Public Works/Town Engineer, David Capacchione.--Building Inspector, Tracy Bragg; Asst. Paul Gazzola.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Steven Barry, Raymond Brien, three vacancies.--Permanent Building Comm., Thomas Weaver, Chm., Kyle Zadora, Vice Chm., Stewart Rivers, Secy., Daniel Toth, Marcel Lussier; Alternates, two vacancies.--Fire Marshal, Randy Burchard; Deputies, Dana Barrow, Jr., William Skene.--Public Safety Comm., Amy Shatney, Chm., Scott A. Clifford, Maurice Knorr, two vacancies; Alternates, two vacancies.--Resident State Trooper/Constable Program, Sgt. James Esposito.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Gerard E. Cinqmars, Chm., Patrick McLaughlin, Vice Chm., Andrew Danna, Arlene Gauthier, Joseph Higgins; Alternates, two vacancies.--Town Atty., Halloran & Sage LLP.--Justices of the Peace, Jason J. Adams, Dennis S. Alemian, Teresa M. Barton, Jeannette A. Beaudry, Stephen C. Bennardo, Jr., Luba Bugbee, John W. Burns, Jr., Jennifer M. Cabrol, Helen Dauphinais, Cindy B. Davy-O’Leary, Sandy Eggers, Hoween R. Flexer, Nancy L. Grandelski, Sean Hendricks, Jason A. Hoffman, Kevin T. Hubert, Kevin Ide, Jane A. LaFleche, Elaine B. Lippke, William L. Nagel, Roxanne T. Pappas, Bonni Piccione, Gail Oakley Pratt, Joyce A. Ricci, Janice L. Thurlow, Alan M. Turner.
KILLINGWORTHMiddlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Named, May, 1667. Total area: 35.8 sq. miles; land area: 35.3 sq. miles. Population: est., 6,370. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: agriculture, and steel fabricating. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Killingworth.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Dawn Rees Mooney; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 323 Rte. 81, 06419-1298; Tel., (860) 663-1765, ext. 502; FAX, (860) 663-4050. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Ellen Nixon, Michele O'Toole.--Selectmen, 1st, Catherine Iino (D) Tel., (860) 663-1765, ext. 501, Louis C. Annino, Jr. (D), Eileen Blewett (R).--Treas., Donna Dupuis.--Bd. of Finance, Gwenne Celmer, Chm., Marcel Couture, Cheryl K. Fine, Andrew J. O’Neill, Robert Rimmer, Annie K. Stirna.--Tax Collector, Michele B. Nuhn.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Carolyn Anderson, Julie A. Phelps, Matthew T. Stillman.--Assessor, Michael Bekech.--Registrars of Voters, Nancy J. McKormick (D), Lauren K. Blaha (R).--Supt. of Schools, Holly Hageman.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Thomas L. Lentz, Chm., Geoffrey Cook, David W. Gross, Thomas Hogarty, Paul McGuinness, Brice McLaughlin; Alternates, Robert D. Drew, Jr., Joan D. Gay, Alec Martin.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Bruce E. Dodson, Cheryl K. Fine, Charles E. Martens, Jr., Karen Vecchitto, Brian Patrick Young; Alternates, Benjamin A. Charney, Karen Perry, Stephanie Warren.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Cathie S. Jefferson.--Conservation Comm., Stephanie Warren, Chm., Marilyn C. Campbell, Willa Jane Disbrow, James W. Fullmer, Alec Martin, two vacancies.