State Board of Chiropractic Examiners


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Hartford, CT 06134-0308


Licensure/Examination Information

Phone:   860-509-7603 - Menu Option 3

Fax:       860-509-8457 


Administrative/Non Licensure



Mandatory Continuing Education




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On-Line License Verification


Reporting a Health Care Complaint


Mandatory Reporting of Impaired Practitioners




Statutes and Regulations

Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 372 - Chiropractic



Mandatory Reporters of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation




Continuing Education Requirements for Chiropractors (pdf)


Administrative Regulations - Public Health Code

Rules of Practice (pdf)


Medical Records (pdf)




Declaratory Rulings


Informed Consent (pdf)


Manipulation Under Anesthesia (pdf)


Surface dwelling tacks, weight-loss counseling (pdf)


Exercise Therapy (pdf)

Laser Hair Removal (pdf)

Nutrition Counseling (pdf) 


Needle Electromyography (pdf)


Commercial Motor Vehicle Medical Examinations by Chiropractors (pdf)


Physical Examinations by Chiropractors for Non-Commercial Pilots  NEW


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Board Members


Candito Carroccia, DC - Chairman

Karlos Boghosian, DC

Gina M. Carucci, DC 

Sean Robotham, DC



3 Vacancies (Public Members)



Meetings Agendas and Minutes




Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions Against Licensees


Regulatory Action Reports - A listing of disciplinary actions taken against all licensed professionals and organizations.