2019-2020 Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: On or around July 1 APSEP’s will have the ability to upload directly into TCS.
  • If you are a LEA please do not email APSEP’s asking for data as they will be uploading directly.
  • If you are an APSEP you may begin creating your spreadsheet now. Remember that all of the records should be on a single sheet. If you already created multiple sheets that is ok, the new process will still work. I will help you when the system opens. Please see the APSEP/Outplaced Facility Information page for more details.
General TCS Questions: How will APSEP’s transmit their data for the 2019-2020 school year?

Our programmer is busily working on a system update to allow APSEP’s to directly upload their data into TCS. The vision is for APSEP’S to upload their file and fix any errors until the upload was error free. All of the data for multiple districts could be in one upload. After a successful upload the data would then be parsed out to each district to review in TCS, edit as they see fit, and process.

This process is still in progress and not guaranteed. Our goal is to launch the process this collection year (meaning this summer).  I will be in touch via email and the APSEP Help Page with progress updates and training information.


How should grades and attendance be reported in regard to school closures due to COVID-19?

Grades for the entire school year must be reported regardless if learning took place in the traditional manner or via distance learning. That said, attendance should only be based on traditional school days. Please see the SDE memo outlining the current attendance guidance. Note that attendance and membership in TCS is optional and does not have to be reported.

While attendance and membership are optional in TCS, LEA's are required to report this data in PSIS (the Public School Information System), which is a separate collection. If you are an APSEP please be prepared to provide this information to LEA's for this purpose.

What should we use as the Session End Date in regard to COVID-19?

Use your last day of traditional learning (i.e. use a June date instead of a March date.)

How do we submit grades in TCS this year if we are only using pass/fail?

You can continue to grade your students however your LEA sees fit. There are two grade fields in TCS: Outcome/Grade and Outcome/Grade Status: 
• Outcome/Grade – This field can continue to be used to represent however your LEA grades students such as A, B, Pass, Disengaged, etc.
• Outcome/Grade Status – This field must be one of CSDE’s set variables from Table F: P (pass), F (fail)…etc. 
Outplaced Facility/APSEP Questions:

Will training be available for this new process?

Yes. Once testing is complete and we are ready to go live online training will be scheduled. It will be posted on the TCS Training Page and an email will be sent to the APSEP Contact List

How do I separate the districts? What order should the students be in?

The students/districts can be in any order. Do not leave blank lines between the records.

If I have more than one facility can I put all of the records on one spreadsheet?

Yes, just be sure the appropriate facility code is listed for each record. Do not skip rows between records.

I am an APSEP and I have the data already separated for each district. Is this ok?

If you have not yet sent the data to the districts please hold off as submitting it via the portal is more efficient. You do not have to paste your data back onto one spreadsheet.

 How do I report records for a student who changed Reporting Districts partway through the year? 

If a course covered the time period when a student was in District A and in District B include two records for that course, one with District A as  the Reporting District, the other with District B. If the Session Start/End Dates covered only the time a student was in one Reporting District list only one record  (for each course) with that particular district as the Reporting District.