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Terrence W. Doyle, Chm., Glenn A. Johnson, Ernest J. Pizzuto, Jr., Christopher C. Plum, Carolyn M. Reimers, two vacancies.--Area Agency Dept. on Aging, vacancy.--Municipal Agent to the Aging, Mercedes M. Ricciuti.--Dir. of Health, Sonia Marino.--Public Health Agency, Natalie Ortoli-Drew, Chm., Elizabeth W. Dennis, Robin P. Duffield, Cheryl K. Fine, Catherine Iino, Susan Mary Nesci, Ernest J. Pizzuto, Jr., Michael A. Stehney, two vacancies.--Municipal Historian, Thomas L. Lentz.--Recreation Bd., James Joseph Duffield, Chm., Brian James Blair, William Raymond Burley, Donna M. Clark, Glenn A. Johnson, Chris Robert Smalley, Scot R. Thomas.--Town Engineer, Nathan Jacobson and Associates.--Building Inspector, Richard Pleines II.--Tree Warden, Robert Bruce Fagan.--Chief of Police, Catherine Iino.--Chief of Fire Dept., Richard Bauer; Deputy, Donald Venuti III.--Fire Marshal, James R. McDonald.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Richard M. Darin, Todd Hajek, Jennifer Lynn Liptak.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Todd Nelson, Chm.; Deputies, Tage A. Carlson, Timothy C. Withington, three vacancies.--Town Atty., David J. Tycz.--Justices of the Peace, Kathleen Ann Amoia, Suzanne G. Anziano, Richard A. Bauer, Darcey Beausoleil, Gwenne Celmer, Diane M. Condon, Frank N. Cunningham, Christina Blaha Forristall, Doreen Gambardella, M. Eileen Gannon, Catherine Iino, Jonathan Jennings, Barbara W. Klein, Stephanie M. LeMay, Mark F. Williams.
LEBANONNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1700. Total area: 55.2 sq. miles; land area: 54.1 sq. miles. Population: est., 7,207. Voting district: 2. Principal industry: agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Lebanon.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Mary Ellen Wieczorek, CCTC; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon., Thurs., Fri.; 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Tues.; closed Wed.; Address, Town Hall, 579 Exeter Rd., 06249; Tel., (860) 642-7319; FAX, (860) 642-7716. Website: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lisa A. Clark.--Selectmen, 1st, Kevin Cwikla (D), Tel., (860) 642-6100, Kathleen Smith (D), Glen Coutu (R).--Treas, Deborah Reichard Martin.--Bd. of Finance, Elizabeth S. Charron, Chm., Meghan Bruce, Alan Dunnack, Gregg LaFontaine, Diane Malozzi, David A. Scata; Alternates, Michael E. Ninteau, Vin Shea, Tony Tyler.--Tax Collector, Kelley Lawler.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Scott H. McCall, Chm., William R. Meese, Wendy E. Salisbury.--Registrars of Voters, Berkeley C. Nowosad (D), Heidi Worthington (R).--Supt. of Schools, Robert J. Angeli.--Bd. of Education, William R. Meese, Chm., Mark DeCaprio, Sarah Haynes, John P. Konow, Jr., Maureen McCall, Alexis Margerelli-Hussey, Nicole McGilliccuddy, Matthew L. Smith, Dawn Whitcher.--Planning and Zoning Comm., James W. Jahoda, Chm., Thomas Benoit, Wayne M. Budney, Robin A. Chesmer, Keith L. LaPorte, Francis Malozzi, Thomas G. Meyer; Alternates, Julie Chalifoux, Allyn Miller, Ethan K. Stearns.--Town Planner, Philip S. Chester, AICP.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Jeffrey T. Walsh, Chm., Mark P. DeCaprio, David M. Geligoff, Michael E. Ninteau, Keith A. Sczurek; Alternates, Donna R. Skaats, Jerome Walsh, Philip R. Ziel.--Conservation and Agriculture Comm., Marc Lang, Chm., Alton Blodgett, Jan Fitter, Emery Gluck, Keith LaPorte, John Slate, Ethan Stearns; Alternates, Dennis Goderre, Paul Trubey, Marc Wolf.--Inland Wetlands Comm., James E. McCaw, Chm., Carl Bender, James Bender, John Drum, Dean Gustafson, James Hallene, Dennis Latchum, Robert M. Slate, Michelle Trani.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Glen Coutu (R), Kevin Cwikla, (D), Kathleen Smith (D).--Economic Development, James Smith, Chm., Marc Cohen, Dennis Greci, Patricia McCarthy, James Russo; Alternates, Ellen Macauley, Charlotte Ross, Christine Warner.--Solid Waste Comm., Carol Morris-Scata, Chm., Harry W.K. Anderson, Chris Condit, Dennis Greci, Frederick Nelson; Alternates, two vacancies.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Gregg LaFontaine, Chm., Harry W.K. Anderson, David Hartley, Carol Morris-Scata, Tony Tyler.--Comm. on Aging, Bonnie LeBlanc, Chm., Jane Cady, James Donnelly, Jr., Darlene Hathaway, Donna Lennox, Geraldine E. McCaw, Gerritt Rockefeller, Marion Russo, Elizabeth Shilosky.--Municipal Agent on Aging, Darcy Battye.--Dir. of Health, Uncas Health District.--Sanitarian, David Coughlin, R.S.--Library Board of Trustees, Catherine L. McCall, Chm., William J. Goba, Michelle A. Kersey, Janice Knudsen, Maureen D. McCall, Colleen Meese, Berkeley C. Nowosad, Eileen B. Weinsteiger, Heidi Worthington.--Cemetery Comm., Keith LaPorte, Chm., Daniel DelBiondo, Marc Lang, Shaun McCarthy, Thomas G. Meyer, Allyn Miller, Daniel Moore.--Sexton, Marcia Schuett.--Recreation Comm., Nicholas Poppiti, Chm., Laura Davidson, Alan Dunnack, Robert Gentes, Alexis Margerelli-Hussey, Haley McCall, Tammy Raymond, Susan Smith, Aline Soulor.--Building Inspector, Jason E. Nowosad.--Tree Warden, Jay Tuttle; Deputy, Jason Nowosad.--Constables, Joseph Dolan, Christopher Dwyer, Robert Magao, Brice F. Padewski, Kevin Slonski.--Chief of Fire Dept., John Lyon; Deputy, Mark Elliott; Asst., Alan Olenick.--Fire Marshal, Scott Schuett; Deputies, John Miegel, Mark Waters.--Chief of Police/Civil Preparedness Dir., Kevin Cwikla.--Dir. of Emergency Mgmt., Michael Licata; Deputy, Patrick Geier.--Justices of the Peace, Mary P. Anderson, Ellen L. Bauwens, Pierre A. Belisle, Nancy A. Brouillet, Karen K. Buffkin, Sandra D. Dearborn, G. Scott Deshefy, Mark C. Favrow, Linda R. Finelli, Robert M. Gentes, Brian Green, Melissa A. Hofmann, Bonnie L. LeBlanc, Robert A. Leone, Oliver J. Manning, Allyn H. Miller, Michael A. Okonuk, T. Allan Palmer, Arthur B. Richardson, Nancy Ann Roberts-Schweitzer, Michael P. Samaha, Donna Skaats, Robert M. Slate, Edward W. Tytor, Michael P. Wallace, Jerome E. Walsh, Karen A.K. Wax, Karen Ziel.
