Publications to Download
The following publications can be downloaded and reproduced for your use. Please note that these publications cannot be modified or altered in any manner for any purpose. You will need Acrobat Reader to view any PDF to HTML Converter documents or use the PDF to HTML Format Converter.  

Frequently Asked Questions 
Download (9 pages) - UPDATED APRIL 2023
Cost of Long-Term Care - UPDATED APRIL 2023

Before You Buy
Download (10 pages) - UPDATED JANUARY 2024

The Cost of Waiting to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance - Download (1 page) - UPDATED APRIL 2015

Connecticut Partnership Provides Significant Additional Value for Consumers 
Download (2 pages) - UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2022

Partnership Reciprocity Compact

Download (2 pages) - APRIL 2014

Policy Comparisons Report
Download (23 pages) - UPDATED JANUARY 2024

Factors to Consider When Requesting a Quote for a Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care Approved Policy

Download (1 page) - UPDATED MARCH 2019

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