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EAST GRANBYHartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jun., 1858; taken from Granby and Windsor Locks. Principal industries: manufacturing and quarrying. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, East Granby.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Christine Gallagher. Address, Town Hall, 9 Center St., 06026-0459; Tel., (860) 653-6528; FAX, (860) 653-4017. E-mail: Townclerk@egtownhall.comWebsite: www.eastgranbyct.org.--Board Selectmen, 1st, Eden Wimpfheimer (R), Tel., (860) 653-2576, Paul Oliva (D), Steve Hall (R).--Board of Finance, Jeffrey Clark, Oliver Davis, Jim Grenon-Francoline, Michael Malloy, Mark O. Porter, Todd Zessin; Alternates, Donald James McPherson, Christopher Wrubel.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Andrea Y. Ullman, Chm., Michael Malloy, Aaron T. Nardi; Alternate, Brian O’Connor.--Registrars of Voters, Lucinda Krogh Clark (D), Michele Marin (R).--Board of Education, Bob Paskiewicz, Chm., Mark R. Andrews, Ricky L. Bortz, Jr., John Corcoran, Amanda Cormier, Lisa Griffin, Lynn Landolina, Robert W. Loomis, John Welsh.--Interim Assessor, Donna Murphy.--Tax Collector, Sherry Clemens.--Town Treasurer, Kelly Jacobs.--Library Board, Kerri Cavanaugh, Kate Desimone, Monique Gerken, Ginny Grossman, Jennifer Hecht, Matthew Smith, Joe Spirko.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Thomas S. Derlinga, Chm., Charlie Allen, David P. Brassard, Amanda Thompson, Dan Velcofsky, John H. Welsh; Alternates, Mark Ricketts, Jay Tran, Todd Zessin.--Zoning Board of Appeals, John P. Corcoran, Chm., Jennifer Cook, Betty Ann Hayden, Michael Malloy, Art Reardon; Alternates, John S. Burda, Katie Hastings, Patrick McKenney.--Justices of the Peace, Ricky Bortz; Mary Ellen Brown, John Burda, Laura B. Brunelle, Charles W. Chatey, Angela Ciottone, Jeffrey P. Clark, Raymonde J. Daigle, Thomas S. Derlinga, Christine Gallagher, James M. Hayden, Michael S. Malloy, Donna J. Mattera, Karen A. Mosher, Anne Newhall, Kenneth Sayles, Nicole Sokolowski, Dillon Sparks, Tami W. Zawistowski.
EAST HADDAM. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1734; taken from Haddam. Principal industries: tourism, light manufacturing, and Goodspeed Musicals are located here. Post offices, East Haddam, Hadlyme, and Moodus.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Debra H. Denette. Address, Municipal Office Complex, One Plains Rd., P.O. Box 385, Moodus 06469; Tel., (860) 873-5027; FAX, (860) 873-5042. Website: www.easthaddam.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Irene M. Haines, Tel., (860) 873-5021; FAX, (860) 873-5025, Erik W. Dill (R), Theresa B. Govert (D).--Town Treasurer, Maureen K. Goff.--Board of Finance, Tracey F. Gionta, Chm., Bruce M. Dutch, Todd H. Gelston, Joseph J. Corbett, Harvey W. Thomas, Jr., Rebeccca Whatley.--Tax Collector, Denise L. Dill.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Edward C. Blaschik, Chm., Justin L. Kennedy, Deborah Langdon.--Registrars of Voters, Martha C. Hansen (D), Lucy R. Salicrup (R).--Board of Education, Marc A. Piscotti, Chm., Eric G. Anderson, Tracy L. Delventhal, James T. Francesi, A. Terri Garrity, Bryan A. Perry, Patricia M. Stricker, Keira H. Thompson, Laurel A. White.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Crary H. Brownell, Chm., Justin Anderson, James M. Curtin, Bernard J. Gillis, Edmund J. Gubbins, Jr., Richard L. Pettinelli, Louis H. Salicrup; Alternates, Susan E. Kinsman, Deborah Langdon, vacancy.--Library Trustees, Dawn S. Barlow, Chm., William J. Barney, John W. Bielot, Janine R. Broe, Christine S. DeLisle, Alice Hinchcliffe, Juliana L. Tryon Ranaudo, Christine M. Van Valkenberg.--Justices of the Peace, Robert A. Bennett, Joanne B. Bernard, Joseph J. Corbett, Randolph W. Dill, Bruce M. Dutch, Janet I. Heisler, James Johnson, Sundai Jordan, Susan E. Kinsman, Mary Ellen Klinck, Emmett J. Lyman III, Mary Murphy, Bradley P. Parker, Craig A. Rogoff, Mark B. Walter, Michael D. Werner.
