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2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: TCS is now open for both LEA's and APSEP's.
  • If you are a LEA please do not email APSEP’s asking for data as they will be uploading directly.
  • If you are an APSEP you may begin creating your spreadsheet now. Remember that all of the records can be on a single sheet. If you already created multiple sheets that is ok, the new process will still work. Please see the APSEP Reporting Information page for more details.
  • While attendance and membership are optional in TCS, LEA's are required to report this data in PSIS (the Public School Information System), which is a separate collection. If you are an APSEP please be prepared to provide this information to LEA's for this purpose.
General TCS Questions: How will APSEP’s transmit their data for the 2020-2021 school year?

APSEP’s will directly upload their data into TCS. They will have the ability to fix any errors and upload again until the batch is error free. All of the data for multiple districts could be in one upload. After a successful upload the data will be parsed out to each district to review, edit as they see fit, and process.  

How do I know if an outplaced facility is an APSEP?

Please see this list of all TCS reporting entities. 

I uploaded a file that contained errors. I fixed all of the errors and uploaded again; however the system says I still have the same errors. What do I do?

Be sure to give your file a new name after you correct your data, and then upload again.

Outplaced Facility/APSEP Questions:

What is the due date for APSEP's?

July 15, 2021 - however some facilities have an extended school year. Facilities with approved extensions are listed here.

How do I separate the districts? What order should the students be in?

The students/districts can be in any order. Do not leave blank lines between the records.

If I have more than one facility, can I put all of the records on one spreadsheet?

This depends on if you have more than one facility code. If you do have more than one code then you much log on separately for each facility.

If you have one facility code all records can be reported on one spreadsheet. Do not skip rows between records.

I am an APSEP and I have the data already separated for each district. Is this ok?

Yes you can upload each spreadsheet individually. You do not have to paste your data back onto one spreadsheet.

 How do I report records for a student who changed Reporting Districts partway through the year? 

If a course covered the time period when a student was in District A and in District B include two records for that course, one with District A as  the Reporting District, the other with District B. If the Session Start/End Dates covered only the time a student was in one Reporting District list only one record  (for each course) with that particular district as the Reporting District.


Manual File Creation Questions

Many Reporting District codes only have one or two digits. The leading zero disappears when I input it in the spreadsheet (example: 056 turns into 56). Is this an issue?

This is not an issue. The field does not have to begin with a zero. This also applies to other fields that may begin with a zero. For example a birthday of June 16, 2008 can be reported as 6162008.

I am an APSEP. Can we use the same template as last year? Are the columns the same?

Yes the template is the same as last year, however please note the following:

  • Be sure to save the file as a .csv
  • Be sure all number fields are formatted as MMDDYYYY
  • If you cannot upload try removing the header and uploading again.
How did you save a file as CSV?
Go to File > Save As and then select CSV (Comma Delimited) next to “Save as type.”

I have prepared the file using Google documents, does it need to be converted before uploading?

Yes - select File > Download as and select a file type (CSV). Then select Open or Save.


Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

What is Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and when should these course codes be used? 

Project Lead the Way is a national CTE based dual enrollment program. Similar to AP and IB, a PLTW course has standardized curriculum across schools, so the most recent versions of NCES/SCED have included the courses with PLTW-specific titles, and only courses that are offered through the PLTW program should use that code. If a school offers two courses, one through PLTW and one that is not through PLTW, then they should use different course codes for the two courses.

EXAMPLE: 21013 Aerospace Engineering and 21019 PLTW Aerospace Engineering