LEDYARDNew London County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council.)--Inc., Jun., 1836; taken from Groton. Total area: 40.0 sq. miles; land area: 38.1 sq. miles. Population: est., 14,736. Voting districts: 3. Principal industries: manufacture of chemicals, plastics, indian casino, orchards and nurseries. Semi-rural residential community. Transp.--Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Air freight out of Groton/New London Airport, Groton. Post offices: Gales Ferry and Ledyard.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Patricia A. Riley; Hours, 7:30 A.M.-4:45 P.M., Mon.-Thurs.; Address, Town Hall, 741 Col. Ledyard Hwy., 06339-1541; Tel., (860) 464-3257; FAX, (860) 464-1126. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lisa Sartori.--Mayor, Fred B. Allyn III (R). Tel., (860) 464-3222.--Town Council, Linda C. Davis, Chm., Kevin Dombrowski, Andra Ingalls, Thomas Malone, John Marshall, Mary K. McGrattan, Anthony Sabillia, William D. Saums, Michael Washington.--Treas., Nancy R. Gosselin.--Tax Collector, Kathleen Damicis.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Roger Codding, Eric Treaster, vacancy.--Assessor, Adrianna Hedwell.--Registrars of Voters, Hazel M. Gorman (D), Claudia Sweeney (R).--Supt. of Schools, Jason S. Hartling.--Bd. of Education, Anthony Favry, Chm., Michael Brawner, Kate DiPalma-Herb, Kate DiPalma-Herb, Robert Guerrera, Joanne M. Kelley, Stephen A. Munger, S. Naomi Rodriguez, Robert A. Russuk, Crystal J. Snyder.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Nathaniel Woody, Chm., Tom Baudro, Michael J. Cherry, Jeffrey Kulo, Marcelle Wood; Alternates, Ernest Disco, Hilary Evans, Katie M. Scanlon.--Town Planner, Liz Burdick.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John Proctor, Chm., Richard Murphy, Sharon Pealer, Charles Priebe, Eric Treaster; Alternates, Marie Boyhan-Pedro, Anthony Capon, Ernest Disco.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Kyle Faulise.--Hearing Officer, Frank Rowe.--Economic Development Comm., Michael Dreimiller, Jennifer Holdsworth, Meghan Read, Carol Schneider, Richard D. Tashea, John Vincent, Paul Whitescarver.--Housing Auth., Margaret Boyd, Thomas Cassabria, Charles Duzy, Hillary Evans, Dayna Waterhouse, Collen Lauer.--Conservation Comm., Michael E. Marelli, Chm., Julie A. Dupont-Woody, Hilary Evans, Carmen Garcia-Irizarry, Roberta Levandoski, Tracy Marley, Meghan Read; Alternates, JoAnn Holmes, Molly Jacobs, Gary Paul.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Comm., LynnMarie R. Thompson, Chm., Justin DeBrodt, Paul Maugle, Dan Pealer, Beth E Ribe; Alternates, Tony Capon, Glen Graebner, John Persano, Cory Watford.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Nathaniel Woody, Chm., Tom Baudro, Michael J. Cherry, Jeffrey Kulo, Marcelle Wood; Alternates, Ernest Disco, Hilary Evans, Katie M. Scanlon.--Historic Dist. Comm., William Barnes, Vincent Godino, Douglas Kelley, Jay Pealer, James A. Sweet; Alternates, Ken Geer, Laura Kelly, Lance Mayer.--Comm. for Senior Citizens, Mary Jane Peterson Chm., Paula Crocker, Alma Dougherty, Gary K. Harding, Margaret Anne Harding, Cynthia McLane, Cheryl Schulmann, Norma Sokolski, John Thomas.--Agent for the Elderly, Karen Goetchius.--Dir. of Social Svs., Fred B. Allyn III.--Regional Visiting Nurse Agency, Mary-Ellen Doblecki, Vice Chm., Jacqueline Baudro, Secy., Joan Guarino, Adrienne Parad, Marcia Reece, Elizabeth Scott, Mary Beth Warwick, two vacancies; Colleen Miller, Finance Chm.; Karen Goetchius, Adm. Supv.--Library Comm., John Bolduc, Chm., Barbara Candler, Brian M. Cronin, Carol Ganz, Ellin M. Grenger, Ralph Hightower, Rebecca A. Nash, Elizabeth Rumery, Cheryl Schulman.--Municipal Historian, Christopher G. Foster.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Kenneth DiRico, Chm., Shaileen C. English, Lucrezia Finegan, Loretta Kent, Barbara Leandri, Thomas Olsen, Alex Rode, Meredith Robinson, vacancy.--Beautification Committee, Julie M. Brousseau, Jessica Buhle, Carol Christiansen, Bonnie Harris, Roberta Levandoski, Betty Maugle, Meredith Robinson, Carol Ann Schneider, Sheila Vincent.--Dir. of Public Works/Tree Warden, Steven Masalin.--Supt. of Highways, Joe Tillman.--Town Engineer, Steven Masalin.--Finance Dir., Marcia Hancock.--Building Inspector, Randy Dalton.--Sanitarian, Ledge Light Health Dist.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Wayne Chiapperini, Chm., Stanley Juber, Ernest A. Maynard, Jr., Hubert G. Sokolski, Gabriel Stern.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Steve Banks, Plant Supv.--Chief of Police, John J. Rich.--Police Officers, Matthew Andrade, Ernest Bailey, William Beeler, Michael Browning, Benjamin Burbank, Eric Bushor, Gary Butters, Chris Cadro, Noah Concascia, Lt. Kenneth Creutz, Kyle Dugas, Ryan Foster, John Gorman, Bobby Kempke, Kyle Long, Michael McKinney, Rick McSwain, Alan C. Muench, Thomas Olson, Jason Pudvah, Michael J. Ravenelle, Ryan Vanoverloop, Frederick Whitlock.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., 1st Dist., Jon Mann; Deputy, Todd Willis; 2nd Dist., Anthony G. Saccone, Sr.; Deputy, Steve Holyfield.--Fire Marshal, James O. Mann, Jr.; Deputy, Mark Gillot.--Pension Bd., Alfred Marquardt, Daniel Panosky, John Rodolico, William Thorne, Sharon Wadecki.--Dir. of Civil Preparedness, James O. Mann, Jr.--Town Atty., Meredith Diette.--Justices of the Peace, John G. Allen, William B. Armitage, Matthew W. Carmack, Patricia Ann Danielson, Douglas R. Davies, Jeffrey Erhart, Benjamin Hewes, Stanley Juber, Peter G. Kallan, George Scott MacGregor, Thomas Malone, Mary K. McGrattan, Kimberly M. Paul, Elizabeth W. Peterson, S. Naomi Rodriquez, F. Russell Smith III, Richard D. Tashea, Ellen A. Thomas, Spiros Vitouladitis, Sharon L. Wadecki, Rose M. Whipple, G. P. Wong, Wendy Yagarich.
LISBONNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1786; taken from Norwich. Total area: 16.6 sq. miles; land area: 16.3 sq. miles. Population: est., 4,248. Voting districts: 2. Principal industry, agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Railroad Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Jewett City. Rural free delivery Routes 2, 3 and 4 from Jewett City supplies mail facilities for the town.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Laurie Tirocchi; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M., Mon., Tues., Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M., 6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M., Wed.; 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., One Newent Rd., 06351-9802; Tel., Lisbon, (860) 376-2708; FAX, (860) 376-6545. Website: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Marjorie D. Wakely.--Selectmen, 1st, Thomas W. Sparkman (R). Tel., (860) 376-3400, Robert T. Browne, Sr. (R), William C. Surfus (D).--Treas., Chris Maynard.--Bd. of Finance, Wayne Donaldson, Chm., Randall Baah, Frank Burzycki, Ian Rogers, Thomas Wakely, Jr., Michael Zelasky; Alternates, three vacancies.--Tax Collector, Gail L. Izbicki.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Steven M. Beck, Chm., Susan Hull, Kimberly Ann Lang.--Assessor, Gail Gwiazdowski.--Registrars of Voters, Stephen Barrett (D), Mary Grant (R).