EAST HAMPTON. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, town council, town manager, board of finance, town meeting.)--Inc., as Chatham, Oct., 1767; taken from Middletown. Principal industries: manufacture of bells, paper boxes, witch hazel, tools and dies, forestry. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Cobalt, East Hampton, and Middle Haddam.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Kelly Bilodeau. Address, Town Hall, One Community Dr., 06424-1091; Tel., (860) 267-2519; FAX, (860) 267-1027. Website: www.easthamptonct.gov.--Town Council, Mark Philhower, Chm., Tim Feegel, Vice Chm., James “Pete” Brown, Brandon Goff, Eric Peterson, Kevin Reich, Alison Walck.--Board of Finance, Alannah Coshow, Chm., Matthew Bennington, Russell Bonaccorso, Richard Brown, Deborah Cunningham, Bridget McLennan, Edward “Ted” Turner.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Deborah Cunningham, Jack Solomon, Carol Williams.--Registrars of Voters, Theresa Latimer (D), Lori Wilcox (R).--Board of Education, Christina Tammaro-Dzagan, Chm., Nancy Oakley, Vice Chm., August Arndt, Kenneth Barber, Michael Buck, Nancy Kohler, Salvatore Nucifora, Josh Piteo, Martha Wick.--Tax Collector, Kristy L. Merrifield.--Library Advisory Board, Jesse Alford, Melinda Jones, Melissa Jones, Jaime Krasnitski, Amie Meacham, Cynthia Shirshac, Jack Solomon.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Brian Spack, Chm., Kevin Reed, Vice Chm., Margaret Jacobson, George Pfaffenbach, John Tuttle; Alternates, Bradford Cillizza, Cathy Ann Clark, Robert Hines.--Justices of the Peace, Kenneth Willis Barber, Jaryd Aj Boisvert, Susan M. Brown, William G. Devine, Melissa H. Engel, John C. Giza, William D. Grady, Theodore W. Hintz, Jr., Patricia Jo Holmes, Marian G. Krivda, Dean P. Markham, Ann R. McLaughlin, Toni Means, William J. Naughton, Jr., Salvatore Nucifora, Mark Philhower, Kevin M. Reich, Debra A. Turner, Lois Villa, Raymond Zatorski.
