APSEP/Outplaced Facility Information

2018-2019 Instructions

Files are due to the LEA's by August 1, 2019. 

STEP 1: Contact Information

Ensure there is at least one contact listed for your facility and that the information is correct:

APSEP/Outplaced Facility Contact List
Please submit any corrections on the Contact Information page

STEP 2: Create Your Toolkit
Download the following documents:
NEW: APSEP/Outplaced TCS Facility Template
TCS APSEP/Outplaced Facility User Guide
Code Lists:

STEP 3: Training
Register for online training or download the PowerPoint to self-teach:
 Live Online Training: APSEP/Outplaced TCS Training Registration
 Download: APSEP/Outplaced TCS Training PowerPoint (will be posted after the first live session)

STEP 4: Prepare your file(s)
 Review the Common Errors in the User Guide (page 4) if you generate an error message in the template
If any required fields are missing see the Missing Information page in the User Guide (page 5)

STEP 5: Email your file(s) to the appropriate LEA’s: