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  • Center for Research on Fathers, Children and Family Well-Being

    Thirteen years have passed since the last comprehensive review of the fatherhood field, Map and Track: State Initiatives to Encourage Responsible Fatherhood (Bernard & Knitzer, 1999). In the interim, two recessions, funding cuts, and tight fiscal conditions have made it extremely unlikely that states would fund fatherhood initiatives without federal subsidies. Given diminished opportunities to leverage public funds for responsible fatherhood, organized philanthropy has also reduced funding for responsible fatherhood.

  • CFI Newsletter, FALL 2022

    The Fall issue focuses on Father's mental health and wellness. It provides tips on managing stress, the importance of positive self-care  and its correlation to healthier children and families, as well as resources in the community for those seeking help. Stay tuned for the Winter issue!

  • CFI Newsletter, Fall 2023

    Issue 6 focuses on higher education, our CFI partner CT State, and efforts in Connecticut to support student parents. More information about CT State can be found via this link:

  • CFI Newsletter, Spring & Summer 2024

    This issue highlights employment/training and longstanding CFI partner agency, the CT Department of Labor.

  • CFI Newsletter, Spring 2023

    The Spring issue focuses on the important role fathers play in shaping their children's literacy development and the positive benefits of just simply reading to your children from a young age. It also provides tips on how fathers can enhance their own education, it introduces our network to the CT Learning Hub, which is an anytime, anywhere resource to support fathers and families, as well as important information for parents on educational options that are available in Connecticut for their children like "School Choice", where this option provides parents the power to choose the school that best fits their child’s unique interests. Stay tuned for the Summer issue!

  • CFI Newsletter, Summer 2023

    This issue celebrates Father's Day and showcases fatherhood success stories of the dads who are participating in programming at DSS certified fatherhood programs around the state. It also provides important statistical trends concerning the rise of single father families in the United States. Stay tuned for the Fall issue!

  • CFI Newsletter, Winter 2022

    The Winter issue focuses on Father's and Child Welfare. It discusses the importance of engaging and empowering fathers across systems who are seeking support and addressing the stigma attached to seeking such care. The issue also discusses the importance of healthy relationships through co-parenting and its benefits in raising healthier children and families; provides strategies and tools for conflict resolution, as well as highlighting community efforts that support fathers. Stay tuned for the 2023 Spring issue!

  • CFI Newsletter, Winter 2023

    This issue highlights CFI partner agency, Real Dads Forever (RDF), and the cross-system collaborative work RDF has done with state and local partners since the inception of the CFI in 1999.

  • Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative Strategic Plan

    The economic stability of fathers, which includes education, employment services, and supports like affordable housing, transportation, nutritional assistance and child care, is the focus of one of the domains of the Strategic Plan.

  • Connecting Fathers to Children

    Research indicates that children raised in single-parent families are more likely than children raised in two-parent families (with both biological parents) to do poorly in school, have emotional and behavioral problems, become teenage parents, and have poverty-level incomes. In hopes of improving the long-term outlook for children in single-parent families, federal, state, and local governments, along with public and private organizations, are supporting programs and activities that promote the financial and personal responsibility of noncustodial fathers to their children and increase the participation of fathers in the lives of their children.

  • FATHER’S DAY: State’s Fatherhood Initiative a trendsetter | Republican-American (

    The state legislature and Gov. Ned Lamont this spring approved Senate Bill 289 to strengthen oversight and funding of the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative, which since 1999 has promoted active and positive father involvement in children’s lives.

  • How Father and Family Friendly is CT

    In the fall of 2002, the National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families contracted Lee Mizell Consulting to review the “father- and family-friendliness” of various public policies in the state of Connecticut. This report summarizes those findings.

  • Parenting is not just for moms

    The Connecticut Department of Children and Families unveiled a new mural at its Hartford regional office Friday, June 17, 2022 to celebrate Father’s Day and the agency’s programs and partnerships that support fathers every day. The unveiling event highlighted DCF’s public and private partnerships with the state and regional Fatherhood Engagement Leadership Teams, Fatherhood Engagement Services, and the Department of Social Services’ Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative, which “engage, empower and support fathers” in their communities.

  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood 18 Month Project Report

    The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Project seeks to deliver an intervention across three areas: Healthy Marriage, Responsible Parenting, and Economic Stability.

  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Final Report 2013

    This report provides data for five years of data collection (2006-2011). This report is comprised of information for participants who consented to participate in the evaluation component of the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Project.