COVID-19 Vaccine Providers

The information on this webpage is intended for COVID-19 Vaccine Providers

This page contains the steps required to become a COVID-19 Vaccinator. We will continue to add information to this webpage as it becomes available.

Step One - Pre-registration for the intent to vaccinate

Pre-registration captures healthcare provider locations that intend to vaccinate and critical information about those locations needed to proceed to enrollment in the program. A site pre-registers by completing the survey. All individual clinics will need to complete a pre-registration formThe survey will remain open.

Pre-registration survey link:

COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement and Profile. This document is shared for informational purposes so potential enrollment sites can familiarize themselves with the federal legal requirements of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.  

Step Two - Onboarding to CT WIZ EHR or UI

Per the CDC Provider Agreement and Order issued by the Department of Public Healthall COVID-19 vaccine doses administered must be reported to CT WiZ, CT’s Immunization Information Systemwithin 24 hours. Providers must decide whether to onboard with your clinic's Electronic Health Record (EHR) to report doses to CT WiZ or to report through the User Interface (UI). Please indicate your choice in the pre-registration survey under Step One. 

  • To begin the process of onboarding with your EHR, if you have not already done so, click here. Note: Once your EHR is onboarded, your doses administered will be reported to CT WiZ and your clinic will receive training on how to manage your inventory in CT WiZ.
  • To report doses to CT WiZ in the UI visit our training webpage and sign up for a 'Direct Data Entry Training Webinar' date. Note: If you are also enrolled in the Connecticut Vaccine Provider (CVP), this UI training includes reporting both CVP and COVID-19 doses administered and managing your inventory all in one system!
    • Click here for the paper data collection form on vaccine administration that can be used to enter patient information in the UI.
  • Reminder: Post the Notice to Patients About Reporting to CT WiZ at your clinic to notify patients of their enrollment into CT WiZ at the time an immunization is administered.

COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Data Systems (CDC). This webpage outlines the data systems for tracking and reporting of COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration data.

COVID-19 CVX Codes and Crosswalks
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Vendors can keep their systems updated with the current vaccine codes by visiting and subscribing to GET EMAIL UPDATES

Step Three - Enroll in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program (CoVP) 

After you complete steps one and two above, you will receive an email invitation from the Connecticut Immunization Program to enroll in the CoVP. Enrollment takes place in CT WiZ. Click here to enroll.


This page contains important information about how to complete your VaccineFinder registration after you have completed steps one-three above. 

Step Five - Storage and Handling

You must complete the requirements listed on this page to receive COVID-19 Vaccines. Other resources are listed, such as transport of vaccines, an emergency back up plan template, and more. 

Step Six - Prepare to administer the vaccine (clinical resources and guidance documents)

This page contains important information about how to order vaccines and clinical information and resources for vaccinators. We will continue to add information to this webpage as it becomes available.

Health Equity Resources for Providers

VAMS to CT WiZ Requests

Switch from using VAMS to report COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to using CT WiZ (data entry or EHR):

  • The benefits of CT WiZ include:
    • Your patient’s complete, consolidated record containing all shots received at providers across Connecticut is available to you for clinical decision support.
    • Your patient’s complete, consolidated immunization record is available to them through the CT WiZ public portal, for self-service access. This means patients and parents of minors can access their records when needed for school, camp, travel, etc. online within minutes!
    • Report to CT WiZ directly from your EHR and manage your vaccine inventory in one system.
    • Run numerous reports, including reports to support inventory management and patient reminder recall, and more!
  • Clinics can request the switch by submitting a helpdesk ticket and selecting Immunizations (CT WiZ) – Clinic Administration – VAMS to CT WiZ. Please include your PIN and expected date of the switch.
  • DPH will schedule a call to review the process.

View the CoVP Communications page for recent communications sent to enrolled COVID-19 Vaccine Providers.

Have questions about information on this webpage?  If you need additional support with the enrollment process, CT WiZ, or the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS), submit a request to our Helpdesk.  Please enter as much detail as possible to describe the issue or question. Attach screen shots, if possible, to the email.  Depending on the priority of the issue or question, inquiries can be resolved between 1 and 5 business days.


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