Connecticut Siting Council  
The Connecticut Department of Public Health assisted the Siting Council in developing Best Management Practices (BMPs) that minimize potential exposures to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) associated with new line construction, following the guidelines established in California.  Connecticut is the first state to adopt California-style BMPs.




"Cities and towns across Connecticut have increasingly opted for replacement of grass fields with a form of artificial turf that uses recycled rubber tires. The tires are processed into crumb rubber and used as an infill material to cushion the playing surface. Stated advantages over natural grass fields are reduced watering and maintenance, avoiding the need for pesticides, reduced injuries, and an “all-weather” playing surface. Questions have been raised regarding health, safety and environmental aspects of the rubber infill material. Rubber contains industrial chemicals that can be released into the air during playing and which may run off into the environment in rainwater. This fact sheet focuses upon the potential health effects to athletes and spectators using these fields, many of whom are school-age children. "