Regular Meeting Notices

Each public agency is responsible for filing with the Secretary of the State and posting on such public agency’s Internet web site, the schedule of regular meetings. There is no requirement for the Secretary of the State to post meeting notices. The schedule of regular meetings for the year should be directed to the Legislative and Elections Administration Division, preferably to the LEAD email: In the alternative, a hard copy can be delivered or mailed to LEAD Division, Secretary of the State, 30 Trinity Street, PO Box 150470 Hartford CT 06115-0470, or faxed to 860-509-6127, but given the directive from the legislature, P.A. 11-150, which requires each agency to issue recommendations for consolidating and eliminating paper and duplicative reports, we are requesting that notices be delivered electronically if possible.

Regular Agendas

Both the public agency and the Secretary of the State do have a responsibility to electronically post the agenda for regular meetings of every public agency. We would prefer that the agenda be in electronic form directed to

Special Meetings

Each public agency is responsible for filing with the Secretary of the State and posting on its web site any special meeting notices. Again, we are requesting that the special meeting notices be in electronic form, directed to The special meeting notices are also physically posted in our offices (usually on the bulletin board located on the 3rd floor of 30 Trinity Street).

Regular Minutes

Regular meeting minutes are not filed with the Secretary of the State. The minutes are to be made available and posted on the public agency’s website. Exception to this requirement can be found in C.G.S. §1-210.



Access Health Connecticut


Advisory Committee


Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations


Access to Justice Commission

Advisory Committee On Cultural Competency


Advisory Council on Palliative Care


Advisory Council to the Superior Court Housing Session


Architectural Licensing Board


Automotive Glass Work and Flat Glass Work Examining Board


Board of Control


Board of Construction Services


Board Of Examiners for Electrologists


Board of Examiners for Nursing


Board of Examiners For Physical Therapists


Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals


Board of Examiners of Psychologists


Board of Firearm Permits Examiners


Board of Landscape Architects


Board of Pardons and Paroles


Board of Regents For Higher Education


Brownfield Working Group


Building Code Training Council


Camp Harkness Advisory Committee


Capital Regional Council of Governments


Capital Region Development Authority


Chief State's Attorney


Child Poverty and Prevention Council


Citizen Advisory Council for Housing Matters


Citizens Ethics Advisory Board


Civil Commission


Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority


Codes Amendment Subcommittee


Commission on Child Support Guidelines


Commission on Connecticut's Future


Commission on Fire Prevention and Control


Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities


Commission on Standardization of the Collection of Evidence in Sexual Assault Investigations


Commitee on Court Security


Committee on Limited English Proficiency


Common Core Task Force


Community Economic Development Fund


Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals with Intellectual

and Developmental Disabilities


Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station


Connecticut Advisory Council for Housing Matters


Connecticut Airport Authority


Connecticut Bar Examining Committee


Connecticut Bioscience Innovation Fund


Connecticut Bioscience Innovations Fund


Connecticut Board of Chiropratic Examiners


Connecticut Board of Examiners of Electrologists


Connecticut Board of Examiners of Embalmers and Funeral Directors


Connecticut Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Connecticut Board of Examiners of Embalmers


Connecticut Board of Examiners for Opticians


Connecticut Board of Examiners of Optometrists


Connecticut Board of Examiners in Podiatry


Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine


Connecticut Commission on Children


Connecticut Commission For Educational Technology


Connecticut Commisson on Health Equity


Connecticut Commuter Rail Council


Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities


Connecticut Crane Board


Connecticut Dental Commission


Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Primary Service Area Task Force


Connecticut EMS Advisory Board


Connecticut Energy Advisory Board


Connecticut Examining Board for Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmeticians


