COVID-19 Vaccine Providers

This page contains information for COVID-19 Vaccine Providers, such as communications previously sent out by the Immunization Program, links to partner websites and training resources for completing the Provider Agreement. We will continue to add information to this site as it becomes available.

Pre-registration for COVID-19 vaccine

Pre-registration captures healthcare provider locations that intend to vaccinate and critical information about those locations needed to proceed to enrollment in the program.

Partner Websites

Training Resources for CT WiZ COVID-19 Vaccination Program Enrollment

The following training materials are to assist clinics with enrollment in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. These materials may be viewed at any time, but enrollment in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program is reserved for clinics who have received an invitation by email to do so.  The Connecticut Immunization Program is following a phased approach; please wait for an invitation from the Connecticut Immunization Program to enroll.

Once a clinic is enrolled in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, the Vaccine Coordinator and Back-up Coordinator can visit the CT WiZ Training webpage where they can complete self-directed training on navigating CT WiZ, managing patient information and vaccine inventory.