APSEP/Outplaced Facility Information

2019-2020 Process
(Updated June 17, 2020) CSDE is busily working on a system update to allow APSEPs to directly upload their data into TCS. The vision is for APSEPS to upload their file and fix any errors until the upload was error free. All of the data for multiple districts could be in one upload. After a successful upload the data would then be parsed out to each district to review in TCS, edit as LEA's see fit, and process.

Our programmer is progressing nicely on this upgrade. We anticipate opening the system to APSEP’s on or around July 1, 2020. There are many intricacies to the application so it is certainly not a process we can rush through, and it is likely that not all of the features of the application will be available upon opening.
Login information and additional documentation will become available as we progress with this update. Please be sure your information is correct on the contact list below so you will receive the appropriate emails.

You can begin creating your spreadsheets now, if you wish to get a head start. Include all of your data on a single, one page spreadsheet (not separated by district, no blank rows). Please use the template linked below. If you have already gotten started using a different template and need help converting it send me your file and I’m happy to help you.

Please email me (Keryn Felder) with any questions or concerns you may have with this so I can work on solutions/documentation. 

• APSEP/Outplaced Facility Contact List
• Please submit any corrections on the Contact Information page
• TCS Template