EAST HARTFORDHartford County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council.)--Inc., Oct., 1783; taken from Hartford. Principal industries: the manufacture of precision parts and aircraft engines, steel fabrication, banking and insurance, paper manufacturing, stamp and die plates, small tools, machinery, metalworking, bottling plants, storage warehouses, automobile dealerships, and educational services. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit from Hartford, Manchester, Rockville, South Windsor, and Glastonbury. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, East Hartford Main Street, and Silver Lane.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Robert J. Pasek. Address, Town Hall, 740 Main St., 06108-3114; Tel., (860) 291-7230; FAX, (860) 291-7238. Websitewww.easthartfordct.gov.--Mayor, Michael P. Walsh (D).--Town Council, Richard F. Kehoe, Chm., Harry O. Amadasun, Jr., Don Bell, John Morrison, Angie Parkinson, Tom Rup, Travis Simpson, Awet Tsegai, Sebrina Wilson.--Board of Selectmen, Harry Amandusun, Sr., Charles K. Botts III, Robert F. Rosa.--Town Treasurer, John Murphy.--Registrars of Voters, Veronica Rosario (D), Mary J. Mourey (R).--Board of Education, Tyron V. Harris, Chm., Patrick Biggins, Dr. Anabelle Diaz Santiago, Vanessa Jenkins, Matt Lauf, Marilyn Pet, Dorese Roberts, Valerie B. Scheer, Stephanie Watkins.--Constables, Charles H. Clarke, Patrisha J. Hilliman, Joshua Quintana, Daron Ross, Carl E. Smith, Susan J. Tukey, Tia L. Woods.--Board of Assessment Appeals, John Murphy, Chm., Adam Gagnon, Matthew Charles Lauf.--Tax Collector, Iris Laurenza.--Director of Libraries, Sarah Kline Morgan.--Justices of the Peace, Debra J. Arrieta, Merry Bajana, Sandy T. Boykins, Esther B. Clarke, Christopher Colthirst, Maria Connors, Ether Diaz, Eileen P. Driscoll, Cathy M. Flippen, Frank W. Forrest, Henry J. Genga, Gustavo A. Hago, Karl Jancis, Vanessa A. Jenkins, Michelle Johnson-Blake, Harry Tyrone Mapp, Mary J. Mourey, Onelia Nunez, Matthew John Oakes, John Pereira, Jerry Poehler, Valentine Povinelli, Jr., Iris Ramos, Dorese Roberts, Franda Robertson, Gary Roy, John P. Ryan, Kathleen S. Salemi, Joel Sanchez, Travis J. Simpson, Carl E. Smith, Tammy Spice, Eric Thompson, Sr., Susan Tukey, Melodie D. Wilson, Mary Ellen Wisneski, Tia L. Woods, Joyce Yoo.
EAST HAVENNew Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1785; taken from New Haven. Principal industries: wholesale distribution and warehousing, electronic components and equipment, architectural castings, high-tech welding equipment; research and development, printing, insurance, and investments. Served by buses of Connecticut Transit from New Haven and Branford. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, East Haven.
TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lisa Balter. Address, Town Hall 250 Main St., 06512-3004; Tel., (203) 468-3201; FAX, (203) 468-2422. Website: www.easthaven-ct.gov.--Mayor, Joseph A. Carfora, Tel., (203) 468-3204.--Board of Finance, Mayor Joseph A. Carfora, Chm., Richard Esposito, Jr., Vice Chm., Christopher M. Perdo, Beth Purcell, Alfred Purzycki, Ralph Vitale, James Keeley, Finance Dir.--Registrars of Voters, Richard A. DePalma (D), Alberta Vitale (R).--Board of Education, Michelle DeLucia, Chm., Patricia “Tia” DePalma, Vice Chm., Jennifer DiLungo, Thomas S. Hennessey, Dominic Milano, Karyn Putney, Erika Santino-Santiago, John R. “Jack” Stacey, Jr., Lynn A. Torello.--Town Council, Joseph Deko, Chm., Louis G. Pacelli, Vice Chm., Gaetano “Guy” Bimonte, Beth Capotorto, Marianne Cesare, Michael Ginnetti, Kimberly Glassman, Joseph Kikosicki, Ashley Lesco, Karen Martin, Samantha Parlato, Joseph Santino, Jr., Susan Stacey, Paul Thompson, Sr., Albert Vollono.--Justices of the Peace, Tracy S. Allen, Anthony L. Apuzzo, Zackery W. Barker, Janet A. Cianelli, Noreen E. Clough, Susan Colangelo, Laura Consiglio, Adam Matthew Cote, Michael D’Errico, Brenda Kay Fox, Linda R. Hennessey, Loria S. Jaffe, George Leon Kenyon III, Carmel Limoncelli, Carol A. Massaro, Stacy R. Monico, Linda F. Parente, Samantha A. Parlato, Ann P. Penington, William F. Richardson, Jr., Dianne M. Romans, Paula E. Sullo, Donald J. Surprenant, Steven Tracey, Kristen L. Vineyard.
