Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut (HITE-CT)
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The Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut (HITE-CT) was created by Public Act 10-117 (codified CGS 19a-750(c)(1).  HITE-CT works to promote the development of health information technology, increase adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records, assure the privacy and security of electronic health information, and collaborate with the State’s Health Information Exchange planning efforts. 

HITE-CT is currently working with the Connecticut Department of Public Health in the development of the Strategic and Operational Plan to create a statewide HIE.

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2. Governance

4. HITE-CT Board and Committee Meeting Schedule
6. Public Acts 
    • Public Act 13-208, "An Act Concerning Various REvisions to Public Health Statutes," Sec. 9 (codified at CGS §19a-750(c)(1))
    • Public Act 10-117, "An Act Concerning Revisions to Public Health Related Statutes and the Establishment of the Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut," Sec. 82-90, 96 (codified at CGS §19a-750(c)(1))
    • Public Act 09-232, “An Act Concerning Revisions to the Department of Public Health Licensing Statutes,” Sec. 74-77 (codified at CGS §19a-25f -§19a-25h)