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General TCS Questions

Do we have to report Membership and Attendance? 

No - these fields are optional. If your SIS is pulling them incorrectly CSDE advises leaving them blank.

New Outplaced Reporting Process

What is the due date for outplaced facilities? 

Outplaced facilities are asked to upload all data by July 15. If this deadline does not work due to the school year for your facility, please email Keryn Felder

LEA Questions:

How will I know when my outplaced data has been loaded? 

You will be sent an email.

Our LEA selected the option to upload our own data. When will I get it? 

You will be emailed the data following the same timeline as above.

Do I need to contact the APSEPs/Outplaced Facilities to obtain my data is I am uploading myself?

No they are sending the data to CSDE. CSDE will follow up on missing data.

An outplaced file has been uploaded into TCS. What do I do next?

• Review the uploaded file.
• Make any corrections. Note that your LEA is legally responsible for assigning Credit Earned and Final Grade.
• Process the file. This data is not added to the database until it is processed.

If you have any questions on the above data please contact the appropriate facility.

Can you check to see if you have records for my LEA?

I am not able to check for specific records at this time. By the end of the process all the records will be reported, please be patient. Remember that this is a new process.

Outplaced Facility/APSEP Questions:

What if I already prepared my files the old way (multiple spreadsheets) and emailed my data?

That is OK, you do not have to follow the new process as well. Please use the new process next year.  If you have not yet emailed your files you may wish to upload all of them into your secure folder.

The link to the Template in the email I received does not work. What should I do?

Please visit the APSEP/Outplaced Facility Information page for links to all documentation.

Can I use the same template from last year?


I have students from multiple districts. Do I put them all on separate spreadsheets? 

No, please put all of your students on one spreadsheet if you are following the new process.

How do I separate the districts? What order should the students be in?

The students/districts can be in any order. You do not need to leave blank lines between the records.

If I have more than one facility can I put all of the records on one spreadsheet?

Yes, just be sure the appropriate facility code is listed for each record. Do not skip rows between records.

Where do I upload the file?

As an outplaced facility be sure you go to https://sft.ct.gov/ to upload, not the TCS application.

My data has been uploaded. Can you please confirm that it has been recieved?

This is a new process this year so the is currently no "quick" way to check this. Once the bulk of the data has been uploaded (7/15) CSDE will distribute/upload therecords as requested.. After that date we will follow up on any missing records. A confirmation process will be implemented for next year.

I uploaded my data and when I try to open it I get the following message "Download not accepted." What should I do?

No action is needed. You are allowed to add data to the site but for security purposes cannot download or remove it.

School Districts are calling/emailing our facility asking for TCS data. Were they informed of this new process? 

Yes, LEAs were emailed June 8, and several times after, about this process.

How do I report records for a student who changed Reporting Districts partway through the year? 

If a course covered the time period when a student was in District A and in District B include two records for that course, one with District A as  the Reporting District, the other with District B. If the Session Start/End Dates covered only the time a student was in one Reporting District list only one record  (for each course) with that particular district as the Reporting District.