EAST LYMENew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1839; taken from Lyme and Waterford. Principal industries: boat marinas, sport fishing, tourism. Transp.--Passenger: Served by SEAT and Amtrak. Post offices, East Lyme and Niantic.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen Miller Galbo. Address, Town Hall, 108 Pennsylvania Ave., P.O. Box 519, Niantic 06357-0519; Tel., Niantic, (860) 739-6931 ext. 1135. Website: www.eltownhall.org. E-mail:  kgalbo@eltownhall.com.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Kevin Seery (R), P.O. Box 519, Niantic, Tel., (860) 739-6931, Daniel Cunningham (D), Ann Cicchiello (D), Rose Ann Hardy (D), Anne Santoro (R), William Weber (R).--Town Treasurer, Scott E. Fraser, P.O. Box 519, Niantic.--Board of Finance, Denise Hall, Chm., John T. Birmingham, Peter W. Derosa, Paul Maxfield, Lauren McNamara, Richard Steel.--Tax Collector, Christine Dixon.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Patrick Hughes, Chm., Michael Bekech, Gary Cicchiello, Kimberly A. Kalajainen, Suzanne Szupiany.--Registrars of Voters, Wendy Sims (D), Mary Grace Smith (R).--Board of Education, Eric A. Bauman, Chm., Alisa Bradley, Jill S. Carini, Candice Carlson, William Joseph Derry, Esteban Garcia, Leigh McNamara Gianakos, Laura Greenstein, Jaime Barr Shelburn, Catherine Steel.--Planning Commission, Michelle Royce Williams, Chm., Nichole A. Davison, Jason Deeble, Thomas W. Fitting, Jr., Richard Gordon, Kirk Scott; Alternates, Brian Bohmbach, Olivia Fairchild, Timothy Laducer.--Zoning Commission, Anne Thurlow, Chm., Terence P. Donovan, William Dwyer, Terry Granatek, Debbie Jett-Harris, Norman B. Peck III; Alternates, Jay Ginsberg, Denise Markovitz, David Schmitt.--Justices of the Peace, Michael A. Bekech, Joan A. Bengtson, John Robert Bourget, Sandra Alma Bullock, Jill Carini, Deborah C. Carpenteri, Steven Joseph Carpenteri, Sally H. Cini, Paul Spencer Clapp, Pierce F. Connair, Nichole Davison, Colin Delaney, Jason Deeble, Mark Ennis, Paul Formica, Scott E. Fraser, Wayne L. Fraser, Karen M. Galbo, Jessica Garcia, Susan M. Graham, Denise Hall, Rose Ann S. Hardy, Joseph L. Hitchery, Alfred B. Hobby, Margaret Hughes, Debbie Jett-Harris, John Whitman Kleinhans, Laura Krayeski, Julie Kuja, Susan D. Kumro, Patrick J. Larkin, Robin G. Maillett, Michelle Maitland, Michael Manifold, Denise Markovitz, Joseph James Mingo, Mark C. Nickerson, Geraldine Grace O’Shannon, Daniel E. Price, Margaret D. Prokop, David Miles Putnam, Joyce D. Schmidt, Kevin A. Seery, Kevin W. Seery, Jaime Barr Shelburn, Wendi Sims, F. Kent Sistare, Jr., Cheryl L. Six, Mary Grace Smith, Catherine Steel, Peter A. Stempien, Pamela R. Stevens, Patricia M. Whitaker, Wendy Whitmore, Esther B. Williams, Robert C. Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Carol A. Zebzda.