--Bd. of Education, Melissa Krauss, Chm., Lauren Baah, Melissa Becotte-Avery, Jenny Danburg, Judith Jencks, Joseph P. Lewerk, Joan Marshall, Scott McCabe, David Nowakowski.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Robert D. Adams, Chm., Randy Brown, Trevor Danburg, John Dempsey, Ronald E. Giroux, Ben E. Hull III, Jason Lebel, Timothy Minor, Kim E. Sperry; Alternates, Cheryl Blanchard, Gary Ritacco, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Steven M. Beck, Chm., Ronald V. Babbitt, Robert J. Jencks, Fredrick Kral, Leo A. MacDonald; Alternates, Robert Chubka, two vacancies.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Richard Hamel, Chm., Olivia Benson, Joseph Lewerk, Mark Robinson, Leonora J. Szruba; Alternates, William McIntosh, Sr., Mark Sullivan.--Agent for the Elderly, Karen Washington.--Comm. on Aging, Leonora Szruba, Chm., Joseph Doran, Donna Gahram, Mary Grant, Fidelis Kershaw, Carol Sadowski, Blanche Todriff, Patricia Walburn, Karen Washington.--Dir. of Health, Uncas Health District.--Municipal Historian, Marcia Shafer.--Recreation Comm., Thomas Restivo, Chm., Chris Fabry, Andrea Kelly, Andrew Lagace, Megan Sikorsky, Nancy Smigiel, Lauren Sylvestre, two vacancies.--Tree Warden, Terry Joseph.--Building Inspector, Carl Brown.--Sanitarian, Uncas Health District.--WPCA, Kenneth Robb Chm., Cheryl Blanchard, Joseph Lewerk, David Wawrzynowicz, vacancy.--Acting Chief of Police, Thomas W. Sparkman.--Constables, Steven M. Beck, Trevor Danburg, Jason Lebel.--Chief of Fire Dept., Mark Robinson.--Fire Marshal, Richard Hamel.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Jonathan Arpin.--Town Counsel., Murtha Cullina LLP.--Justices of the Peace, Steven Beck, Diane M. Dempsey, Daniel J. Finn, Edward P. Hogan, Frederick Kral III, Miles Lafemina, Ruth E. MacDonald, Doreen M. Mainville, Susan G. Rainville, Gary M. Ritacco, Karen M. Washington.
LITCHFIELDLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1719. Total area: 56.8 sq. miles; land area: 56.1 sq. miles. Population: est., 8,127. Voting districts: 4. Principal industry: agriculture. The town is a well-known summer resort. Post offices: Litchfield and Bantam. Five rural free delivery routes.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lisa A. Losee; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 74 West St., P.O. Box 488, 06759-0488; Tel., (860) 567-7561; FAX, (860) 567-7552. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, L. Robyn Ryle.--Sub. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Jeffrey R. Thurston.--Selectmen, 1st, Denise L. Raap (D), Tel., (860) 567-7550, Anne C. Dranginis (D), Jonathan Torrant (R), Thomas H. Waterhouse (R), Jeff J. Zullo (D).--Treas., Francis Carpentier.--Bd. of Finance, James Stedronsky, Chm., Pat A. Donovan, Edward Gadomski, Erich Marriott, Richard Quay, Jodi Tenney; Alternates, Matt Blasavage, Daniel Morosani.--Tax Collector, Helen Bunnell.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Steve Z. Ardussi, L. Cleveland Fuessenich, Avery Jenkins.--Assessor, Kathy A. Brown.--Registrars of Voters, Barbara D. Putnam (D), Nancy Southard (R).--Supt. of Schools, Chris Leone.--Bd. of Education, Matthew Terzian, Chm., Daniel B. Clock, Donald R. Falcetti, Steve E. Malo, John Morosani, David E. Pavlick, Tina G. Reardon, Wayne F. Shuhi, Lynn Stone.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Carol Bramley, Chm., Guy Baldwin, John L. Cox, Peter G. Losee, Robert Lupo, Max McIntyre, Stephen Simonin; Alternates, William Conti, Abby K. Conroy, Jordan M. Ricahrds.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Brian Donohue, Chm., Lara Hillman, Jeffery Legendre, Brian H. McKernan, Bruce Watts; Alternates, David Foss, vacancy.