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Kids' Corner

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Here are some links to fun facts, games, and learning activities for kids to learn more about asthma!

The Asthma Center has all kinds of information for kids to learn about asthma such as asthma medications, asthma triggers, asthma dictionary, asthma diary, and so much more. There is also an asthma movie that shows children what happens in the lungs when a person has an asthma flare-up. Some information is available in Spanish.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed Kids' Air in order for children to learn about air quality. The air quality index (AQI) information for Kindergarten and First Grade children teach them about clean air and when it is good to play outside. For children between the ages of 7-10, children learn from the chameleons about AQI, how EPA measures air pollution, what they can do to lower their risk, and other topics as well as games. There are also resources for teachers.

This site is designed for children in grades 6-8 to learn more about AIQ and air pollution. In the game Smog City 2, children are in charge of the city and learn how different factors contribute to air pollution.

Children learn the importance of controlling their asthma so they don't miss out on enjoying physical activities.

Children can learn from Dr. Asthma about the basics of the asthma and how they can help their friends who have asthma.

In addition, the CDC has a another webpage for kids to learn about asthma that includes fact sheets, videos, and much more.

This interactive game was made in collaboration between the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Oregon Center for Applied Science (ORCAS). It was designed for children between the ages of 5-10 to teach them about asthma and how to manage it. In the game, children become asthma control agents who must save the city of Lungtropolis from the mucus mob.

AAAAI created Mr. Nose-it-All for children to learn about asthma as well as allergies. Children can learn about asthma by playing games and watching videos.

Children learn form a guide all about asthma management, how to avoid triggers, learn about medications and early signs of an attack as well as take a tour of the lungs. In the game, a team of asthma villains have a plan to trick children into thinking that asthma can't be controlled. Children must defeat the villains by proving what they know about asthma.

Learn all about asthma from your favorite Sesame Street characters like Elmo. This site also provides information for parents/caregivers such as an asthma profile, a parent guide, a newsletter as well as games and videos for children.

Children can learn about asthma from Buster Baxter through videos, activities, and games such as Buster Baxter Lung Defense. In this interactive game, Buster gives children a lesson about each asthma trigger. Children will enter Buster's lungs and must control the ship to catch the asthma triggers.

In this site, Children join Dr. Eugene Airway's team of Asthma Agents to help the solve the mystery of asthma. Children learn about asthma by solving the cases they are given. They are also able to share "field stories" with other children who have asthma. Printable activities are available as well.

Watch an animated video teaching children about asthma. Also, there are activities and a quiz to reinforce what children have learned.