Student Achievement Module

General Information
The Student Achievement Module (SAM) will be a separate portion of the TCS application. This module will not effect the TCS Record Layout as this data will be in a separate upload. This collection will not apply to all LEA's.  Use the menu below to go to the following sections on this page:
  • SAM Overview   A high-level explanation of what SAM is, and what data is collected.
  • 2021-2022 Record Layout  A list of fields collected, definitions, and coding requirements.
    • 2021-2022 Change Log  This document lists any updates made to the record layout during the collection year. All changes will be minor, to better clarify the collection, and will not effect the layout itself.
  • 2021-2022 User Guide  This document contains step-by step instructions on navigating the SAM application and includes screenshots.
  • Data Entry Spreadsheet   a user-friendly interface to input Seal of Biliteracy records. This spreadsheet then converts the data into the applicable codes and allows for a quick conversion to a comma separated file.
  • Basic Template  A blank CSV file to input data. Be sure to ensure all codes and formatting rules are followed.
  • TABLE A:   Reporting District
  • TABLE B Credential/Test Vendor
  • TABLE C Credential Category/Series
  • TABLE D Credential Specialization 
  • TABLE D Credential Specialization (one page printable version)