TCS APSEP Reporting Information

2021-2022 Collection

General Information:
  • Approved Private Special Education Programs (APSEP's) will continue to report data directly in TCS. Direct upload began in 2019-2020.
  • To obtain a username and password see your Security Manager to be assigned the TCS LEA User role.
  • See the Course Codes section below for 2021-2022 course code information.
  • Training will take place in late May and early June. When scheduled, training information is always emailed to those with the TCS User role and posted on the Training page.

Course Codes:

  • SCED Codes - For the 2021-2022 school year SCED Version 7.0 file will be will continue to be used to minimize changes needed. SCED Version 8.0 and 9.0 codes are also accepted. See the Additional Codes below.
  • Additional Codes - This document lists SCED 8.0 Codes, SCED 9.0 Codes and Connecticut specific codes that are also valid in the 2021-2022 collection year. 
  • Career Technical Education Course Codes & Clusters - This document lists the courses that fall into each Technical Education Cluster.
  • Commonly Used Elementary & Middle School Codes - This document lists codes that can be used to report students in PK- 6.
  • Course Code Structure - This document outlines the various sections of the 12 character Course Code.