**All 12 DSS Field Offices are now available for pick-up and drop-off of applications/forms; filling out applications/forms on-site; general information; questions & answers; and picking up of EBT cards & income verifications. Lobby hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Drop-boxes are also available.  Please note:  no in-person assistance such as interviewing and eligibility determination available yet, due to pandemic safety guidelines.  Visitors, please wear masks and observe safe social distancing.  For office locations, please visit www.ct.gov/dss/fieldoffices .

 **Response time at our telephone Benefits Center (1-855-6-CONNECT) is currently longer than usual.  Thank you for your patience.

 **24/7 access:  Customers can access benefit and application information, 24/7, at www.connect.ct.gov and www.ct.gov/dss/apply; or 1-855-6-CONNECT. Full information on ways to contact DSS online, by phone, by mail, and at office dropboxes is at www.ct.gov/dss/fieldoffices. Information and updates about child support is available at www.ct.gov/dss/childsupport. Please also visit www.ct.gov/coronavirus for latest State of Connecticut updates; and www.ct.gov/dss/covid for DSS-specific updates. Thank you.


School Based Child Health (SBCH)

What's Next

SBCH Cost Benefit Analysis – The purpose of this form is for the district to submit their cost benefit analysis to determine if the cost to participate in the SBCH program exceeds the revenue generated for the district. The form should be submitted to the SBCH program via email to DSS.SBCH@ct.gov.

SBCH Contact Form for Enrolled Districts - The purpose of this form is to identify the individuals in each school district who should be contacted for various aspects of the SBCH program.

SBCH Authorization of Designated Program Contacts Form - The purpose of this document is for new districts to identify the individuals designated by the district to deliver information necessary for the administration of the program.

New District Checklist and Information Form - The purpose of this form is to provide districts with a quick informational list, and steps required to enroll in the SBCH program.