--Land Use/Zoning Enforcement Dir., Dennis Paul Tobin, Ph.D.--Conservation Comm., Mark I. Austin, Chm., John Baker, John L. Cox, L. Cleveland Fuessenich, Alex Larsson, Jordan M. Richards, Diane Stoner; Alternates, Lauren Sage, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Sandra Becker, Chm., Thomas I. McClintock, Robert C. Miller, Barbara Spring, Ruth W. Torizzo.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Robert T. Blazek, Chm., Barbara Brower, Abby Conroy, John R. Hamill, Jack Healy, Frederick Minck, Anthony G. Paradise, Jr.; Alternates, Brooke Healy, vacancy.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Carol Bramley, Chm., Guy D. Baldwin, John L. Cox, Peter G. Losee, Robert Lupo, Max McIntyre, Stephen Simonin; Alternates, William Conti, Abby Conroy, Jordan M. Richards.--Milton Historic Dist. Comm., Carol Bramley, Chm., William E. Dunn, Malcolm H. Forbes, Chad Mitchell; Alternates, Donald Dowden, two vacancies.--Economic Development Comm., L. Cleveland Fuessenich, Chm., Renee Betar, Anne Haas, David Patchell, Thomas Roman, Beatrice Thompson, vacancy; Alternates, Patty Dauten, Megan Finn, Michele Murelli, Harmony Tanguay.--Social Svs. Bd., Denise Correia, Chm., Elisa Bauer, Amy Fitzpatrick, Thomas McClintock, Martha McDevitt; Philip Birkett, Coord.--Torrington Area Health District, Thomas I. McClintock.--Park and Recreation Comm., James R. Keller, Chm., Elisa C. Bauer, Helen Bunnell, Robert Gollow, Pamela M. Orde, Gianni Perugini, Raymond Schmid; Alternates, Alex Larsson, vacancy; Brent Hawkins, Coord.--Public Works Dir., Raz Alexe.--Building Inspector, John T. Worthington.--Water Pollution Control Auth., David R. Wilson, Chm., Christian Bratina, William J. Buckley, Jr., James C. Koser, Thomas Waterhouse; Alternates, David Geiger, Sky Post.--Bantam Lake Auth., Matthew Blasavage, Oren Boynton, Michael Cicchetti.--Tree Warden, Raz Alexe.--Chief of Police, Denise L. Raap.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Bantam: Ryan Litwin; East Litchfield: Mark Cattey; Litchfield: David Rogers; Northfield: Ryan Crichton.--Fire Marshal, Sam Kinkade.--Bd. of Fire Comrs. and Emergency Medical Svs., John Campbell, Chm., Michael Castelli, Sean Fogarty, Jack Hodges, Gary Shuhi, Jeffrey Zullo.--Pension Bd., Francis Carpentier, Chm., Joseph Manes, Erich Marriott, Daniel Morosani, vacancy; Alternates, Nathaniel Worden, vacancy.--Sustainable Litchfield Comm., John Post, Chm., Dean Birdsall, Margaret Hunt, John Morosani, Carolyn Szwed, Jeffrey Zullo; Alternates, Benjamin Buck, Jake Horne.--Town Facilities Review Comm., Sam Olmstead, Chm., David Carroll, Chris Casiello, William Deacon, Anne Haas, John Morosani, Marc Moura, Richard Quay, Jeffrey Zullo; Alternates, Burke Gibney, Barbara Putnam; Bantam Borough Liaison, Nancy Latour.--Sandy Beach, Ed Ryle, Chm., Constance Gillman, Andrew Parker, Denise M. Parker, Jennifer Parsons.--Local Emergency Preparedness Comm., Liz Callahan, Mark Cattey, Ryan Crichton, Paul F. Gibb, Jr., Ryan Litwin, John Pudlinski, Denise Raap, David Rogers, vacancy.--Prevention Council, Kelly Garden, Chm., Robert Berson, Jill Johnson, Jamie Makuc, Jacqueline Tiul, Gary Waugh, vacancy; Alternates, four vacancies; Stephanie Kubisek, Advisor; Greg Kenney, Police Rep.--Town Atty., Michael D. Rybak.--Justices of the Peace, Karen L. Anderson, Steve Z. Ardussi, Robert C. Berson, Jr., Rose Audrey Blondin, Helen Ruwet Bunnell, Ann Marie Charest, Darlene L. Clouther, Daniel V. Fowler, Mark McIntyre, Barbara W. Paradise, Paul M. Rosenberg, Stephen P. Simonin, Marie H. Wallace, Brett J. Zuraitis.
