KENTLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1739. Rural residential community with various retail, including art and antiques, various services, and summer camps and resorts. Site of Bull's Bridge, one of two remaining covered bridges open to vehicular traffic in Connecticut. Post offices: Kent and South Kent.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Darlene F. Brady. Address, Town Hall, 41 Kent Green Blvd.; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 843, 06757-0843; Tel., (860) 927-3433. Website: E-mail: of Selectmen, 1st, Jean C. Speck (D) Tel., (860) 927-4627, FAX, (860) 927-1313; Edward Matson (R), Christopher J. Garrity (D).--Board of Finance, Nancy O’Dea-Wyrick, Chm., James Blakketter, Rufus L. de Rham, Edward D. Epstein, Frances Goodsell, Tegan Gowel.--Tax Collector, Deborah J. Devaux.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Rufus P. de Rham, Chm., Therese Duncan, Gary Ford.--Registrars of Voters, Karen Chase (D), Sal Lilienthal (R).--Town Treasurer, Barbara Herbst.--Library Board, Sandra Edelman, Pres.; Jim Blackketter, Janette Bornn, Sam Callaway, Sharon Hartwick, Ellen Horovitz, Jee Mee Kim, Michaela Lawrence, Carol Linn, Rudy Molho, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Sharon Norton, Ruth O’Meara, Janet Rivkin, Eric Roper, Julie Saxton, Dana Slaughter, Rick Vizzari, John Y.G. Walker III, John Youngblood.--Board of Education, Martin J. Lindenmayer, Chm., Jennie Duncan, Gonzalo Garcia-Pedroso, Bethany Keck, Dana Slaughter, Scott Trabucco.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Matthew A. Winter, Chm., Karen Casey, Darrell Cherniske, Alice Hicks, Adam Manes, Marc Weingarten, Wes Wyrick; Alternates, David Birnbaum, Richard Chavka, Anne McAndrew.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Anthony F. DiPentima, Chm., Nick Downes, Daniel Murray, John Noneman, Michael Van Valkenburg; Alternates, Richard Barber, Patricia Oris.--Sewer Commission, Elissa Potts, Chm., Peter Gadiel, John Grant, Catherine Mazza, Jack Nelson, Rick Osborne III; Alternate, vacancy.--Justices of the Peace, Fremont E. Besmer, Karen A. Chase, Nicholas Downes, Therese Duncan, Ruth S. Epstein, William C. Gawel, Denise Howard, Juan J. Moreno, Kevin F. Place, James Rundall, Margaret G. Rundall.
KILLINGLYWindham County.--(Form of government, town council, town manager, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1708. Principal industries: snack foods, molded rubber products, plastic products, medical supplies, cosmetics, distribution centers, Wire and Cable Manufacturing. Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Railroad Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Ballouville, Danielson, Dayville, East Killingly, and Rogers.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Elizabeth M. Wilson. Address, 172 Main St., 06239; Tel., (860) 779-5307; FAX, (860) 779-5316. Website: Council, Dist. 1, Tammy Wakefield; Dist. 2, Ed Grandelski; Dist. 3, Ulla Tiik-Barclay; Dist. 4, Kevin Kerttula, Vice Chm.; Dist. 5, Raymond Wood II.--Town Council at Large, Jason Anderson, Chm., Patti Larrow George, Michelle Murphy, Andrew Whitehead.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Dale Dauphinais, Kevin Gaudreau, Russell E. Lavigne II.--Registrars of Voters, Janice Thurlow (D), Pamela Greenhalgh (R).--Tax Collector, Patricia Monahan.--Board of Education, Norm Ferron, Chm., Kelly Martin, Vice Chm., Jennifer Hegedus, Susan Lannon, Jason Muscara, Kyle Napierata, Lydia Rivera-Abrams, Christopher Viens.--Justices of the Peace, Dennis S. Alemian, Teresa M. Barton, Jeannette A. Beaudry, Stephen C. Bennardo, Jr., Luba Bugbee, Helen Dauphinais, Cindy B. Davy-O’Leary, Sandy Eggers, Hoween R. Flexer, Brandon C. Gaudreau, Nancy L. Grandelski, Sean Hendricks, Jason A. Hoffman, Kevin T. Hubert, Kevin Ide, Janice B. Joly, Jane A. LaFleche, Elaine B. Lippke, William L. Nagel, Matthew Paquin, Melissa V. Phillips, Bonni Piccione, Gail Oakley Pratt, Joyce A. Ricci, Janice L. Thurlow, Alan M. Turner.
KILLINGWORTHMiddlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Named, May, 1667. Principal industries: agriculture and steel fabricating. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Killingworth.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Dawn Rees Mooney. Address, Town Office Bldg., 323 Rte. 81, 06419-1298; Tel., (860) 663-1765, ext. 502; FAX, (860) 663-4050. Website: of Selectmen, 1st, Nancy M. Gorski (R) Tel., (860) 663-1765, ext. 501, Louis C. Annino, Jr. (D), Jamie Mowat Young (D).--Town Treasurer, Donna Dupuis.--Board of Finance, Robert Rimmer, Chm., Tara Amatrudo, Marcel Couture, Sara O’Brien, Andrew J. O’Neill, Annie K. Stirna.--Tax Collector, Michele B. Nuhn.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Carolyn Anderson, Todd D. Blewett, Matthew T. Stillman.--Registrars of Voters, Nancy J. McKormick (D), Lauren K. Blaha (R).--Library Board, Lise Brule, Beth Fair, Melissa Ferrara, Rob Flaherty, Jr., Bini Freeman, Tina Garmaise, Lucinda Hogarty, Alison Karam, Nancy McCormick, Jim McDonald, David Meixell, Keith Nairn, Jan O’Sullivan, Dick Otto, Holly Perry, Kathy Smith.--Regional Board of Education, Lisa Beth Connelly, Joel D’Angelo, Nelson Rivera, Suzanne C. Sack, Kathleen Zandi.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Thomas L. Lentz, Chm., Geoffrey Cook, Thomas Hogarty, Paul McGuinness, Brice McLaughlin, William T. Tobelman; Alternates, Michael D. Drew, Joan D. Gay, Alec Martin.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Bruce E. Dodson, Graig Judge, Charles E. Martens, Jr., Karen Vecchitto, Brian Patrick Young; Alternates, Benjamin A. Charney, Karen Perry, Stephanie Warren.--Board of Fire Commissioners, Richard M. Darin, Todd Hajek, Jennifer Lynn Liptak.--Justices of the Peace, Kathleen Ann Amoia, Suzanne G. Anziano, Richard A. Bauer, Darcey Beausoleil, Gwenne Celmer, Diane M. Condon, Christina Blaha Forristall, Doreen Gambardella, M. Eileen Gannon, Catherine Iino, Jonathan Jennings, Stephanie M. LeMay, Francesco Lulaj, Nelson Rivera, Mark F. Williams.
LEBANONNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1700. Principal industry: agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Lebanon.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Mary Ellen Wieczorek, CCTC. Address, Town Hall, 579 Exeter Rd., 06249; Tel., (860) 642-7319; FAX, (860) 642-7716. Website: of Selectmen, 1st, Kevin Cwikla (D), Tel., (860) 642-6100; Robin Chesmer (D), Mark DeCaprio (R); Betsy Petrie-McComber (U), Kathleen Smith (D).--Town Treasurer, Scott H. McCall.--Board of Finance, Elizabeth S. Charron, Chm., Meghan Bruce, Phillip Johnson, Gregg LaFontaine, Diane Malozzi, David A. Scata; Alternates, Haley Messier, Michael E. Ninteau, Tony Tyler.--Tax Collector, Kelly Lawer.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Paul Spedaliere, Chm., Susa Melgel, Harold Nelson.--Registrars of Voters, Berkeley C. Nowosad (D), Mary Kimberly Latrobe (R).--Board of Education, Sarah Haynes, Chm., Bruce Calef, John P. Konow, Jr., Maureen McCall, Alexis Margerelli-Hussey, Nicole McGilliccuddy, Danelle Person, Matthew L. Smith, Dawn Whitcher.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Francis Malozzi, Chm., Thomas Benoit, Wayne M. Budney, Robin A. Chesmer, Thomas G. Meyer, Todd Pannone, Karl Weinsteiger; Alternates, Julie Chalifoux, Allyn Miller, Ethan K. Stearns.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Mark P. DeCaprio, David M. Geligoff, Keith A. Sczurek, Donna R. Skaats, Eilleen Weinsteiger; Alternates, Michael E. Ninteau, John Noblet, Philip R. Ziel.--Library Board of Trustees, Catherine L. McCall, Chm., Guthrie Dinda, William J. Goba, Christine Hadyka, Michelle A. Kersey, Janice Knudsen, Suzanne Ninteau, Berkeley C. Nowosad, Eileen B. Weinsteiger.--Justices of the Peace, Mary P. Anderson, Ellen L. Bauwens, Pierre A. Belisle, Nancy A. Brouillet, Karen K. Buffkin, Sandy D. Dearborn, G. Scott Deshefy, Mark C. Favrow, Robert M. Gentes, Brian Green, Melissa A. Hofmann, Bonnie L. LeBlanc, Robert A. Leone, Allyn H. Miller, Harold Nelson, Jr., T. Allan Palmer, Arthur B. Richardson, Nancy Ann Roberts-Schweitzer, Michael P. Samaha, Donna Skaats, Robert M. Slate, Tony Tyler, Edward W. Tytor, Michael P. Wallace, Jerome E. Walsh, Karen A.K. Wax, Eileen Weinsteiger, Karen Ziel.
