Plan of Action Requirements

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Summary Description

Section 38a-475-5(e) of the Connecticut Insurance Department regulations outlining Partnership-approval requirements for long-term care insurance policies under the Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care states that: "Each insurer shall, prior to Partnership-approval by the Connecticut Insurance Department, submit to the Office of Policy and Management a plan for complying with the information maintenance and documentation requirements set forth in this section." The purpose of this document is to assist insurers in writing this "Plan of Action." It will do so by describing the major pieces of information required by the regulations and suggesting how to present them. In order to facilitate a speedy review process, please include all requested information and answer all the questions. The Plan of Action should be submitted to the Office and Policy and Management (OPM) at the time a policy is filed with OPM for review and approval as a Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care policy.  Before a policy can be filed with the Insurance Department for approval as a Partnership policy, OPM must approve the policy forms and the Plan of Action.

Insurers shall submit one copy of their Plan of Action to:

Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue, MS#52LTC
Hartford, CT 06106-1379
(860) 418-6318

or email it to

When submitting the Plan of Action please include the Policy Form Number used for your policy filing.  In addition, please include the name, email address and telephone number of a contact person for questions regarding the Plan of Action. OPM will assist insurers in meeting the Plan of Action requirements.


For more information contact:
(860) 418-6318