There's so much to know about our drinking water! Where does it come from and how does it get into our homes? How is it cleaned before we drink it? Which laws protect it?
Water plays a critical role in our daily lives and the quality of life we enjoy. This Drinking Water Week, May 1-7th, 2016, let's all make the commitment to learn more by getting to know our H20! Read more...
Do you know which public water system provides you with drinking water? Find out here!

Podcast: Where Does Connecticut's Water Come From? - Interview with Lori Mathieu, Department of Public Health (DPH), Drinking Water Section (DWS) Section Chief

The DPH DWS is celebrating DWW by recognizing drinking water industry personnel that go beyond their routine assignments to contribute to the health and safety of Connecticut’s public drinking water. At an annual event hosted by the Connecticut Water Works Association, the DPH Deputy Commissioner, Janet M. Brancifort, MPH, awarded our fourth annual “CT DPH Educational Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award.” This year’s award was given to Ms. Judy Simpanen, Assistant Manager of Water Treatment at the Aquarion Water Company, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the drinking water field in the area of education.

The DPH DWS also presented our fourth annual “CT DPH Certified Operator Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award”. The DPH presents this award to a certified public water system operator who exemplifies exceptional work practices on the job and contributions to the field of drinking water in the area of water operations. This year’s recipient was Mr. Ron W. Black, Chief Operator for at least 54 public water systems in state.

Lastly, the DPH DWS will present the “CT DPH Small Community Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award” to recognize a small community public water system that has made outstanding contributions to the field of drinking water, in the area of water operations and administration. The Putnam Water Pollution Control Authority is the second annual recipient of this award.

Members of the Connecticut Source Water Collaborative will celebrate Drinking Water Week by signing a charter formalizing member commitment to developing and supporting strategies to preserve, protect and maximize the conservation of the lakes, streams, rivers and aquifers used for drinking water and the land that protects and recharges these sources of water.  Please visit the CTSWC’s website for more information.


The Department of Public Health thanks all who have participated and contributed to Drinking Water Week 2016, and for raising public health awareness about this precious and essential resource we enjoy here in Connecticut.