LEDYARDNew London County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council.)--Inc., Jun., 1836; taken from Groton. Principal industries: manufacture of chemicals, plastics, Native American casino, orchards, and nurseries. Semi-rural residential community. Transp.--Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Air freight out of Groton/New London Airport, Groton. Post offices: Gales Ferry and Ledyard.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Patricia A. Riley. Address, Town Hall, 741 Col. Ledyard Hwy., 06339-1541; Tel., (860) 464-3257; FAX, (860) 464-1126. Website: E-mail:, Fred B. Allyn III (R). Tel., (860) 464-3222.--Town Council, Kevin Dombrowski, Chm., Andra Ingalls, Whit Irwin, John Marshall, Mary K. McGrattan, Gary Paul, Naomi Rodriguez, Timothy Ryan, William D. Saums.--Registrars of Voters, Hazel M. Gorman (D), Marcia Dykes (R).--Board of Education, Anthony Favry, Chm., Michael Brawner, Kate DiPalma-Herb, Robert Graber, Mary Harris, Joanne M. Kelley, Stephen A. Munger, Alex Rode, Laurel Wiers.--Tax Collector, Kathleen Damicis.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Roger Codding, Jennifer Lineaweaver, Eric Treaster.--Library Board, John Bolduc, Barbara Candler, Brian Cronin, Carol Ganz, Ellin Grenger, Ralph Hightower, Rebecca Nash, Elizabeth Rumery, Cheryl Winston.--Justices of the Peace, John G. Allen, Jessica Bourbeau, Douglas R. Davies, Jeffrey Erhart, Hilary Evans, Susan Evarts, Stanley Juber, George Scott MacGregor, Thomas Malone, Mary K. McGrattan, S. Naomi Rodriquez, F. Russell Smith III, John E. Stogden, Richard D. Tashea, Ellen A. Thomas, Spiros Vitouladitis, Sharon L. Wadecki, G. P. Wong, Wendy Yagarich.
LISBONNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1786; taken from Norwich. Principal industry, agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Railroad Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Jewett City. Rural free delivery Routes 2, 3, and 4 from Jewett City supply mail facilities for the town.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Laurie Tirocchi. Address, Town Office Bldg., One Newent Rd., 06351-9802; Tel., Lisbon, (860) 376-2708; FAX, (860) 376-6545. Website: of Selectmen, 1st, Thomas W. Sparkman (R). Tel., (860) 376-3400, Robert T. Browne, Sr. (R), William C. Surfus (D).--Town Treasurer, Chris Maynard.--Board of Finance, Wayne Donaldson, Chm., Randall Baah, Frank Burzycki, Susan Hull, Thomas Wakely, Jr., Michael Zelasky; Alternates, Kenneth Washburn, two vacancies.--Tax Collector, Gail L. Izbicki.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Steven M. Beck, Chm., Kathleen Kral, Kimberly Ann Lang.--Registrars of Voters, Stephen Barrett (D), Mary Grant (R).--Constables, Steven Beck, Trevor Danburg, Barbara-Jane Dardeen, Jason Lebel.--Library Board, Janice Demicco, John Haskell, Sr., Marlene LePine, Theresa I. Madonna, Mary Ann Manning, Susan Manning, Carol Ouillette, Rosie Payne, Kathrine Peterson.--Board of Education, Judy Jencks, Chm., Lauren Baah, Melissa Becotte-Avery, Jenny Danburg, Joseph P. Lewerk, Joan Marshall, David Nowakowski, Ian Rogers, Katie Vane.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Robert D. Adams, Chm., Randy Brown, Trevor Danburg, Ronald E. Giroux, Ben E. Hull III, Jason Lebel, Veronica Lutzen, Timothy Minor, Kim E. Sperry; Alternates, Nathanial Beardsworth, Cheryl Blanchard, vacancy.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Steven M. Beck, Chm., Ronald V. Babbitt, Robert J. Jencks, Fredrick Kral, Leo A. MacDonald; Alternates, James Contino, two vacancies.--Justices of the Peace, Steven Beck, Barbara-Jane Dardeen, Diane M. Dempsey, Daniel J. Finn, Edward P. Hogan, Frederick Kral III, Joseph Lewerk, Ruth E. MacDonald, Doreen M. Mainville, Susan G. Rainville, Karen M. Washington.
LITCHFIELDLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1719. Principal industry: agriculture. The town is a well-known summer resort. Post offices: Litchfield and Bantam. Five rural free delivery routes.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lisa A. Losee. Address, Town Office Bldg., 74 West St., P.O. Box 488, 06759-0488; Tel., (860) 567-7561; FAX, (860) 567-7552. Website: E-mail: of Selectmen, 1st, Denise L. Raap (D), Tel., (860) 567-7550; Christine Harding (R), Jodi Tenney (D), Jonathan Torrant (R), Jeff J. Zullo (D).--Town Treasurer, Francis Carpentier.--Board of Finance, Erich Marriott, Chm., Patty Dauten, Pat A. Donovan, Elliot Fuessenich, Richard Quay, James Stedronsky; Alternates, Sam Olmstead, Matt Tobin.--Tax Collector, Helen Bunnell.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Steve Z. Ardussi, Gayle Carr, L. Cleveland Fuessenich.--Registrars of Voters, Barbara D. Putnam (D), Nancy Southard (R).--Board of Education, Matthew Terzian, Chm., Tim Breslin, Daniel B. Clock, Steve E. Malo, John Morosani, Lynn Murphy, Tina G. Reardon, Wayne F. Shuhi, Lynn Stone.--Library Board, Colette Boyd, Tim Breslin, Crystal Carminati, William Honan, Michael Kazan, John Morosani, Susan Pasquariello, Lois Shafir, Helen Shu, Jennifer Terzian.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Carol Bramley, Chm., John L. Cox, Emily Dalton, Peter Dauten, Anne Dranginis, Burke Gibney, Peter G. Losee, Jordan Richards, Stephen Simonin; Alternates, Abby K. Conroy, Guy Cunningham, Norman Sauer.--Justices of the Peace, Karen L. Anderson, Steve Z. Ardussi, Robert C. Berson, Jr., Helen Ruwet Bunnell, Ann Marie Charest, Darlene L. Clouther, John Cox, Daniel V. Fowler, Mark McIntyre, Roberta Andrulis Mette, Barbara W. Paradise, Paul M. Rosenberg, Stephen P. Simonin, Marie H. Wallace, Brett J. Zuraitis.
BOROUGH OFFICERS. Address: 28 Russell St., P.O. Box 913, 06759-0913; Tel., (860) 567-8866.--Warden, Gayle Carr (Acting Warden).--Senior Burgess, Gayle Carr.--Burgesses, Barbara Ellis, F. Todd Johnson, Stephan Krucker, Peter Vermilyea, Roberta Witty.--Borough Clerk, Cassandra Simoncelli.--Borough Tax Collector, Judy Elliott.--Borough Treasurer, Nancy Southard.--Assessor, Kathy Brown.--Historic Dist. Commission, Julia Metcalf, Chm.; Comrs., Judith K. Acerbi, David Bernard, Glenn Hillman, Wendy P. Simoncelli; Alternates, Norman Ambrose-Sauer, Anthony Cecchinato, vacancy.--Historic Dist. Commission Recording Clerk, Cassandra Simoncelli.
LYMENew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Named, May, 1667; set off from Saybrook, now Deep River, in 1665. Principal industries: agriculture, boat yards, and dairying. Fine harbor. Many summer-homes. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Hadlyme; rural free delivery from Old Lyme post office, Routes 2, 3, and 4.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Linda A. Winzer. Address, Town Hall, 480 Hamburg Rd., 06371-3110; Tel., (860) 434-7733; FAX, (860) 434-2989. Website: of Selectmen, 1st, Steven E. Mattson (D), Tel., (860) 434-7733; John Kiker (D), David M. Lahm (R).--Town Treasurer, William L. Hawthorne.--Board of Finance, Alan Sheiness, Chm., David M. Brown, Sr., Daniel A. Hagan, Bob House, Jarrod M. Leonardo, Kathryn R. Wayland; Alternates, Bruce Anderson, Adam McEwen, Jim Miller.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Harry P. Broom, Jr., John Kiker, Hayden Reynolds.--Registrars of Voters, Dianne Ahlberg (D), Judy Davies (R).--Tax Collector, Cynthia B. Beers.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Bernard Gigliotti, Chm., Will Fiske, Frederick Gahagan, Carol C. House, Phyllis Ross, David J. Tiffany, Kristina White; Alternates, Mary Stone, Thomas St. Louis, Anne Littlefield.--Zoning Board of Appeals, David Lahm, Chm., Fred W. Harger, John Kiker, Jack F. Sulger; Alternates, Judith Davies, Anna James, Toni Phillips.--Library Directors, Judith Ulrich, Chm., Diane Brown, Diana Fiske, Emily Hildner, Laura Mooney, Morgan Regan, Lynn Richmond, Mary Stone, Jack Sulger.--Regional Board of Education, Anna James, Mary E. Powell-St. Louis.--Justices of the Peace, David Michael Adams, Jr., Emily Bjornberg, Christie Christensen, Daniel A. Hagan, Fred W. Harger, Malvin Karwoski, Sirgen M. Orzech, Isabel S. Roberge, Jack F. Sulger, Jr., Eleanor B. Sutton, Karen Sutton.