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PURA Urges Safe Digging Practices As Governor Lamont Proclaims April Call Before You Dig Month

(New Britain, CT – April 4, 2022) – In recognition of April as ‘Call Before You Dig Month,’ Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) today reminds homeowners, commercial excavators, and utility operators to practice caution with any digging project by using the e-ticket system at or calling 8-1-1 before you dig.

State law requires that anyone planning to dig must notify Call Before You Dig, Inc. (CBYD), a statutorily created nonprofit organization, at least two full business days prior to digging. CBYD notifies all owners and operators of buried utilities of your intent to dig to ensure lines, cables, pipes, and conduits can be properly located and marked by the standardized color-coding system.

The free online ticket system and 8-1-1 call center help the public avoid striking a utility line, which could potentially cause serious injuries, utility outages, and costly repairs.

In an effort to raise awareness about the CBYD program, Governor Ned Lamont officially proclaimed the month of April 2022 as ‘Call Before You Dig Month’ in the state of Connecticut.

“As the weather gets warmer this spring and the ground begins to thaw, we expect many construction projects to begin, and we want to encourage anyone planning to put shovels in the ground to do it as safely as possible,” Governor Lamont said. “Homeowners and contractors are strongly urged to call 8-1-1 before starting a digging project to avoid hitting electrical lines that could cause serious injuries and service disruptions. This is a free service that is easy to use and can save lives.”

The Authority’s Gas Pipeline Safety Unit oversees all CBYD activity across Connecticut, and may open an investigation and impose substantial fines for any party who violates the statutes and regulations.

“Calling 811 or visiting could be the single most important decision you make prior to excavating,” said Karl Baker, head of PURA’s Gas Pipeline Safety Unit. “Statistics have shown that the simple task of notifying CBYD dramatically reduces your chances of hitting an underground utility.”

In 2020, the most recent year on record, failure to notify the 8-1-1 call center remained the largest individual root cause of damages to critical underground infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada, according to the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a North American trade association representing the underground utility industry.

CGA reported 475,770 total damages in North America that year, with most involving telecommunications as the leading damaged facility. Damages each year cost communities in the U.S. approximately $30 billion, the report said.

To learn more, visit PURA’s CBYD webpage or watch this instructional video about the CBYD program.


For Immediate Release: April 4, 2022
Contact: Taren O’Connor

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