Grantee Submittal Documents and Information Checklist 

1. Certified Resolution – Secretary’s Certificate:  The grantee must submit a certified original resolution, adopted by the Board of Directors prior to the executing the contract, authorizing the Executive Director or other designated representative to act on behalf of the Board of Directors to undertake the particular project awarded under this program. The certified copy should bear a seal of the entity.  The amount of the award and Project Title should be included in the spaces indicted.  Please note:  if an applicant has been awarded more than one NGP Grant Award, the same resolution may be used for all of the NGP project awards.   PDF Fillable Version of the Resolution.

2.  Grant Award and Project Summary (This will be provided when the contracts are ready to be posted)  General Grant Conditions updated, January 29, 2019 Nonprofit Grant Program Conditions (Please note #6 and #7 are for improvement projects only).  Please submit one original copy of the Grant Award, Project Summary and Certification signed by an authorized official.  The Project Summary and Certification Form, and Project Component Budget Summary Schedules should also be completed. 

3. Non-Discrimination Forms: Please see chart at the bottom of the webpage to determine which forms need to be completed.

4. Appraisal: If the facility to be constructed or improved is valued at $100,000 or more, OPM requires that an appraisal be prepared and submitted. For all projects, the appraisal must be done by a MAI-certified appraiser (Member of the Appraisal Institute). A second appraisal, may be required at OPM’s discretion. Any appraisal submitted in fulfillment of the requirements of these instructions must have been prepared within the previous 365 days.

5. (Modified) Lien Analysis Form (Form 4): The instructions are included with the form.

6.  Environmental or Inspection Report:  The grantee must provide an engineering or inspection report on the facility regarding the presence of lead paint, asbestos, radon, underground storage tanks, or other environmental hazards, including the ramifications of removal or abatement.
NOTE: Removal or abatement costs of potential hazards must be taken into account when requesting grant funds. The majority of pre 1978 construction contains lead paint.  If a facility is to be used for residential purposes, strict guidelines concerning lead paint apply if a child age six or under will be living at the facility.

7. Owner Approval: The owner's written approval of the improvement project is required for each grantee- leased or grantee-owned facility.  In addition, proof of ownership is required. 

8.  Copy of Current Complete Lease: including all addendums must be submitted. Depending on the remaining time on the current lease, the number of years the tenant has occupied the site and/or the amount of the NGP Grant, the State may require an extension on the lease prior to executing the Notice of Grant Award.

9.   Certificate of Insurance:  The required certificates are included in the NGP conditions, Number 6. Sample Attached.

For Grant Awards over $250,000

10.  Performance Bond:  The performance bond requirement is described in the NGP conditions, Number 7.

For Renovation, Improvement and New Construction Grants over $500,000:

Read,"The Guide to the Code of Ethics for Current of Potential State Contractors" and complete forms 6 & 7 from the below link.