Connecticut Family Support Council


Connecticut General Assembly


Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority


Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange


Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority


Connecticut Higher Education Trust Advisory Committee


Connecticut Homeopathic Medical Examining Board

Connecticut Hospital Association


Connecticut Innovations

               Bioscience Innovation Fund Advisory Committee


Connecticut Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee


Connecticut Lottery Corporation


Connecticut Medical Examining Board


Connecticut PANDAS


Connecticut Port Authority


Connecticut Public Transportation Commission


Connecticut Real Estate Appraisal Commission

Connecticut Real Estate Commission


Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority


Connecticut Siting Council


Connecticut Sport Advisory Board


Connecticut State Advisory Council on Special Education


Connecticut State Board of Education


Connecticut State Board of Examiners for Physical Therapist


Connecticut State Innovation Model


Connecticut State Board of Higher Education


Connecticut State Dental Commission


Connecticut Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee


Connecticut Student Loan Foundation


Connecticut Teacher's Retirement Board


Connecticut Technical High School System Board


Consumer Advisory Board


Council on Developmental Services


Council on Environmental Quality


Crane Operators Examining Board


Criminal Justice Information Systems Governing Board Meeting


Criminal Justice Commission


Department of Administrative Services


Department of Construction Services


Department of Consumer Protection


Department of Developmental Services


Department of Economic and Community Development

               Manufacturing Innovation Advisory Board


Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection


Department of Labor


Department of Motor Vehicles


Department of Rehabilitation Services


Department of Social Services


Division of Construction Services


DNA Oversight Panel


Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board


Educators Common Core Implementation Task Force


Election Enforcement Commission


Electrical Work Examing Board


Elevator, Installation, Repair and Maintenance Work Examining Board


Energize Connecticut

               Energy Efficiency Board Marketing Committee


Estuary Transit District


Ethics/Procedural Regulations Subcommittee


Family Commission


Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems Works Examining Board


Freedom of Information Commission


Gateway Community College


Governor's Cabinet on Nonprofit Health and Human Services


Governor's Task Force on Southbury Training School


Greater Bridgeport Regional Solid Waste Committee


Health Care Cabinet

Healthcare Innovation


Health Information Technology Exchange


Heating, Piping, Cooling and Sheet Metal Examing Board


Home Inspection Licensing Board


Housatonic WUCC


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Working Group


Interagency Council on Affordable Housing


Interagency Drought Work Group


Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision

Joint Enforcement Commission


Joint SIM Care Delivery and Payment Reform Work Group


Joint Training Council


Judges Advisory Committee on E-Filing


Judges of the Superior Court Annual Meeting


Judicial Branch


Judicial Ethics Committee


Judicial Events Subcommittee


Judicial Media Committee


Judicial Middlesex Judial District Events Subcommittee


Judges Advisory Committee on E-Filing


Jury Communications Review Committee


Labor Relations


Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission


Limited English Proficiency Committee


Low-Income Energy Advisory Board

Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority


Medical Advisory Board


Mobile Manufactured Home Advisory Council

Municipal Finance Advisory Commission


Neutral Arbitrators Selection Committee


Office of Policy and Management


OHA Advisory Committee


P20 Council


Paramedic Committee


Performance Evaluation Advisory Council


Plumbing and Piping Work Examining Board


Police Officers Standards and Training Council


Prevention of Underage Drinking Collaborative Meeting


Probate Court Budget Committee


Probate Court Rules Advisory Committee


Public Utilities Regulatory Authority


Records Retention Committee


Real Estate Appraisal Commission


Rt. 81 Committee Estuary Transit District


Sandy Hook Advisory Commission


School Safety Infrastructure Council


Shorthand Reporters Board




South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority


Southbury Training School Board of Trustees


Sponsors Hospital EMS Clinical Coordinators


State's Attorney Advisory Board


State Board of Examiners of Shorthand Reporters


State Board of Natureopathic Examiners


State Codes and Standards Committee


State Contracting Standards Board


State Department of Education


State Elections Enforcement Commission


State Healthcare Innovations Plan


State Historic Preservation Review Board


State Implementation Plan


State Innovation Model Design


State Insurance and Risk Management Board


State Interagency Coordinating Board


State Marshall Commission


State Properties Review Board

State Properties Review Board


Statewide Video Advisory Council


Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee


STOP Violence Against Women


Superior Court HOusing Session Advisory Council


Task Force on Victim Privacy and the Public's Right to Know


Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children


Task Force to Study Methods for Improving the Collection of Past Due Child Support


Tobacco and Health Trust Fund Board


Treasurers Cash Managemetn Advisory Board


Treasurer Second Injury Fund


University of Connecticut


University of Connecticut Health Center


Upper Connecticut River WUCC


Workers Compensation Commission