Americans With Disability Act - ADA


An applicant/recipient, with a disability or persons legally authorized to act on their behalf may make a verbal request to his or her caseworker for a reasonable accommodation. The caseworker will then forward the request to the ADA Coordinator. If an applicant/recipient is reluctant to share this information with his/her caseworker, requests may be made directly to the Agency's Affirmative Action Division ADA Coordinator at 424-5040.

The Coordinator will review and respond to all requests for Reasonable Accommodation. Other participants in the decision making process may include, but are not limited to the applicant/recipient’s caseworker and the applicant/recipient’s medical provider.

All requests will be acknowledged in writing within ten (10) working days and approved or denied within twenty (20) working days of receipt, unless medical or technical evaluation is necessary.

Appeal Process

If an applicant/recipient’s request for reasonable accommodation is not approved by the Affirmative Action Division, an appeal may be filed by the client or persons legally authorized to act on their behalf with the Deputy Commissioner for Administration. The address for filing an appeal is:

Deputy Commissioner for Administration
Department of Social Services
55 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT  06105-3730

Appeals must be in writing, and filed within fifteen (15) days from the date of disapproval. If assistance is needed in filing the appeal the applicant/recipient may request assistance from the ADA Coordinator by calling 860-424-5040.


Please follow this link to the Request for Accommodation form.