EAST WINDSORHartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1768; taken from Windsor. Principal industries: agriculture, support system facilities, and manufacture of small tools, paper boxes, electronics, aluminum by-products, farm implements, and fertilizers. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Broad Brook and East Windsor.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Amy R. Lam. Address, Town Hall, 11 Rye St., Broad Brook 06016; Tel., (860) 292 8255; Website: www.eastwindsorct.com.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Austin Holden, David Swaim, Heather Spencer.--Registrars of Voters, Angelo Sevarino (D), Karen W. Gaudreau (R).--Board of Education, Kathryn Carey-Trull, Noreen Farmer, Elizabeth Leborious, Denise Menard, Frances Neill, Randi Reichle, Courtney Sevarino, Linda Sinsigallo, Heather Spencer.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Mystica Davis, Nolan Davis, Jose Giner, Raymond D. Noble, Steven Smith; Alternates, Scott Morgan, David Swaim, vacancy.--Police Commissioner, Robert Leach, Chm., Edward J. Filipone, Darren Long, Thomas Riordan, Ana Rivera.--Constables, Kenneth C. Crouch, Edward Filipone, Gilbert Hayes, Robert Lyke, Jr., three vacancies.--Board of Finance, Jerilyn Corso, Chm., Nichole DeSousa, Tom Lansner, George Michna, William Syme, Tom Talamini; Alternates, Karen Turley, vacancy.--Board of Selectmen, 1st Jason Bowsza, Alan Baker, Marie DeSousa, Sarah Muska, Charles Nordell.--Justices of the Peace, Claire S. Badstubner, Jason Bowsza, Kathryn M. Carey-Trull, Kenneth Crouch, Mystica L. Davis, Nolan Davis, Marie E. DeSousa, Nichole E. DeSousa, Zenaida Diaz, Alan R. Fissette, Jose Giner, Paul Gruhn, Kevin C. Hale, Gilbert Hayes, Jonathan Hibbard, David King, Robert K. Lyke, Jr., Caroline G. Madore, Raymond M. Mancuso, Adam T. Mehan, Denise Menard, John V. Pica-Sneeden, Kathleen B. Pippin, James C. Richards, Betty Ann Sheridan, Blaine G. Simpkins, Linda C. Sinsigallo, David Swaim.
EASTFORDWindham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1847; taken from Ashford. Principal industries: metal fabricating and horticulture. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Eastford; also, rural delivery from Chaplin, Pomfret Center.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Johanna H. Wolfe. Address, Town Office Bldg., 16 Westford Rd., 06242; Tel., (860) 974-1885; FAX, (860) 974-0624. Website: www.townofeastford.org.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Deborah Richards (R), Tel., (860) 974-0133, Ashlyn Ellsworth (D), Paul Torcellini (R).--Town Treasurer, Martha Burgess; Dep. Treasurer, Kimberly Cyr.--Tax Collector, Christine Hustus.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Bette Danielson, Guy Grube, Robert Johnson.--Registrars of Voters, Kathleen Healey (D), Toni Doubleday (R); Deputies, Randal Chinnock (D), Linda Torgeson (R), Laura Barlow (R).--Board of Education, Stephen Bowen, Chm., Lauren Barlow, Terry Cote, Robert Ellsworth, Adam Minor, Jessica Perry, vacancy.--Library Directors, Seth Budd, Chm., Jody Blanchette, Vice Chm., Dan Belanger, Rachel Budd, Stephanie Bulan, Mary Degostin, Nancy Gingras, James Trowbridge, vacancy.--Constables, Charles Bowen, Randal Chinnock, Arvind Shaw, vacancy.--Justices of the Peace, Stephen W. Bowen, Randal Chinnock, Terry Cote, Joel O. Espada, Andrea Amato Hughes, Nancy L. Mayhew, Robert McKay, Jennifer Page, Bradley Pike, Jeffrey O. Sandness, Linda A. Torgeson.
EASTONFairfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1845; taken from Weston. Residential community. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Easton (branch of Bridgeport post office).
