2018-2019 Frequently Asked Questions

General TCS Questions:

Do we have to report Membership and Attendance? 

No - these fields are optional. If your SIS is pulling them incorrectly CSDE advises leaving them blank.

What is the due date for outplaced facilities? 

Outplaced facilities are asked to upload all data by August 1, 2019. If this deadline does not work due to the school year for your facility, please complete the APSEP/Outplaced Facility Extension Request Form

Outplaced Facility/APSEP Questions:

I have students from multiple districts. Do I put them all on separate spreadsheets? 

Yes, please use a separate sheet for each Reporting District.

How do I separate the districts? What order should the students be in?

The students/districts can be in any order. Do not leave blank lines between the records.

If I have more than one facility can I put all of the records on one spreadsheet?

Yes, just be sure the appropriate facility code is listed for each record. Do not skip rows between records.

 How do I report records for a student who changed Reporting Districts partway through the year? 

If a course covered the time period when a student was in District A and in District B include two records for that course, one with District A as  the Reporting District, the other with District B. If the Session Start/End Dates covered only the time a student was in one Reporting District list only one record  (for each course) with that particular district as the Reporting District.