Legislative Office Building
Room 1-D
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

The goal of this forum is to include legislators, municipal leaders, public health officials and others in discussions about public health and the current public health system in Connecticut; and to create a demand for efficient and effective public health services across the state.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:


1.    Describe the current public health system in Connecticut;

2.    Define the core services/capabilities of a public health system;

3.    Describe the ways in which other states deliver a core set of efficient and effective public health services; and

4.    Articulate the need for a vision of a core set of foundational public health capabilities for Connecticut.




11:30  – 12:30   Box lunch in the Private Dining Room

12:30  – 12:35   Welcome and Introductions – Room 1-D

12:35  – 12:40   The Excellence in State Public Health Law project with the Aspen Institute (Katharine Lewis)

12:40  – 12:55   A brief description of Connecticut’s current state/local public health system
(Maryann Cherniak Lexius)

12:55  – 1:25     The core services/capabilities of local public health, how some states achieve them, and how Connecticut can too (Patrick Libbey)

  1:25  – 1:55     The state legislator and health official perspective on the need for efficient and effective core public health services and how they might be achieved (Carmen Hooker Odom)

  1:55  – 2:25     Moderated discussion with panel and audience (Dr. Jewel Mullen)

  2:25  – 2:30     Wrap up

In the Media
LEAD Presenters
Maryann Cherniak Lexius,Patrick Libbey,Carmen Hooker Odom, Dr. Jewel Mullen, Dr. Katharine Lewis