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Deborah Szegedi. Address, Town Hall, 225 Center Rd., P.O. Box 61, 06612-1398; Tel., (203) 268-6291; FAX, (203) 261-6080. Website: www.eastonct.gov. E-mail: townclerk@eastonct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, David Bindelglass (D), Tel., (203) 268-6291, Robert H. Lessler (D), Kristi Sogofsky (R).--Board of Finance, Andrew R. Kachele, Ira Kaplan, Michael P. Kot, Arthur Laske III, Jacqueline Olschan-Kaufman, Paul Skrtich; Alternates, Michael Gutowski, Gregg H. Saunders, Maureen P. Williams.--Tax Collector, Krista Kot.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Adam G. Bonoff, Scott Charmoy, John Miranda; Alternates, Lise Fleuette, Thomas Schick, Gayle Worthington.--Registrars of Voters, David M. Smith (D), Dori Wollen (R).--Zoning Board of Appeals, Elizabeth “Lisa” Burns, Stephanie Christie, Thomas Dollard Victor George, James Wright; Alternates, Scott Charmoy, Charles Lynch, Davis Owen.--Library Board, Gloria Bindelglass, Elizabeth Boyce, Adrienne J. Burke, Renee Neiger, Shari Pearlman, Veronica Rozo, Diane Parker; Alternates, Lynn Zaffino, Library Dir; vacancy.--Board of Education, Jennifer DeJesus, Randy Hicks, Jeffrey F. Parker, Jon Stinson, Devon Wible, Alice Young.--Regional Board of Education, Todd Andrew Johnson, Sarah Lehberger, Karen O’Brien, Kathy Thompson.--Finance and Treasurer, Christine Calvert.--Constables, Gloria Bindelglass, Anthony B. Farmer, David Katz, Raymond Martin III, Chris Peritore, Darrin Silhavy, Irv Silverman.--Justices of the Peace, Catherine A. Alfandre, Victor B. Alfandre, Christopher Barcello, Lisa Biagiarelli, David J. Boczar, David Kit. Briner, Whendi Cook Broderick, Valerie J. Buckley, W. Derek Buckley, Scott S. Centrella, Cheryl Constand, Nicole C. Constantio, John A. Cunningham, Phillip A. Doremus, Mary Ann C. Freeman, George W. Ganim, Raymond W. Ganim, Tom Ganim, Victor S. George, Richard F. Greiser, Eunice K. Hanson, Thomas A. Herrmann, Peter Howard, Andrew R. Kachele, David P. Katz, John C. Keneally, Robert H. Lessler, Paul Lindoerfer, Phyllis C. Machledt, Anne C. Partridge, Thomas H. Partridge, Vida E. Peskay, Harold L. Rosnick, David M. Smith, Gerald F. Soltisiak, Patricia Soltisiak, David P. Sylvestro, Lisa V. Tasi, Ann M. Vitale, Jaime Weinstein, Maureen P. Willams.
ELLINGTONTolland County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1786; taken from East Windsor. Principal industry: agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. The town is served by rural delivery from the Vernon/Rockville post office.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Donna G. Hosey. Address, 55 Main St., P.O. Box 187, 06029-0187; Tel., (860) 870-3105. Website: www.ellington-ct.gov. E-mail: townclerk@ellington-ct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Lori L. Spielman (R), Tel., (860) 870-3100, Michael Madru (D), Melinda Ferry (D), James Prichard, Deputy (R), David Stavens, (R), Ronald F. Stomberg (R), John W. Turner (R).--Board of Finance, Michael Purcaro, Chm., Peggy Busse, James Fay, Douglas Harding, David Olender, Barry C. Pinto.--Registrars of Voters, Lois Timms-Ferrara (D), Wanda Deland (R).--Board of Education, Jennifer Dzen, Chm., Gary J. Blanchette, Marcia Kupferschmid, Angela Moser, Jennifer L. Mullin, Elizabeth Nord, Kerry Socha, Miriam Underwood, Steven Viens, Michael Young.