Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


  • How to Use the EAP

    There are two ways an employee or family member can be referred to the EAP:

    Self Referral: For direct access, employees or family members can call Solutions to schedule an appointment. By identifying themselves as an EAP member, prompt services will be arranged.

    Supervisory Referral: Supervisors may also suggest use of the EAP as a means of addressing personal difficulties that affect job performance. (Use of the EAP is always a personal decision.)

    The EAP Hotline can be reached at (800) 526-3485. EAP members will be given an appointment within 48 hours of the call to Solutions; emergencies will be given priority service and receive immediate attention.

    EAP services are available to DSS employees and their family members. Individuals may use the service at no charge for up to three visits per year. Additional visits, if agreed to by the client and counselor, will be billed to the client and/or appropriate insurance company.

  • When to Use The EAP

    Employees are encouraged to seek help through the EAP when they are having problems which they are unable to resolve on their own.  While these can be work-related problems, problems of a personal nature can also be addressed via the EAP.

    The best time to seek help is before the problem elevates to a crisis level.