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CTR is a central resource for registrars working in all CT hospitals and healthcare facilities to ensure timely and accurate reporting on all cancer cases  diagnosed within the state.
  • Lists The following lists detail specific cancer reporting requirements: 
             Reportable List (PDF, 65KB)
             Casefinding List (PDF, 159KB)
             NAACCR Standards and Data Dictionary (PDF, 4.91MB)
             NAACCR Required Data Items (PDF, 138KB)
             Effective Dates for Cancer Registry Reference Manuals (PDF, 18KB)
  • Abstracts To assist registrars in preparing abstracts, NCRA’s Education Committee provides informational abstracts:
             Bladder (PDF, 61KB)
             Breast (PDF, 60KB)     
             Cervical (PDF, 57 KB)
             Colon (PDF, 59KB)
             Endometrial (PDF, 57 KB)
             Lung (PDF, 57KB)
             Melanoma (PDF, 60KB)
             Ovarian (PDF, 64 KB)
             Prostate (PDF, 59KB)
Incidence Data
Table of CT Cancer Incidence 2013
*Click here for cancer site-specific statistics by County of Residence.
 Useful links for registrars:
                            For more information, please contact CTR at(860) 509-7163.

                     This work has been supported by federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes

                           of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN261201300019I.