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The Living Room Candidate

Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns

Covering the Campaign Trail

Debate Materials:

Teaching with the presidential debates

Presidential debates-lesson activity

Elections in action: lessons and resources

Political debates: advising a candidate

CongressLink: Teaching it


The power of talk radio with Larry Rifkin

CT 2010 Election Results with Av Harris


Covering the Elections

  1. Presidential Campaign Exhibit (5:12)
  2. 24 Hour News Cycle (18:41)
  3. Some options for media coverage of elections (33:32)
  4. New York Times Election Coverage
  5. Wall Street Journal Election Coverage
  6. Hartford Courant Election Coverage
  7. Washington Post Election Coverage
  8. Christian Science Monitor Election Coverage
  9. Boston Globe Election Coverage
  10. National Public Radio Election Coverage
  11. Fox News Election Coverage

    Analyzing Political Television Commercials

    1. Living Room Candidate (39:01)
    2. 1964 Johnson vs. Goldwater: Peace Little Girl/Daisy (39:19)
    3. 1952 Eisenhower vs. Stevenson: Never Had It So Good (42:33)
    4. 1952 Eisenhower vs. Stevenson: Ike for President (44:13)
    5. 1984 Reagan vs. Mondale: Prouder, Stronger, Better (46:18)
    6. 1988 Bush vs. Dukakis: Tank Ride (47:15)

      Hollywood’s Approach

      1. The Candidate (55:37)
      2. Bob Roberts (60:45)
      3. Primary Colors (64:21)
      4. The American President (64:33)
      5. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (64:55)