Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund Grant

Program Description: The Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund annually distributes a grant to each of the state's 169 municipalities. The distribution is based on numerous factors including, but not limited to, the value of state-owned property, private college and general hospitals, population, equalized net grand list and per capita income as set forth in Sections 3-55i, j, and k of the Connecticut General Statutes. Payment is made in three equal payments on January 1, April 1, and June 30th.

Each municipality is penalized when they fail to comply with the provisions of CGS section 22a-27j (a).  This section requires each municipality to pay to the Department of Environmental Protection for application fees required by Chapters 124, 126, 440 and 444 (i.e., land use permits).  When a municipality has failed to act in accordance with the above requirements, the Office of Policy and Management must reduce the payment by $1,000 for each quarter (to a maximum of $4,000) that the municipality has not been in compliance. 

Beginning in FY23, Public Act 21-2 Section 63 generally prohibits municipalities from receiving Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund grants if a public school or associated athletic team under its school board's jurisdiction uses Native American names, symbols, or images without tribal consent. 

Grant Activity:  Fiscal Year 2022 and 2023 SA 21-15 Section 36 set a fixed payment for the Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund

Grant History:  Fiscal Year 1994-2023

Statutory References: Connecticut General Statutes (CGS): Sections 3-55i, 3-55j, 3-55k and 22a-27j(a).

For further information: or 860.418.6401