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Civics 101: Your Civic Engagement Toolkit

  • College Voter Registration Toolkit

College Student Voter Registration Guide: Printable Flyer

Tabletop Sign: Be An Influencer (Horizontal) (Vertical)

Stickers: These images have been created for 2" round labels (such as Avery #22877). Feel free to post or print them in other ways!
Be An Influencer - Colorful Thumbnail        

Sample Social Media Posts and Graphics:

  • Need help voting? Have questions about voting in CT? Visit the Voter Registration table on campus on September 19th to get answers. Or go online to myvote.ct.gov.
    Voter Help Graphic Option #1     Voter Help Graphic Option #2

  • Voter Registration September 19th: We’re holding voter registration on campus on September 19. Mark your calendar and visit us [at/in _______] from [XX:XX] to [XX:XX]. Be an Influencer. VOTE.
    Voter Registration 9/19 Graphic

  • Voter Registration Today! Still need to register to vote? Visit the voter registration table on campus today! If you can’t make it today, you can register to vote at any time with a CT driver’s license at myvote.ct.gov/register.
    Voter Registration Today Graphic

  • Make Your Plan: Do you have a Voting Plan for the November 7 Election? It’s easy! Go online to myvote.ct.gov to register, find your polling place, or apply for an absentee ballot. Make your plan today!
    Make Your Plan Graphic

  • Constitution Day: Did you know Constitution Day is also Citizenship Day? The U.S. Constitution was signed on this day in 1787 and originally served to unite the states which had different interests, laws, and cultures. Follow @ctsots to learn more this week!
    Constitution Day Graphic