Since May of 2013, Governor Dannel P. Malloy has proclaimed the first full week of the month Connecticut Drinking Water Week. In past years, and once again this year, the proclamation was read by Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, at an annual event hosted by the Connecticut Water Works Association.
It is at this event, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Commissioner, Dr. Jewel Mullen, awarded our third annual “CT DPH Educational Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award.” This year’s award was given to Mr. Raymond E. Baral, Assistant Water Treatment Manager at the Metropolitan District Commission, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the drinking water field in the area of education.
The DPH DWS also presented our third annual “CT DPH Certified Operator Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award”. The DPH presents this award to a certified public water system operator who exemplifies exceptional work practices on the job and contributions to the health and safety of public drinking water. This year’s recipient was Mr. Christopher Kushwara, Chief Operator for the Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut.
Lastly, and new this year, the DPH DWS will present the “CT DPH Small Community Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award.” This award is presented to recognize a small community public water system, serving less than a 1,000 people, that has made outstanding contributions to the field of drinking water in the area of water operations and administration. The Sharon Water and Sewer Commission is the inaugural recipient this year.
The individuals, companies, and organizations we have presented these awards to in the past have graciously accepted these awards, and added additional praise by inviting their local and state officials.
One last event, however certainly not the least, is our annual CT Drinking Water Week Poster Contest in partnership with Local Health Departments. This is the second year the DPH DWS working with Local Health Departments has asked fifth grade students to create a poster based on the theme “Healthy Kids Drink Tap Water.” The responses have amazed us with the creativity and thought the students have put into their interpretation of the theme. Out of the 45 posters submitted by fifth graders from across the state, the top three posters were chosen by voting participants of the water industry and DWS staff.
The Department of Public Health thanks all who have participated and contributed to Drinking Water Week 2015, and for raising public health awareness about this most precious of resource that we enjoy in Connecticut.

There's so much to know about our drinking water! Where does it come from and how does it get into our homes? How is it cleaned before we drink it? Which laws protect it?

Water plays a critical role in our daily lives and the quality of life we enjoy. This Drinking Water Week let's all make the commitment to learn more by getting to know our H20! Read more...

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Drinking Water Week Poster Contest

2015 Poster Contest Brochure

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Top 12

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In celebration of Connecticut Drinking Water Week, the Department of Public Health (DPH) Drinking Water Section is recognizing Connecticut water operators for their outstanding contributions to the health and safety of the state’s drinking water. Public Health Awards Announced for Contributions to State’s Drinking Water

Raymond Baral - Educational Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award ray baral dph staff.jpg

Christopher Kushwara - Certified Operator Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award aquarion

Sharon Water & Sewer Commission - Small Community Public Health Drinking Water Merit Award sharon water & sewer commission.jpg


On Friday, 5/15/2015, Cindy Sek presented “Get to Know Your H2O” to about 90 second graders in Squadron Line School in Simsbury. The second graders were actively engaged in age appropriate activities prepared for them including learning the water cycle, the importance of water, and where their drinking water came from. safe drinking water.jpg
Cindy Sek of DWS-DPH and Christopher Kushwara of Aquarion Water Co presented and demonstrated to the 4th graders on safe drinking water and source water protection on 5/8/2015 in Simsbury. The students were explained to the difference between water contamination and water pollution, quality and safety of the ground water, and source water protection. Clean, contaminated, and polluted water were demonstrated penetrating through the ground into the underground aquifer and pumped up through the well. Students learned that polluted water will not be removed by the ground and will be entering the drinking water source. 019.jpg
Alex Tabatabai and Cindy Sek presented “Surface Water – Drinking Water” to two groups of 5th graders with a total of 100 students in Simsbury on 5/19/2015. They engaged the students into learning the different sources of surface water, what is a reservoir, and the step-by-step treatment process of surface water for potable drinking water. 037.jpg