BOROUGH OFFICERS. Address: 28 Russell St., P.O. Box 913, 06759-0913; Tel., (860) 567-8866.--Warden, Dirk Patterson.--Senior Burgess, Elisa Bauer.--Burgesses, Peter Gay, Fred Tieman, Peter Vermilyea, two vacancies.--Borough Clerk, Wendy Miller.--Borough Tax Collector, Judy Elliott.--Borough Treas., Nancy Southard.--Assessor, Kathy Brown.--Historic Dist. Comm., Julia Metcalf, Chm.; Comrs., Judith K. Acerbi, David Bernard, Glenn Hillman, Wendy P. Simoncelli; Alternates, Anthony Cecchinato, two vacancies.--Historic Dist. Comm. Recording Clerk, Wendy Miller.
LYMENew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Named, May, 1667; set off from Saybrook, now Deep River, in 1665. Total area: 34.5 sq. miles; land area: 31.9 sq. miles. Population: est., 2,338. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: agriculture, boat yards and dairying. Fine harbor. Many summer homes. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carrier. Post office: Hadlyme; rural free delivery from Old Lyme post office, Routes 2, 3, and 4.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Linda A. Winzer; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 480 Hamburg Rd., 06371-3110; Tel., (860) 434-7733; FAX, (860) 434-2989. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Laurie E. Sulger, Jennifer Thomas.--Selectmen, 1st, Steven E. Mattson (D), Tel., (860) 434-7733; John Kiker (D), Parker H. Lord (R).--Treas., William L. Hawthorne.--Bd. of Finance, Daniel A. Hagan, Chm., David M. Brown, Sr., Judith H. Duran, Peter S. Evankow, Jarrod M. Leonardo, Kathryn R. Wayland; Alternates, Bruce Anderson, Bob House, Susan Tyler.--Tax Collector, Cynthia B. Beers.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Harry P. Broom, Jr., John Kiker, Hayden Reynolds.--Board of Assessors, Fredrick J. Platt III, Chm., Madeleine H. Mattson, Debra A. Yeomans.--Registrars of Voters, Dianne Ahlberg (D), Judy Davies (R).--Supt. of Schools, Ian Neviaser.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Bernard Gigliotti, Chm., Carol C. House, William T. Koch, Jr., Ann Rich, Phyllis Ross, David J. Tiffany, E. Hunter Ward.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, David Lahm, Chm., Fred W. Harger, John Kiker, Jack F. Sulger; Alternates, Judith Davies, Anna James, Toni Phillips.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Ross Byrne.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Paul Armond, Chm., Patrick Crowley, Beverly Crowther, Roger Dill, Susan Hessell, Ben Kegley, Thomas Reynolds; Alternates, Christine Darnell, Steven Kurlansky.--Agent for the Elderly/Dir. of Social Svs., Kathleen Tisdale.--Dir. of Health, Ledge Light Health District.--Library Trustees, Jack Sulger, Chm., Diane Brown, Jerry R. Ehlen, Diana Fiske, Emily Hildner, Michael James, Holly Rubino, Mary Stone, Judith Ulrich.--Municipal Historian, Carolyn Bacdayan.--Recreation Comm., Jason Thornton, Chm., Robert Cope, Emily Greene Reynolds, Kristen Thornton, three vacancies.--Building Inspector, Ronald Rose.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Roger F. Mayotte, Francis M. Roche, three vacancies.--Water Pollution Control Auth., David Cook, J. Carter Courtney, J. Melvin Woody, two vacancies.--Rogers Lake Auth., Mark Hastings, Dennis Overfield, Toni Phillips.--Sanitarian, Ledge Light Health District.--Chief of Fire Dept., John L. Evans.--Fire Marshal, David Roberge.--Civil Preparedness Dir., John L. Evans.--Town Atty., Kenneth McKeever (P.O., Niantic).--Justices of the Peace, David Michael Adams, Jr., Emily Bjornberg, Christie Christensen, Daniel A. Hagan, Fred W. Harger, Patricia A. Harris, Isabel S. Roberge, Jack F. Sulger, Jr., Eleanor B. Sutton, Karen Sutton.