In 2006, the CDC began providing funding for states to implement the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network.  As part of this funding, the CDC defined certain measures that all states must include.



Definition of Core Measures

The CDC defined core measures that all states that are funded to implement a statewide tracking network must include.  These core measures are scheduled to be added to the network in a staged approach over the course of the next five years.


Core Measure

Date To Be Incorporated

Asthma Hospitalizations

Sept 2008

Myocardial Infarction Hospitalizations

Sept 2008

Ozone levels

Sept 2008

PM2.5 levels

Sept 2008

Key Water Contaminants

Sept 2008

Birth Defects

Sept 2010


Sept 2010

Childhood Blood Lead Levels

Sept 2010

Vital Statistics

Sept 2010




Non-core Measures

In addition to the core measures defined by the CDC, each state has the ability to select other measures to be included on their network. These non-core measures are selected based on specific needs that have been identified by a specific state.




CDC Workgroups


Content Workgroup

The mission of the Content Workgroup (CWG) is to facilitate and promote collaboration between CDC and other partners about content for the Tracking Network and methodologies for collecting and organizing that content. The initial functions of the CWG are to:

·    Recommend nationally consistent data and measures to be included in the Tracking Network

·    Develop guidelines or standards for data definitions, and common procedures for analysis, reporting, and presentation of data to be used in the EPHT Network

·    Contribute to development and standardization of metadata


Standards and Network Development Workgroup

The Standards and Network Development Workgroup was formed to identify, develop, implement, and promote standards and other mechanisms to support data sharing and network development.


Program Marketing and Outreach Workgroup

The mission of the Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) Program Marketing and Outreach Workgroup (PMO) is to assist CDC and its grantees in the development and implementation of a program marketing and outreach strategy.  PMO develops appropriate education and outreach materials that emphasize and support the goals, objectives, and timely promotion of the national EPHT effort.


PMO members have organized into five subteams focused on different audiences and outreach-related aspects of EPHT. The teams are:

·   Advocacy Groups;

·   Agencies;

·   Professional Associations;

·   Risk Communication; and

·   Environmental Justice/Health Disparities.