health improvement coalition

                                                                                        Partners Integrating Efforts and Improving Population Health


Are you working on improving the health of Connecticut residents?

Have you shared your story?

We would like you to share your example of how your agency/organization has implemented a program, tackled a problem, taken advantage of an opportunity, or otherwise worked to improve health outcomes in your community or state. DPH staff will follow up with you to gather any additional information that might be needed to turn your example into a story that can be shared with others through the SHIP e-newsletter.

Does your example address any of the following SHIP Focus Areas?
  Chronic Disease Prevention      Injury and Violence Prevention
 Health Systems                          Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Public Health Topic Area:

Briefly describe the challenge or issue you needed to address:

Briefly describe your program or solution:
What partners helped with the solution and what role did they play?
 What outcomes did you see as a result of your efforts and collaboration?
 Did you have any “lessons learned” that you would like to share?