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All Business and UCC filings previously filed in CONCORD can now be found at To encourage online filing, please see our new filing policy effective January 10, 2022.  

Previous CONCORD accounts will not be transferred to the new site. To file, please create an account at, login and select business center.

CONCORD users who had account balances should contact our office at for instructions on how to transfer their balances to the new site.

How to File

Most common business filings can now be filed online using You must have a account before you can file. If you are using the forgot username/password feature and receive a message "we could not find the email address you entered," then you do not have a account.  

Once logged in, file on the left side using "Start your business" > "Manage your business" or "UCC liens."  

 Image of my dashboard

Expedited Service

Expedited Service is only available by filing through The option to expedite is presented at the end of each flow before the payment screen.  Expedited service is available online for the following:

  • Formations and registrations submitted through the "start a business" flow
  • All business filings submitted through "submit paper filing"
  • Copy requests

image of expedited options online

Mail and Hand Delivery

Business filers should submit all paper filings through the "submit paper filing" option under the business center at The benefits of submitting your paper filing through are:

  • Expedited service available
  • Secure online payment
  • Faster delivery to us, faster return to you
  • Your filing is always available under "my filings" on your dashboard

Mail and hand delivery to our office is strongly discouraged. Filers should expect a much longer turnaround time on all paper filings submitted by mail or hand delivery. Expedited service is not available for business and UCC documents submitted by mail or hand delivery. If you submit by mail or hand delivery, your filing must comply with all of the following:

  1. Payment by check or money order only
  2. Document must be completed correctly and signed; and
  3. Your envelope must be addressed correctly using the address information below.
For hand delivery of original documents, 
or to send via FedEx, UPS, or DHL:
Physical Address: Secretary of the State Business Services Division

165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1000

Hartford, CT 06106


For all US Postal Mail including mail 
requiring a signature receipt:

Mailing Address:

Secretary of the State

Business Services Division 

PO Box 150470

Hartford, CT 06115-0470

Contact Us

Hours: 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


All emails receive a help desk ticket -- please email for faster customer service.  


All online filing fees can be paid by Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex.

  • e-Check (ACH) is currently not available, but is expected to be available early 2022

For filings submitted by mail or paper please make checks out to: Secretary of the StateDue to credit card safety, we no longer accept credit cards for documents mailed or hand delivered to our office. Please see our new filing policy for more details.  


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