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INFORMATION and INSTRUCTIONS for State Agency Users of the eRegulations System

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The Office of the Secretary of the State is developing reference and instructional materials for state agency users of the Connecticut eRegulations System. The three major subject areas are:

         I.     Regulation writing and adoption


For questions or more information about the eRegulations System, please contact: 

eRegulations Division Phone: 860-509-6099

eRegulations Division Email:


I.   Regulation Writing and Adoption

  • Form Templates    
  • Writing Regulations - Mechanics and Style Manual
    The LCO Manual for Drafting Regulations  provides content, structure and style standards for regulations. Agencies must comply with its requirements.    
  • Writing Regulations with the eRegulations System
    See Section II below entitled "Quark XML Author"
  • Regulation Adoption Laws and Committee Rules
    Agency users having no prior experience in adopting regulations can use the following resources to become more familiar with the process.    
  1. Governor's Executive Order  -#37 concerning review of proposed regulations by the Office of Policy and Management and the Office of the Governor
  2. Chapter 54 of the Connecticut General Statutes -the Uniform Administrative Procedure Act including the regulation adoption process
  3. Rules of the Legislative Regulations Review Committee -rules that govern submission of regulations to the committee for review
  4. Legislative Regulations Review Committee web page (contact the Committee Administrator for more information as necessary)
  • Steps in the Regulation-Making Process
    Agency users with no prior experience adopting regulations, or those seeking more information, can use the following resources to become more familiar with steps in the regulation-making process. 
  1. Notifying Committees of Cognizance  (summarizes Chapter 54 requirements and eRegs email notice functions)
  2. Giving Public Notice (summarizes requirements for public notice and links to public notice forms)
  3. The "Response to Comments" Document (general information concerning the statements required by CGS Sec. 4-168(e) when an agency receives comments on its proposed regulation) 

II.   Quark XML Author (QXA)

III.   Case Manager (ICM)


Additional Materials may be added as they become available.