--Library Board of Trustees, Mary E. Blanchette, Chm., Mary P. Cone, John M. Halloran, Jr., Pam McCormick, Judy Stomberg, Janet Wieliczka.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Karen Neal, Chm., Sherri Czyz, Joseph Malone, Norman Perkins, Kurt Sullivan.--Town Treasurer, Tiffany Pignataro.--Tax Collector, Ann Marie Conti.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Arlo Hoffman, Chm., Sean Kelly, Vice Chm., Michael Francis, William R. Hogan, Jonathan Moser, Robert Sandberg, Jr., Michael Swanson; Alternate, James M. Prichard.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Arthur G. Aube, Chm., Sulakshana Thanvanthri, Vice Chm., Kenneth M. Braga, Katherine Heminway, Subra Roy; Alternates, Ronald Brown, Rodger Hosig, Ronald Stomberg.--Justices of the Peace, Nicole S. Albano, Hocine Baouche, Maurice Blanchette, Peter J. Charter, Cynthia Costanzo, James Darby, Christopher C. Davis, Keith Durao, Rachel Durao, John M. Giordano, John M. Halloran, Jr., Ann L. Harford, Wayne G. Johnson, Sean C. Kelly, Daniel C. Keune, Laurie Lemek, Sharon McLaughlin, Kiel S. Miller, Christina Marie Morin, Sylvie Nadeau, Bettie Rivard-Darby, Lori L. Spielman, David Stavens, Ronald F. Stomberg, Lois Timms-Ferrara, Rhonda Villanova, Elizabeth C. Waters.
ENFIELDHartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Named and inc., by Massachusetts, 1683; annexed to Conn., May, 1749. Principal industries: insurance, manufacture of toys, water filtration systems, specialized machinery, aluminum and magnesium castings, wooden reels for wire and cables, silk screening, games, greeting cards, tools and gauges, envelopes, laser beam welding, warehouse distribution of toys, clothing and pharmaceuticals, manufacture of electronic assemblies, processing of food and dairy products, ice cream, vegetable and tobacco farming. Located on Rte. I-91, 18 miles north of Hartford and 8 miles south of Springfield, MA. Transp.--Passenger: Public transportation by Connecticut Transit Bus lines, and by Pioneer Valley Transit Auth. Freight: Served by Conrail, Boston and Maine Corporation, and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Enfield; carrier and RFD.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sheila M. Bailey. Address, 820 Enfield St., 06082-2997; Tel., (860) 253-6440; FAX, (860) 253-6310. Website: www.enfield-ct.gov.--Registrars of Voters, Lewis S. Fiore (D), Tom Kienzler (R).--Board of Education, Tina LeBlanc, Chm., Scott P. Ryder, Vice Chm., Jonathan LeBlanc, Secy., Jean Acree, Gerald Calnen, Janet T. Cushman, Joshua Hamre, John F. Unghire III.--Supervisor of Assessment and Revenue Collection, Todd Helems.--Library Board of Trustees, Deborah Fiore, Marion Maruca, Jason Neely, Sandee Nuccio, Georgianna Tippo, Katie Werth, Yvonne Wollenberg.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Donna Dubanoski, Lori Longhi, Tom Tyler.--Councilor District, 1st Dist., Ken Nelson, Jr.; 2nd Dist., John Santanella; 3rd Dist., Matthew Despard; 4th Dist., Nick Hopkins.--Councilors at Large, Robert Cressotti, Mayor; Gina Cekala, Deputy Mayor; Douglas Finger, Mike Ludwick, Cynthia Mangini, Marie Pyznar, Lori Unghire.--Constables, Cindy B. Andersen, Mark G. Cekala, J. Daniel Golden, Robert R. Kwasnicki, Patrick David Thomson, Mary Ann Turner, Rich Zaczynski.