17th Annual New England Fathering Conference

March 16-18, 2016, Connecticut hosted the 17th Annual New England Fathering Conference, Journey to Excellence: Strengthening a Father’s Legacy at the Mystic Marriott Hotel and Spa in Groton with Department of Social Services serving in the lead role for the event. This annual event brings together federal, state and local professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents from the six New England states and beyond to share information and gain knowledge about the significant role fathers play in raising healthy, happy children. The title of this year’s conference reflects our understanding that every father leaves an indelible mark on his child’s life. Involved fathers positively affect their significant others, spouses, co-parents, and family members as much as they do their children. The best formula for raising healthy, happy children is men and women working together to meet their needs. As in the past, the conference featured a talented, diverse array of speakers (keynotes: Josh Levs, Jeanine Fitzgerald and Joseph Feaster) and presenters who inspired and challenged us.
This year’s event was a huge success, with nearly 400 attendees and presenters from across New England and beyond. The support of Connecticut state agencies also helped more than one hundred dads from programs across New England to attend the conference on scholarship. To view photos from this year’s event please follow the links below. Also attached is the conference brochure which details the two and a half day agenda, keynote speakers and workshops.