--Justices of the Peace, Jean Acree, John Alexander, Charles E. Alfano, Cindy B. Andersen, Otilia Arroyo-Sterling, William J. Ballard, Donna G. Barsalou, Edward J. Bartus, Jr., Paul D. Batchelder, Richard E. Belford, Mary T. Bergamini, Frankie D. Cardaropoli, Mark Cekala, Randall M. Cote, Marilynn Cressotti, Robert Cressotti, James P. Damato, Kelly Davis, Linda DeGray, Pamela J. Depratti, Wayne Despard, Peter Devine, Patrick J. Droney, Jessica L. Drouin, Donna Dubanoski, Brenda L. Duggan, Clemence Boulanger Dumont, Deborah A. Duren, Alice Egan, Peter J. Falk, Albert F. Faloretti, Deborah A. Fiore, Salvatore J. Fiore, Norbert Fonseca, Jr., Linda E. Fredrick, Deborah Giddings, Heidi L. Gilmore, Jeffrey A. Gowdy, Vincent M. Grady, Mary Ann Harris, Linda Harris-Neckles, Albert B. Harrison, Virginia Higley, James Howard, Michael S. Jameson, Timothy Jensen, Peter A. Jonaitis, Jr., Kevin Kibbe, Mary Ellen Killeen, William Kiner, Ferdinand P. Kula, Jr., Donald R. Lord, Jr., Jaime L. Macsata, Cynthia Mangini, Diane Maxellon, Erika L. Melnick, Dawn C. Meskell, Walter J. Meskell, Jr., Sara I. Mimoso, Edmund F. Moncevicius, Matthew Mucci, Michelle Mullen, Jo-Marie Nelson, Ken R. Nelson, Jr., Gail A. Nogas, Kara Mary Ouellette, Brian A. Peirce, Linda M. Pilch, Francis C. Pillitteri, Edward J. Poremba, Jr., Earl F. Provencher, Jr., Marie Pyznar, Kimberly A. Quinn, James E. Raymer, Jr., Colleen Ann Reidy, Heather A. Richards, Scott Ryder, Kimberly Salas, Kathleen Sarno, Michelle Lee Sirois, Raymond F. Stanio, Sylvia Stanio, Patrick L. Tallarita, Patrick Thomson, Michael Tippo, Mary Ann Turner, Sheila M. Valliere, Carrie-Anne Wagner-Howe, Jeannette R. Wilson-Bell, Elizabeth Windsor-Post, Steven R. Wirz, Tammy Womack, Andrew J. Zander, William G. Zimmerman.
ESSEXMiddlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Sept. 13, 1852, as Old Saybrook; taken from Saybrook. Name changed, July 8, 1854 to Essex. Principal industries: pharmaceutical, safety, and lighting equipment. Post offices: Essex, Centerbrook, and Ivoryton.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joel Marzi. Address, Town Hall, 29 West Ave., 06426; Tel., (860) 767-4340, ext. 129; FAX, (860) 767-4560. Website: www.essexct.gov. E-mail: townclerk@essexct.gov.--Board of Selectmen, 1st, Norman M. Needleman (D), Tel., (860) 767-4340; Stacia R. Libby (D), Bruce M. Glowac (R).--Town Treasurer, James Francis.--Board of Finance, W. Campbell Hudson, Chm., Ethan Goller, Vincent A. Pacileo III, Mary-Louise Polo, Terry Stewart, Brian Weinstein.--Tax Collector, Megan Haskins.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Mark Bombaci, Keith Russell, George Wendell.--Registrars of Voters, Caitlyn Riley (D), Barbara Ryan (R).--Board of Education, Lon J. Seidman, Chm., Nancy Johnston, Justin Pillion, Cassandra Sweet, Mark Watson.--Regional Board of Education, Jennifer Clark, Kaitlyn Sandmann, Lon Seidman.--Justices of the Peace, Philip Beckman, Thomas Bellos, Mary Bowers, Pamela Carroll, Thomas Carroll, Heather Chamberlain, Peter Decker, Ann S. Dixon, Keith Foster, Earl Fowler, Larry Freundlich, Krista Karch, Louisa R. Ketron, Shelley H. Mack, Philip J. Miller, Norman M. Needleman, John Stannard, Daniel J. Stypa, Kathleen M. Tucker, William P. Veillette.